What is the one thing you never had that you want for your kids?

  • Nicole says:
    There really wasn't much I didn't have growing up. I can only hope to give them everything I can give them to make them successful adults and wonderful people.

  • Francine says:
    I had many things as a child but I want them to have close relationships with each other

  • Amanda says:
    A house that she can bring her friends to to hang out

  • Rachel says:
    A happy 2 parent home

  • Amanda says:
    nothing I can think of...

  • Melissa says:
    I had a good childhood, so nothing that I can think of. All I want is for them to be happy!!!

  • patrice says:

  • Nicole says:

  • shauna says:
    we struggled growing up but my parents gave us what they could ....my children have most everything they need and want but we cant over do it !!!!

  • Aimee says:
    I used to go on 1 vacation a year to Canada but had friends that used to go to exoctic places. I want Ethan to see at least 1 new place a year!

  • Anonymous says:
    Good grades!

  • Tarsha says:

  • Angela says:
    Parents that remain together

  • Jessica says:
    My own house!

  • Victoria says:
    I had a lot...I wish for the same...I hope that my kids enjoy life as much as I have!

  • Lory says:
    I tried to give my kids what I thought they needed the most.

  • Amanda says:
    A happy life

  • Micaela says:

  • Anonymous says:
    I got heaps of thigns as a kid...But i am going for a better relationship with my son as a mother...

  • Jenae says:

  • Laura says:
    hmmm.... I guess I just want her to experience happiness in everything--that I really only got to experience by having her in my life.

  • Anonymous says:
    emotional support

  • Kate says:
    a thirst for knowledge, a clear picture of what they want from life. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up

  • Melissah says:
    More money ot give them everything they want!! lol

  • Jamie says:
    I am keeping this one to myself.

  • Melissa says:
    Their biological fathers in their lives. Which is why I make it a point to get along with Abby's daddy, and so far, it has worked great!

  • Leah says:
    Go on her field trips , etc with her, be involved with her school

  • Amy says:
    I dont know i was pretty content as a chiled. I guess if i had to pick something it would be giving my children more vacations, like going to see the Grand Canyon, or Mt. Rushmore things like that.

  • Jacqui says:
    bachelors degrees

  • Pamela says:
    An emotionally secure enviroment. with stability and a chance to not to have to become an adult too soon.

  • Hilda says:
    both parents to be there for him

  • Melissa says:
    My mom was a single mother and had no choice but to work so I didn't get to see her much. I want to be able to have the time to stay home with my kids as much as possible.

  • Anonymous says:
    Can't think of it but I know one thing for everything I had and more I spoilied growing up.

  • Sarah says:
    This is hard I have wonderful parents myself and I want my kids to think the same of me ..

  • Deb says:
    Hmmmm........I'd have to think on that one more. There isn't any "material" thing that would necessarily make anyone happy or content. Material things are just that.........material. Spiritual happiness is all that matters.

  • Desiree says:
    A safe, happy home.

  • Carly says:
    a dad.

  • Lisa says:
    Financial stability.

  • Sarah says:
    parents that are always there no matter what

  • Natasha says:
    I can't think of anything - I was pretty lucky.

  • Diana says:
    Good communication a happy loving environment where they know they can talk to me or their dad anytime about anything with out fear or hesitation knowing as their parents we are always there for them threw anything loving them unconditionly and whole heartedly.

  • Dominique says:
    To be treated as an equal with all the other kids in the family.

  • Mary says:
    A home

  • melissa says:
    I want them to be able to go to collage and not be like me and have kids when they are still kids themselves.

  • Ashley says:
    good grades LOL

  • Angie says:
    Not really sure, but 1 thing I can think of is I would like both of my kids to be able to go to college if they want to.

  • Paula says:
    the confidence to always believe in himself

  • Sarah says:
    A decient grandfather

  • Claire says:
    a mother who was'nt drunk all the time, deep i know.

  • lindsey says:
    school savings account

  • Bonita says:
    Family time with both of my parents and a close relationship to both of them..

