What worries you most about being a mom?

  • Elvia says:
    being a good role model, I don't want to say one thing and then do something else. I don't want to mess up their lives.

  • Marie says:
    My kids getting hurt. It breaks your heart when something happens to them.

  • Carolyn says:
    Not being around to see my kids grow up.

  • Anna says:
    kidnappers, pedophiles. getting hurt, run over, car accidents, serious illnesses. one of their parents dying. when they get older..i will worry about drugs,girlfriends,drinking,school.

  • Anonymous says:
    Something happening to one of my kids

  • Stacey says:
    watching them grow up the time's are changing and it is a very scary world that they are growing in to.

  • Megs says:
    Im pretty lax, you can only do your best and hope for the best!

  • Rachel says:
    Where would you like me to start i worry all the time about my kids

  • Ryann says:

  • Shafiahwafiq says:
    apa anak aku akan jadi bila besar nanti??

  • Gail says:
    Not being able to give my baby what he wants

  • Kaitlynn says:
    things with my sons dad, my son getting hurt by his dad

  • Kerry says:

  • babygirl_klong says:
    everything, i am a very overprotective mother

  • Kathryn says:
    if my kids become ill an theres nothin i can do 2 help them

  • Ami says:
    Am i doing the right thing

  • Michelle says:
    If my children will make it in the world.

  • Tenna says:
    Something or someone hurting my kids.

  • Dale says:
    I want the best for my kids and I worry when they are sad.

  • Shameka says:
    that my son wouldn't be a gang member

  • Nicole says:
    my child get hurt

  • terri says:
    when the kids get hurt

  • Lauren says:

  • April says:
    screwing them up

  • Kenya says:
    Being over protective or not protective enough.

  • Emma Louise says:
    my kids being ill

  • Donna says:

  • TINA says:
    that i make the right choices everyday 4 my kids

  • Emma says:
    scared bout something horrible happening to sebastian :(

  • Amie says:
    that i'll fail at something worse than anything a mum could imagine

  • Tammy says:
    missing something important that would put her life in danger

  • anmarie says:
    making a mistake

  • Latoya says:
    Sickness, death, unemployment *ALL THE NEGATIVES*

  • Sara says:
    Not geting to be a grandma.

  • Trista says:
    Nothing really.

  • Katherine says:
    Something happening to me

  • Annie says:
    That something will happen to my kids or I wont be able to care for them...

  • Claudia says:
    Everything. The question should be is what DON'T you worry about!

  • Martina says:
    everything i was diagnosed as a parranoid schizophrenic 6ish years ago so i worry alot evn tho i hav no symptoms the worrying to much about billy hasnt gone.

  • Kristen says:
    Something happening to one of my kids. I couldn't handle it. My kids are my world.

  • Ashleigh says:
    Something happening to her

  • Darlene says:
    bringin her up the wrong way but as i can see i have done a terrific job cuz she has a full time job and works all the time. and takes care of her own needs and also treats her mom good . so needless to say i have done greatby her !!!

  • Anonymous says:
    I worry that I won't be able to get them my very best, joyfully, everyday.

  • Karen says:
    that i cant protect my kids enough

  • Kenya says:
    PREDATORS OUT THERE...........................

  • Samantha says:
    the crime levels and the economic climate in this current credit crunch

  • dawn says:
    my children getting hurt or somethin happing o them

  • Anonymous says:
    for the older 2 its that they make the right choices in life for the little one its that she wont remember her dad and i will worry about things as they arrive

  • Megan says:
    How I am going to survive their years of dating and driving places.! Especially Max.

  • Rhonda says:
    them growing up n leaving home :(

  • Erin says:

  • Jacqui says:
    that I'm doing it right

  • Justyna says:
    I'm already freaking out just thinking about the future when my kids grow up.. the teenage drama.. I'm worried I won't know how to deal with it.. aaaa!!

  • Hadiya says:

  • Artina says:
    Them being hurt and i cant always be there,

  • Robin says:
    something happening to her

  • Carrie says:
    Not doing the right thing, or making the wrong choice

  • Diana says:
    everything i worry about every aspect of being a mom and doing things right

  • mari-anne says:
    that Im doing a bad job

  • bellybean07 says:
    what dont! Bullies, ill health, money... the list is endless

  • Nicole says:
    Something bad happening to my babies

  • Anonymous says:
    That the mistakes I make effect my kids

  • Kate says:
    not having taught them everything they need to know

  • Do'Che says:
    will i always be able to provide everything they need

  • Dominga says:
    my ange growing up and not wanting to hang out with me...

  • Kara says:
    That I'm doing everything I can for them.

  • Laura says:
    The health and safety of my children without raising paranoid children.

  • Jessica says:
    something happening to my son or menot being around 2 watch him grow up

  • Anonymous says:
    What worries me the most is always my kids health. I always worry about them getting hurt or sick. I hate when they are sick.

  • Lee says:
    being crappy at it

  • lockhart says:
    kids being sick. not getting along

  • Gemma says:
    that i might not see them grow up :(

  • sharon says:
    not being my best

  • Jodi says:
    that they will make the same mistakes i did

  • Hannah says:
    raising unethical selfish kids. I don't think that will really happen but I worry it might.

