What's your favorite part of being a mom

  • Amanda says:

  • Anonymous says:
    the unconditional love

  • Jessica says:
    all the hugs and kisses

  • Mel says:
    Everything I love it!

  • Anonymous says:
    The joy she brings to my life everyday!

  • Melanie says:
    Cuddles, kisses, tickles and laughing.

  • Daniela says:
    everything, the unconditional love

  • Amanda says:
    the cuddles and kisses and knowing that she will always love me no matter what

  • Naomi says:
    their unconditional love they give you

  • Anonymous says:
    the love and enjoyment they bring to you

  • Kate says:
    Everything, especially the adoring looks Stell gives you, gives you the warm and fuzzies! Also seeing her explore the world and learn something new everyday.

  • Tamara says:
    I know that I have this little human being that I carried , gave birth to and now its our responsibility to make sure she is happy, safe and healthy, and the gift in return is knowing that she will grow into a beautiful person, and she will always love us!!

  • Monique says:
    Everything, love see when they learn something new and hearing Charlie laugh is music to my ears

  • Paula says:
    being told u r the best mum in the world

  • Anonymous says:
    the lover you get back

  • jacinta says:
    unconditional love

  • Deborah says:
    all of it

  • Donna says:

  • Jodie says:
    watching the kids learn different things

  • Megan says:
    The Love!

  • Trisha says:
    watching them turn into people with different personalitys

  • Kylie says:
    everything its always new experiences everyday

  • Summah says:
    Watching him as he grows and develops his own personality

  • Chelsea says:
    the cuddles

  • Summah says:
    Watching him grow & develop his own personality

  • Debbie says:
    All the cuddles and love you get, and also seeing my little Tyler when he was first born priceless

  • Anne says:
    getting the best hugs in the world

  • Mandy says:
    everything...i wish i had had more children but it was a struggle. i HATED weaning, sleepless nights and potty training but i would do it all again if i was younger

  • Bree says:
    my children

  • Vicki says:
    Just being there for them everyday

  • Barbara says:
    Lots of cuddles, chatter and love

  • Anonymous says:
    Everything! Seeing the changes that happen almost daily, and now getting those beautiful gummy grins and long stories by my boy!

  • shayla says:
    never getting bored

  • Anonymous says:
    watching them learn new things.

  • Bo says:
    Smiles, laughing until your sides hurt, knowing looks, being utterly loved and needed, being left little notes and pictures, someone telling you EVERY day that they love you to bits, excitement, watching them cuddle up together, seeing them asleep at night, sniffing their hair....and falling in love with two poeple who I forgive anything for because they are are a part of who I am and a part of who Simon is. (Sniff! I'm going all Oprah!)

  • Amy says:
    The love to give and receive.. the hugs and kisses!

  • Cathy says:
    when they say they love you!!

  • Deb says:

  • Mel says:
    being a mum

  • Samantha says:
    The comments that come from nowhere and it leaves you wondering where did that come from

  • Annette says:
    when they are all getting along

  • Shelley says:
    everything.... i love it

  • Sarah says:

  • Debra says:
    The hugs, the kisses and bed time!

  • Anonymous says:
    Teaching them new words its so funny and cute to hear them say it and watching them walk

  • Anonymous says:
    watching them grow up and playing with your child

  • Krystal says:
    being a very special part of two amazing little peoples lives.

  • Melinda says:
    Everything, love being a mum!

  • Kirbie says:

  • Lynnmarie says:
    Being loved and having five Minnie me,s

  • Elizabeth says:

  • Aimee says:
    watching them grow and learn

  • Michelle says:
    when they laugh cause you make them happy nothing beats it

  • Jackie says:
    spending quality time with them

  • Anonymous says:
    watching her grow and listening to her cheek! so so funny and very clever, she amazes me everyday!

  • Katie says:
    everything. its a wonderful journey! smiles, laughs and hugs are particulary special

  • Belinda says:
    Every night when the boys kiss me good night because I am going to get some peace from fighting and because they still tell me that they love me and hope I have a good night's sleep.

  • Lynelle says:
    Watching them grow up and master new things.

  • Louise says:
    the love!!

  • Anonymous says:

  • Nadia says:
    every single second!

  • Pam says:
    seeing them smile......they make me a way better person than i could have ever hoped to be,i couldnt imagine me without them.

  • Lisa says:
    just watching them grow up and the smiles on there faces everyday just makes you love them that lil bit more everyday, they are so precious my life wouldn't be the same without them..

  • Anonymous says:

  • Amanda says:
    All of it!!! the hugs & kisses

  • katrina says:
    All the cuddles, smiles, adventures, everyday things, so just about everything. i love being a mum, its the best thing in the world.

  • Nicole says:
    I love being able to be that special someone they turn to. i'm here for good and bad and when even after I yell they still say 'I love you mummy'

  • rose says:
    everything....except teething and tantrums

  • Anonymous says:
    being loved

  • Erin says:
    Big cuddles and feeling proud of all the thing he has learnt

  • Anonymous says:
    Every little bit of it

  • Melindy says:
    the loving bond

  • Kristen says:
    Watching my little girl grow and learn every day!!

  • Melissa says:
    seeing them grow into loving, happy adults

  • Alison says:
    Unconditional love, big smiles, lots iog hugs and kisses

  • Anonymous says:
    watching them grow, achieve and the cuddles of course

  • Helen says:
    that he is growing up and we are able to have conversations now. he makes up all sorts of crazy stories :-)

  • Anonymous says:
    all of it

  • Luanna says:
    cuddles, listening to the hilarious stuff she comes out with

  • Anonymous says:
    Knowing that I am contributing to creating a confident, generous, spirited, funny and kind hearted woman to release out into the world. I also love snuggling and watching her grow.