  • Ewa says:
    just for them to be healthy and happy

  • Tanya says:
    A peaceful upbringing.

  • Emma says:
    I just want him to be happy.

  • Kat says:
    A life without worry about bills

  • Amanda says:
    i didnt go to college and i want all my kids to go. i want them to have a better life and be able to have everythibng that they want.

  • Mel says:

  • Anonymous says:
    Stable parents. Each contributing 50% of their physical, mental, emotional, and financial needs and working together to ensure they become the best people they can be and reach their highest potential. Divorce is no excuse for shirking this responsibility.

  • Kaylia says:
    For me and Keihan to be together. My mother and father broke up when i was a couple months old. I never got to see what it was like to have my birth mother and birth father together. I love my life and the people that are involved with me, don't get me wrong. But i always wondered how it would be like if my mom and dad were together.

  • Michelle says:
    A foundation in Christ.

  • Anonymous says:
    A 2 parent home. I'm thankful that I could provide them with that.

  • Emma says:
    time time and more time

  • Carie says:
    i was very blessed and i hope i can give him what my parents did for me.

  • DESIREE says:

  • Marie says:
    i´m not sure my upbringing was good but i suppose good relationships with each other when i´m not here anymore.

  • Lisa says:
    Great paying (& rewarding) careers.(the great pay part*)

  • julie says:
    My daughter is very happily married and I am so grateful for that because I had that taken away and have never been able to find it again. I have stopped trying.

  • Victoria says:
    I was kinda spoiled so there's not much I didnt have

  • Kisha says:
    Both Dayson and I have been blessed but if I had to think of something it would be to not have to move around like I did. My Dad was a Marine so we moved alot but thank God Dayson will not have to do that.

  • LaKisha says:
    The ability to completely see the world and experience life before having kids

  • Rebecca says:
    A father that cared enough to stay around for them!

  • Tina says:
    Lots of stuff, Happy Family, Nice clothes,I don't want them to feel like I did in school

  • shanna says:
    name brand clothes and things alot of shoes! i am sure there is other stuff i can't think of any at this momment

  • Kelly says:
    A lot of things. but most of all, the trust knowing Mom will always be there and will pass no judgment and that my child (and future children) will know they can always come to me if they have any problems.

  • Amelia says:
    I can't think of a thing.

  • Anonymous says:
    To travel to different parts of the country & see things that you can't see here in Ellington.

  • Wyona says:
    if you have Jesus, you have everything you need... He will provide...so I guess I can't anwwer that, because they are both Christian boys

  • Michelle says:
    I had everything and so do they--- But my main thing is for them to feel loved like I did!!!!

  • Just says:
    I had everything I needed and so did my kids. Might not have been a castle or extravagant stuff, but they had what counts. What they make of it is up to them.

  • Anonymous says:
    I'm not sure about this one, I had a great childhood. I guess maybe more family vacations.

  • crystal says:
    I cant really think of anything. I didnt have alot growing up because my parents had to 4 kids to take care of but we were always taken care of and loved and thats all we needed.

  • Cassie says:
    Both parents being involved in everything they do!

  • Amber says:
    A mommy and daddy. Check, Check.

  • Kristen says:
    A private school education

  • Charlie says:

  • Tonya says:
    a brother :)

  • PAULA says:

  • Mari says:
    My kids have everything I ever wanted....And somethings I never needed

  • Anonymous says:
    To have abundant love

  • Anonymous says:
    They have everything so far that I've wanted them to have, nothing I wanted actually comes to mind...

  • clare says:
    to be honested nothing, i had everything when i was growing up x

  • Jennifer says:
    i just want my kids to have fun in their childhood

  • Carol says:
    A logn life with parents.

  • Kita says:
    I don't want him to have to take out expensive loans for college but...

  • Emma says:

  • Krystal says:
    A peaceful life, no bullshit.

  • Jordan says:
    I was spoiled so I plan to spoil him even further.

  • Elz says:
    god loads of stuff!