  • Anonymous says:
    Not having control over life...not being able to protect them from the world.

  • Ashleigh says:
    What DOESN'T worry me now?

  • Anonymous says:
    Pretty much everything included.

  • Carol says:
    Doing the wrong thing!

  • Jackie says:
    oh there are many worries

  • Narissa says:
    That something bad might happen to Grace, that she might be seriously hurt one day, the normal things.

  • Anonymous says:
    the mistakes i have made will affect my future.

  • Alyssa says:
    Ummmmm....There are a lot of things that worry me about being a mom..There are a lot of responibilties to take on being a mom

  • Lisa says:
    The thing that I worry about the most is my kids getting hurt or heaven forbid lost or taken.

  • Meghan says:
    Screwing up

  • Natalie says:
    That something bad could happen to my kids.. even if its just a little scrapped knee

  • Cyndi says:
    that I will not able to protect her. to many predators looking to violate someone innocent as she is.

  • kirsty says:
    doing the wrong thing

  • Miranda says:
    Them growing up and not needing me.

  • Billie says:
    Not handling things they way I should when they need me

  • Nichole says:
    Failing my kids

  • Crystal says:
    Him getting hurt

  • Anonymous says:
    messing up. not guiding them well enough, being too impatient with them, missing opportunities to shape them AND to enjoy and love them. time flies so quickly, and I sometimes get lost in the small stuff like is the room actually clean enough...

  • Georgette says:
    money, that i wont be able to afford to give them what is best and that i'm not bringing them up like evryone thinks i should

  • Kayleigh says:
    not making brandon happy but he seems happy enough to me at moment!hopefully!

  • Vicki says:
    That something terrible will happen to them and I wont be able to be there to fix it...or wont have the power to fix it!!!

  • Laura says:
    That he won't know how much I love him

  • Sharon says:
    that I'll screw my kids up more than the average mom. ;-)

  • Diane says:
    not being the best that i can be for them

  • Anonymous says:
    I always have the fear that something bad will happen to my children.

  • Jennifer says:
    teenage years

  • Jennifer says:
    setting bad examples, my kids being hurt in any way, something happening to me before they are old enough to take care of themselves

  • eapplesos says:
    not being there when my kids need me

  • Alyx says:
    my children being hurt.

  • Jennifer says:
    that my kids will get hurt like my brother did

  • Angela says:
    The health and safety of my child, I think being a mother thats your main concern is that your child and always safe and healthy.

  • Rebecca says:
    that something really bad might happened to my kids that i cant stop or fix

  • Nailah says:
    My children making the same mistakes that I did...

  • Cassie says:
    my childrens diet......

  • Shelbey says:
    I worry that they will get hurt, that something will happen to me or my husband. I worry that I'm not always doing the right things and not teaching them right. I worry about them getting older and being exposed to things and me not being there to tell them that it's bad for them.

  • Crystal says:
    the responsiblities is always on me and always there. It's scary sometimes ot think about it.

  • stephanie says:
    the well-being of my son

  • Chezronda says:

  • Meghan says:
    having something happen to my boys, something happening to me and not being able to watch them grow up

  • Erica says:
    That my kids will go through heartache. There is no way to help with that :(

  • Tara says:
    that im not doing a good enough job for my son

  • samantha says:
    that i am not a good one for the world

  • Tanya says:

  • Catherine says:
    That I will lose my daughter or she will get hurt, And I can't do anything...(Thinking about the children that have been taken and found later down the track. Can't imagine how that would feel)

  • Kristi says:
    Though I don't dwell on it, sometimes a thought that crosses my mind is the concern that they'll resent me for my failures when they are older.

  • Jessica says:
    not being able to be there 24-7 to make sure there taken care of and not hurt in any way.

  • Laurie says:
    That you can't make your kids be successful; they have to learn it on their own.

  • Allison says:
    i'm a worry wart.......... but I don't really have any worries about Audrey's health or anything, I'm just ready for it all to happen. The most worry I've got is when she turns into the teens!

  • Kiri says:
    losing my daughter to anything in the world ...

  • Shannon says:
    Losing my children

  • jade says:
    not being the best mum i can be

  • Dawn says:
    That I will screw it up. That and I constantly fear something or someone hurting my baby.

  • Kasie says:
    My baby being hurt

  • Heidi says:
    that I will not be able to teach Tyler how to read

  • Rachael says:
    Experiencing the times where my girls are going to be hurt or go through heart ache and there isn't much that I can do to make it better it is something they will have to endure on their own as they are growing up. I don't like knowing there will be times and are times that I can't fix everything. But that is where God comes in and I will always pray for my babies!

  • Debra says:
    Something could happen to him

  • mary says:
    something happens to them

  • Ells says:
    doing somehting wrong, making mistakes while im raising my baby.

  • Rosemary says:
    that some day she'll recent me :(

  • kayleigh says:
    the first time she says she hates me

  • Amanda says:
    The safety of my family