  • Belinda says:
    watching them grow up n how much they change in the first few years

  • Cara says:
    seeing my kids smile

  • Kobie says:

  • Melissa says:
    when they say they love you

  • Loren says:
    watching her grow everyday and knowing these no one in the world who she loves more than me (except maybe her dad)

  • Shannon says:
    watching the little tackers grow and learn, getting to spend every waking moment with them!

  • Ursula says:
    Company. I am terrible when lonely, but i always have and always will have them. They know i need them as much as they need me.

  • Anonymous says:
    i get to see my beautiful baby grow every day

  • Jermaine says:
    learning different perspetive from my daughter, like she was teachin me lol

  • Amanda says:
    EVERYTHING!! I love spending time with my son and watching him change everyday!

  • Anonymous says:
    waking up to smiles every morning!! i think im the luckiest person ever

  • Helen says:
    Seeing them smile and watching them peacefully sleeping - it takes my breath a way.

  • Joanne says:
    Watching my children smile

  • Cherie says:

  • Brenda says:
    Kisses and cuddles and the laughs they give you

  • Melinda says:
    watching my kids learn - and laughing with them at least once a day

  • Kellie says:
    hugs and their mine

  • varlie says:
    the kisses and cuddles and the laughter

  • Laura says:
    when she smiles at me

  • Anonymous says:
    Everything - kisses and cuddles and big smiley grins

  • Nat says:
    The laughter and the love, never had so much of it since I was a kid myself.

  • Karina says:
    I feel very loved and it is unconditional from children, they don't care what you look like, as long as you are giving out lots of love too.

  • Gina says:
    Watching him learn, & grow into a bright, happy intelligent handsome wee boy, knowing how tough & painful a start he had in life. Also, knowing that he is the person that I would lay my life down for & would kill to protect. My reason for being.

  • Sally says:
    Smiles whenever James see's me

  • Anonymous says:
    Watching my little men grow and learn new things everyday....they are so amazing!

  • Anonymous says:
    Watching them develop, come out with something new everyday. They make me laugh every day too.

  • Anonymous says:
    I always tell my girls at least cple times a day that I love them, and I love how my girls will come up and give me a kiss and a hug and say I love you mum when I least expect it. :-)

  • Anonymous says:
    Watching them sleep peacefully and seeing them enjoying themselves.

  • Anonymous says:
    I love it all. They make me laugh they bring me so much joy and every developement brings something new.

  • nicole says:
    Just seeing how much she loves me, when you walk into a room her face lights up and she gives you the biggest smile and just wants to hug you

  • Anonymous says:
    Watching their little faces when they discover something new or get to another milestone.. pretty much love all of it!

  • Anonymous says:
    The love that she has for me, i don't know how many times I hear "cuddle mummy, cuddle mummy" a day

  • Anonymous says:
    I love how they love and need me and I love and need them

  • Anonymous says:
    Just having so much love to give

  • Anonymous says:
    cuddles and chats in bed on a weekend morning with my big baby , unconditional love, special girly nights,

  • Claire says:
    gettin' the luv back :-)

  • Anonymous says:
    the kisses and cuddles

  • Kelly says:
    when he snuggle into me for a cuddle

  • Anonymous says:
    That they think I'm the most awsome person on earth... for now LOL.

  • jessica says:
    watching them grow and become there own little person, oh and the hugs

  • Jade says:
    watching him grow, seeing him smile and laugh and try to talk

  • Ady says:
    Just hanging out having one on one time with my boy

  • Emma says:
    The smiles and the recogintion that I'm his mum!

  • Emma says:
    Having my kids love me no matter what & forever.

  • April says:
    having my baby love me unconditionally.

  • Scilla says:
    teaching the kids the things you want to hear from them, he he he

  • Kate says:
    No matter how angry, upset or tired i am Eli ALWAYS manages to put a smile on my face

  • Taygen says:
    being at home with them and i very proud to have seen both reach every milestone and havent missed anything. very lucky ;)

  • Narelle says:
    With Harry it's the infectious smiles, giggles & cuddles (aka head locks) with the Jelly Beans it's being able to feel them move.

  • Cassandra says:
    getting cuddles from a beautiful little one who is a part of me and seeing her laugh and smile at me. And looking at her when she is sleeping looking so peaceful.

  • Shilo says:
    The little things. *too many too name*

  • natalie says:
    having cuddles

  • Rebecca says:
    lot of cuddles and kisses

  • Anna-Maria says:
    Hanging out with the funniest, most clever person Iv ever met! I lots and lots of cuddles!!

  • seona says:
    the smiles

  • Anonymous says:
    watching them grow and the funny things they do which is many lol. hearing them say i love u mummy

  • Liana says:
    I love being a mum!!!

  • Sarah says:
    Laughing with the kiddies and making them smile or giggle, holding their hands while we walk down the street

  • Andrea says:
    When they leave hom

  • Anonymous says:
    watching them grow (too quickly), having them come up and give cuddles and say they love me-tis heartwarming

  • Amanda says:
    Everything about it..

  • Chantelle says:

  • Stacey says:
    the love you feel for your own child - you can not explain it

  • Jen says:
    ?not sure it is what it is.....

  • Le-Vene says:
    looking in on the girls at night, and seeing them sleeping peacefully.

  • Cindy says:
    the day to day challenges a child faces in achieving new things and the loe that such a little person can give!!!!

  • Sarah says:
    Always knowing someone loves you n the funny things the kids do together

  • Anonymous says:
    having my beautiful daughter she is the best thing in my life

  • Joanne says:
    unconditional love

  • . says:
    watching my beautiful little girl growing up everyday ♥