  • Joanne says:
    I had everything I needed..feeling safe n loved, as long as Arron has this I am happy.. all the materialistic things arent wot matter!!

  • Jennifer says:
    A stay at home Mom who is always there!!! Thank god I was able to give that to my children!!! Thanks Babe!!

  • Kathryn says:
    someone to talk to with out judgement no matter what it is

  • Nadine says:
    I honestly believe my parents were amazing and truly great role models for the way I will bring my children up, they gave me love, guidance, support, a wonderful home, good morals and an education. But most importantly allowing me to be who I wanted to be.

  • Kirsten says:
    I don't feel that I missed out on anything as a child. I want them to explore and give to less fortunate people in the world. I want them to find love and make their own families and I want them to be happy.

  • Elizabeth says:
    Hummm I had everything, so that's a tough one...maybe a house

  • Savannah says:
    more money and a better house

  • Anna says:
    my parents argued 24/7 so im very glad that my kids will 100% not have this.their have a stable home life where their mum and dad love each other

  • Amanda says:
    to grow up in church

  • stephanie says:
    her to grow u wit her dad seein her

  • Judy says:
    Enough money to give them all their needs

  • Carina says:
    vacations :)

  • Carrie says:

  • Nicole says:
    Family Vacations

  • Cyndi says:
    I don't remember what I didn't have a child, I only remember all that I had.

  • Leslie says:
    A great relationship with their significant other.

  • Gail says:
    Involvement in extra-curricular activities and encouragement with whatever they want to do

  • Lauren says:
    A trampoline!!! and a million dollars

  • donna says:
    i had a freat upbringing so i want that 4 him 2..

  • Sam says:
    to have fun with him

  • Sonja says:

  • Kym says:
    I want the best life possible for my kid(s)

  • Danielle says:
    nothing they hav everything

  • Karen says:
    i had a really great childhood...my fear is that we won't be able to give them what are parents gave us

  • Jessica says:
    Both parents around

  • Jodie says:
    To bring them to Disney World as much as we can!

  • Amanda says:
    a great father who was there for them

  • Anonymous says:
    I had things as a kid that I can't provide for my kids. I wish I had that. Lots of love and attention, and for me to build self esteem in my kids. I did not have that.

  • Jessica says:
    an alcohol free household

  • Katie says:
    an RESP and he has two of them already.

  • Jamie says:
    To go to Disney World!!

  • Tiffany says:
    A good school experience.

  • tamara says:

  • Kristen says:
    Nothing, I had everything I could have ever wanted. My parents are wonderful.

  • Adana says:
    Understanding, open-mindedness and birthday parties.

  • carla says:
    savings for college or something like that

  • Johanna says:
    Parents who got along well. Don't get me wrong, my parents are (and were) wonderful parents but they didn't do a good job on keeping their arguments to themselves. Other than that we grew up in a happy home.

  • Shanna says:
    I don't know. I had a great childhood and the only thing I want for my son is to have the same thing I did.

  • Adriana says:
    I hope for my son to have his both sets of grandparents in his life.

  • Jaimie says:
    ability to send my boys to whatever college they want.

  • Kelly says:
    I was fortunate to grow up in a wonderful and loving family. I honestly have never "needed" anything but my family!

  • Amie says:
    I was only child and only grandaughter. I had everything I could ask for I have a wonderful family and since Makenna will be the only grandchild on my side till we have another you can only imagine

  • Cammy says:
    a great life with a loving family

  • Heather says:
    oh this is hard too...there are so many things my parents did or made me do as a kid that I said "I will never do that to my child" but then I had kids and everything my parents did makes complete sense! My parents did a pretty damn good job if I can say so myself!

  • Stephanie says:
    I'm like my friend Cyndi. I can't remember anything I didn't have - only the things I did have.

  • Brandy says:
    the only thing I really care about giving my child is love and guidance. Which is what I had growing up.

  • Erin says:
    two parents

  • Anonymous says:
    Parents that stay married.

  • Blayr says:
    i want him to go to college

  • Anastacia says:
    I didn't lack for anything important, so I just hope to do as good a jod as my parents did.

  • audrey says:

  • Kristy says:
    i want them to have money to start off their own lives wen the time comes

  • Nikki says:
    A holiday. I never went on a decent holiday as a kid, and I want Jacob to have one.

  • Samantha says:
    thats hard i had a good childhood,,, um i spose a full education i quit in yr 10

  • Anamaria says:
    no violence around him.

  • Lucie says:
    A home that didn't move.

  • Sam says:
    there mum to love them and i always will

  • Jessie says:
    I had a great childhood.......tho I always wanted a powerwheels jeep.....maybe thats why my kids have 2!! lol!

  • Charlene says:
    To learn to surf

  • Liz says:
    to go to secondry school they want, to go to,not go to a boarding school

  • Annalee says:
    a pony...no just kidding....i really just want to give my kids a well rounded childhood

  • Rebecca says:
    To be able to BFed them, and provide them with EVERYTHING lol

  • Jodie says:
    a stable home

  • Lauren says:
    My partner didn't have the greatest childhood, so he is so determined for Oliver to always know he is loved and that we will never abandon him.

  • Jennifer says:
    Unlimited love

  • Jessica says:
    For him to be close to his family. My grandparents and cousins were all far away and I want Justus to know his better.

  • Dawn says:
    Great vacations!

  • Rhonda says:
    I had everything I NEEDED, and most of what I wanted as a child, there are just so many more modern things for kids today :)

  • Debbie says:
    A lot.

  • nicky says:
    me not to say " No i cant aford it"

  • Angela says:
    Everything, We are blessed not to have to go without anything for our kids. They have 6 grandparents who love us and them.

  • Tiffany says:
    Well so far I would have to say having daddy around a lot more.....

  • Amber says:
    my parents at my sporting events!! I will be at all of them. Even if its in fear!!

  • stephanie says:
    I had everything and he will have the same

  • Racheal says:
    I had everything I needed..... everything else was the cherry on top. I do want them to be happy, healthy n have a strong belief in whatever religion they choose.

  • Anonymous says:
    a stay at home parent

  • bexiie says:

  • michelle says:
    A Family

  • Becky says:
    can't think of anything...i had a great childhood

  • Liz says:

  • Anonymous says:
    being bullied

  • Yvonne says:
    open lines of communication and mutual respect even if their choices in life are not the ones I would chose for them

  • Anonymous says:

  • Anonymous says:
    I had a lot so this is a tuff one.........I will have to think on this one

  • Pamela says:
    she gets wat we got wen we where younger

  • Angela says:
    I had a really good childhood. I was close with my family and I respected them. So I want them to do the same with me.

  • Cindy says:
    anything i can give him......hopefullly i can be financially stable enough...(with some help from his dad)...to help give him whatever it is he wants.....(within reason...lol)

  • Caroline says:
    I had everything I needed and wanted, I want to be able to provide that for my children as well. I came from a loving family and parents so my kids are hopefully being loved enough by me as well.

  • Becky says:
    More time with Mom and Dad.

  • Ashley says:
    A stable family. So far, so goo.

  • Brittany says:
    WoW! That one is hard....I had/still have alot from my parents because they wanted us kids growing up to have things they didn't....so I dont know right now.

  • Anonymous says:
    A college education where he does not have to take out loans.

  • Jennifer says:
    I agree an education without the burden of Student Loans.

  • donna says:

  • Alicia says:
    a father

  • Jonine says:
    I grew up pretty much care free and never really did a lot of physical labor or housework which my Mother sweetly did for us. However by the time I moved out I realized I did not have any skills regarding cleaning, maintaining, and keeping a house nor did I know anything about child development. It has been my endeavour to pass on these abilities to my children.

  • Cecilia says:
    Mmmm. That's a tough one. Huge dollhouse with all the little furniture, vintage barbie, and lots of family trips.

  • Cassandra says:
    i had a great childhood but my parnter wants his kids to grow up having a loving family and life he never really had

  • Lisa says:
    I was pretty well cared for growing up..maybe not as shy as I was in social situations and that they get to be in the church their whole lives.

  • Kimberly says:
    Um..not so much something that I didn't have because of my mom but I just hope my daughter is more knowledgable and informed about college. I don't think I was well prepared at first.

  • Heather says:

  • Ashley says:
    I was fortunate enough to have a pretty great childhood...and I want the same for my daughter. I hope we're able to give her the same opportunities my parents gave me.

  • Rhiannon says:
    good self esteem AND good grades to get into a good college eventually!

  • Morgan says:
    I never had opportunities to learn how to ride horses, both of my girls have the opportunity to do so .

  • Anonymous says:
    Family Vactons. I want to go on one every year or 2 not just 2 a life time.

  • Melissa says:
    Two parents together during their entire childhood

  • Erica says:
    a good mother

  • Marcia says:
    im being the best mother i can be my mum always gave us kids the best of wat she could im doing the same and love is always the most important thing in the world

  • Anonymous says:
    I had a great childhood, so I would say that I want him to have everything I had

  • Stephanie says:
    I had everything I needed as a child, I just want better for my boys as they grow older..

  • Selina says:
    financial knowledge

  • Tina says:
    I already made sure they have it better than I did

  • Carla says:

  • Kylie says:
    i was lucky i have a good family and so do my kids!

  • Hayley says:
    i had a good life but i would like my kids to have as better one

  • elizabeth joy says:
    every thing

  • sue says:
    their is nothing that i missed out on as long as they are loved that is all you need

  • jamie says:
    i dont want my kids to have there parents seperated, and i dont want my kids to go to a bunch of different schools there whole life....i did and i hated it!

  • Leanne says:
    nothin had everythin i did n so will my kids

  • helen says:

  • Petra says:
    Haven't got to that point yet.

  • Cathryn says:
    sorry but I had alot as a kid...trips to disneyland, great parents, love...I just want to do the same for my son.

  • Chezronda says:
    hard question. I want them to be them selves and not be scared to talk to me. I didnt feel comfortable talking to my mom as a child.

  • Mariel says:
    be more outgoing and have enough to live comfortable!

  • bobbie sue says:
    to ever worry or be hurt

  • Tracey says:
    Everything!! I had a good childhood but as a mother I want everything that life has to offer for my babies

  • Anonymous says:
    I want them to feel secure.

  • Eboni says:

  • Stacy says:
    I had everything I could ask for

  • Tameka says:
    a mother who is always around, nothing against my mother, but i grew up living with my dad. i also want my daughter to grow up with her parents together, but i cant 100% control that

  • Jenni says:
    Where do I start...

  • Kristina says:
    A daddy

  • Roxanne says:
    A holiday each year...tho ive failed that 1 this year!!!

  • Kelly says:
    I had everything that i wanted as a kid

  • Johnnie says:
    a normal life

  • Brittany says:
    more money so she can experience trips while she grows up

  • Laura says:
    I had everything a kid should have, but I'd like my kids to have Mom & Dad together.

  • Billie says:
    financial stability.

  • lisa says:
    Hard question,i want my kids to get what ever they set out to get in life and to enjoy what ever they want to do.

  • Brandi says:
    A family!

  • Bec says:
    to stay at the one school - i moved around a lot soonce my kids start school they WILL be staying at that school

  • Anonymous says:
    i was raised by a single mum much of my life and i have never met my real father and i always wanted to be sure my children have a mother and a father in their life. i am very blessed to have that for my gorgeous daughter.

  • Jen says:
    A happy childhood

  • Donna says:
    a great life,upbringing and just to be treated well

  • Joanne says:
    A 5 acre block for them to grow up on with goats and dogs and ducks and quads etc.

  • Lisa says:
    i want them to have everything they desire....... and 9 times out of 10 they'll get it lol

  • Gemma says:
    i had everthing so id just want him to be happy

  • Gina says:
    umm well if you know me theres alot......Family

  • Shari says:
    God centered homes.

  • Torrie says:
    i turned out well and so will she

  • Whitney says:
    One of those electric cars for kids. :-) and more time with their daddy.

  • divakaleigh says:
    a world at peace

  • Autumn says:
    a good father...that is around all of the time

  • Katie says:
    To Play With Toys & Games, Pain't, Felt Tips Etc Without Moaning!

  • Tahnee says:
    I had a good childhood

  • April says:
    I never really felt like I was without. But intend to do my best to give them all that my children need.

  • Charlene says:
    I had a good life growing up. I had great parents who did the best job they could. I am more affectionate with my children, because it was harder for my parents due to how they were raised.

  • Anonymous says:
    They didn't have a good fathe, when they were growing up. Now, they have a great fathe figure!

  • synni says:
    my mothers love and attention.

  • Lesley says:
    love, don't think my mother was capable of loving.

  • Ashley says:
    ummmmm idk i had alot i wasa spoiled brat

  • Cherie says:
    I always had a loving family, sometimes I had to go without as mum didnt have much money but I believe thats not such a bad thing; it made me realise you have to work to get what u want and you shouldnt be handed everything on a silver platter.

  • Becky says:
    A great education

  • Amy says:
    There's nothing that I really didn't have. My parents were great.

  • Kali-rae says:
    them to choose wat highschool they want to go to

  • Heather says:
    for her to be able to walk and play with all the other kids.

  • REBECCA says:

  • Tricia says:

  • Chrystal says:
    two loving parents

  • Anonymous says:
    A good childhood, a fun and loving family..

  • Raylene says:
    i didnt have much when i was growing up but i make sure i give my kids nearly everthing they want

  • Pamela says:
    a safe loving home with everything they need and for them to always come first.

  • Stephanie says:
    I can't say that there's anything I never had... except for my mother being there for me. I just want to do better by her.

  • Kristi says:
    their dad to be there for them... my dad was never there and it really hurt.

  • Kim says:
    To be independent and know how to take care of themselves before they bring anyone else into their lives.

  • Crystal says:
    a lot of things

  • Brittany says:
    Hmmm, I had a great childhood and I hope I can give my baby the same!

  • Aleasha says:
    um i was gratefull 4everthing i had,family the main thing and they have that.

  • Mary says:
    i dont really rember much when i was my kids ages i was adopted

  • Sian says:
    I want them to go to University..

  • zoe says:
    i want my kids to have both mum and dad around

  • Ashley says:
    Hmmm, I don't know. I had a great childhood. Maybe having mom and dad together while they are growing up.

  • Anonymous says:
    A mom that touches, then, laughs with them, cries with them...

  • Candi says:
    That their father is more a part of their life than my father was. My father is a great dad, he just wasnt around for us alot when we were little.

  • Annette says:
    A full education.

  • Heather says:

  • Shannon says:
    I can't think of anything off of the top of my head...I was a very fortunate child with wonderful parents.

  • Becky says:
    I want them to be able to have their own things and not have to rely on hand-me-downs.

  • Karyn says:

  • Anonymous says:
    pajamas and walls for their rooms

  • Erin says:
    I had a pretty great childhood..my parents were divorced, but then again we aren't even married so don't have to worry about divorce, lol. But to have two parents that are still together would be nice

  • Rachael says:
    Owning a house

  • stacey says:
    Parents to stay together

  • Erin says:
    i had a great childhood, i didnt get everything that i wanted, but what kid does, so to have the same sort of childhood that i had would be great, and for my kids to love us and appreciate us as much as i do to my parents, then i will be very happy

  • Jenny says:
    I would love to see them not to have to struggle fnancially

  • Angel says:
    I think i had everything i needed

  • Brittany says:

  • Jean says:
    Seriously, I never went to DisneyWorld as a child..lol.. We took the twins when they were 4 and are going back in 3 years. That is a place that is just so magical for kids. EVERY kid should experience that!!!

  • Anonymous says:
    A good education. I want my daughter to go to a Technical College or Public College and get some kind of degree. Sometimes life doesn't work out the way you want. That piece of paper may come in handy. Just get it done with once you get out of High School.

  • Jennifer says:
    To know there grandparents. My sister and I only know our dad's mom the others past away either when we were little or before we were born. I want Kamryn to love them as much as I do!

  • Carly says:
    I have to say my parents did an excellent job of giving us everything they could. I really can't think of anything that I consider to be important that they didn't provide. I hope I will be able to do as well for my kids.

  • Kristin says:
    a horse

  • Amanda says:

  • Karrin says:
    of us to spend our vacations that are fun and enjoyable for the kids and seeing new things....

  • Courtney says:
    My parents gave me a lot. I think if I can be like them and mimic my childhood, I will consider myself a "success" as a mom.

  • Michelle says:

  • Amy says:
    Stability and disipline, and a father who is always there and sober

  • Kimberly says:
    a stable home

  • Hayley says:
    to have both paents around

  • Kayla-Marie says:
    cant say there wasnt anything i eva missed out on... i dont want her to be heapz about the material things..

  • Lisa says:
    to drive

  • Kari says:

  • Anonymous says:
    A mentally healthy mother.

  • Gemma says:

  • Nicola says:
    um....not to sure as i had everything

  • Megan says:
    Financial security.....sounds shallow but it's not.

  • Lisa says:
    parents....mine worked so hard and all the time they werent really around to be parents

  • Alisha says:
    I never went to Disney world so I want to take them and enjoy all of the magic with them.

  • Elisha says:
    An open and honst relationship..I got most of it when I ws young but was also a lil rebellious

  • Shawna says:
    a good and healthy life

  • Robyn says:
    LOL those Hot Wheels and Barbie 4x4s that you can drive in

  • Kristin says:
    a good future

  • Jacqueline says:
    I want me children to be close and stay close. When I am gone I don't want the to have to ever wonder if they were loved or what they were like when they were little.

  • Hannah says:
    do more as a family...

  • Heidi says:
    I think that even at these young ages my kids have had quite a bit they are not needing anything!

  • Stephanie says:
    Wonderful Parents who love them with every breath they take and who will always be there for them

  • Amanda says:
    I love my Mom to death. She is a wonderful mother and I am so grateful for her and for all that she's taught me to be. ButI don't really have any memories of her singing to me or reading me stories when I was a little kid. So I've made it a point to do those things with my son until he lets me know he doesn't want me to do it anymore.

  • Gemma says:
    a sister lol (only thiing i never had!)

  • Linda says:
    school payed for in full right after high school

  • Heather says:
    A giant swing set/ play house....

  • julie says:
    Hmmm i dunno i guess the only thing i didn't have as a kid was someone telling me i was capable of doing anything....somthing ido everyday wth my son i let him know how proud i am of all his accomplishments no matter how small they are he already thinks he can conquer the world lol

  • Tashala says:
    seeing mommy and daddy love each other.

  • Kelly says:
    nothing, can't miss what you didn't have. i never wanted for the most important thing, love & i have lots of that for my boys

  • Mariah says:
    a good dad, and my boys have the best Dada ever.

  • darla says:
    I want them all to have gobs of money so they can support me in the way I always dreamed of....

  • Laura says:
    a really good education.

  • Anonymous says:
    a better education

  • Jennifer says:
    a loving no fighting in front of the kids two parent home

  • Beth says:
    A healthy enviroment. (Mentally, emotionaly)

  • Chantell says:
    im workin on it lol

  • Jeanie says:
    I want nothing but the best for my babies

  • Anonymous says:
    Parents who support him and love him no matter what desions he makes. Bad or good.

  • Meghan says:
    I want her to go to college.

  • Katie says:
    endless possibilities.

  • Laura says:
    Fearlessness to go out and conquer the world.

  • naza says:
    A sweet, comfortable house that I can claim 'my sweet home'

  • Jolene says:
    A belief that they can do anything they want. I don't to ever say you can't, thats impossible, or what a stupid idea. I want my kids to grow up with a strong sense of self, and self confidence. But still remain humble and compassionate to all around them.

  • Kerry says:
    Hmmm there is so many awesome toys out these days. i wish i had them when i was a kid.

  • Katie says:
    A mother that they know they can tell anything to. Considering my oldest told me the other day how she listens to her MP3 player during class and doesn't get caught.....I think I'm doing an okay job in that department. LOL

  • Marta says:
    For mom and dad to get along (which we do) and consistant discipline.

  • Katie says:
    Honestly, I can't think of anything. But I want Avery to have the best possible life! I want her to be independent and make something of herself! I don't want her to make the same mistakes I did when I was younger or get involved with the wrong people!! I just want her to live a long, happy, and blessed life!

  • patsy says:
    a real family

  • Nicole says:
    A stay at home mom. It's great being able to help at school and make brownies for Alex and all his friends after school. I always wished my mom didn't work, lol I still wish she didn't work.

  • Courtney says:
    i dunno...one of those cars they can drive around, a little tonka for brayden

  • Nadia says:
    I want to provide a safe comfortable environment for my son to be himself and gently parent him along the way. I had that to a certain degree but it wasnt consistent or present early on.

  • Melissa says:
    Two parents growing up.

  • Jessica says:
    I had everything I needed, it may not have been what I wanted but lol, what kid ever gets what they want. I do however, want a father for my son.

  • janet says:
    Good family

  • Lacey says:
    everything.. parents that are involved in his studies, financially stable for him, and the confidence that i will be there for him no matter what and that he can tell me anything..

  • Tijuana says:
    To continue to grow in a loving two parent home!

  • Anonymous says:
    A car at age 16...lol

  • Jenny says:
    tricky! ummm a dad I guess although hinti was always there so cant really say i didnt have it.

  • Crystal says:
    a sister!

  • Ericka says:
    to have to be sick, and never want for the nessecities in life.

  • Jen says:
    College education

  • Kirsty says:
    A better life.

  • Alyssa says:
    Oh wow....um....college.....

  • Stefanie says:
    2 loving parents

  • Tiffany says:
    The world!!

  • Kym says:
    to travel the world and go to uni

  • Megan says:
    Life experience.

  • Nohblee says:
    determination and self confidence to get through school

  • Rachel says:
    I think I had a very good childhood, couldn't wish for anything more for my child (thanks mum and dad)

  • Karen says:
    Clear skin!!

  • Janice says:
    To feel loved and cherished

  • Emily says:
    A family thts 2gether..tht gets along w/out fighting!

  • Britney says:
    Money, a better life, both parents in the same house and to have the chance to be able to go to college right after highschool.

  • Susan says:
    I don't want my kids to grow up with the fears I had of various things, I want them to have confidence and to try different things.

  • Sara says:

  • Christina says:
    A childhood free of adult worries. I was old well beyond my years from worrying about things that I shouldn't have had to worry about as a child.

  • Melissa says:
    2 Parents

  • Anastasia says:
    A sister, I must appoligise to my three brothers, you are all still my favourites.

  • Megan says:
    I want to be involved in there activities and sports, i was in them but hated that my parents weren't there for us more!!

  • Kristi says:
    my parents did a great job raising me so I hope that I do just as a good of a job!

  • Karen says:
    dont know

  • Amy says:
    I want my child to know that she can always come to me and talk to me about anything. I also want to provide for my daughter in a way that she will never need to want.

  • Heidie says:
    Nothing that I can really think of.. I just want him to have a fun happy life!

  • Ashley says:
    I just want to be there for them. I don't want my life based around a career. I want it based around my children.

  • alicia says:
    well....all the new things that are out...his own little couch...i didnt have one

  • Julie says:
    I never wanted for anything

  • Angela says:
    dont know

  • Michele says:
    College education paid for... for where ever they choose to go.

  • Lynn says:
    I want my kids to have all the latest toys and clothes because thats what I wanted as a kid and I also want them to have a good education.

  • Vanessa says:
    Them knowin that they can talk to me about ANYTHING

  • Crystal says:
    a peaceful mind and happiness