What is your biggest pet peeve about being a parent?

  • Nicole says:

  • Francine says:
    Whining, my kids do it all the time

  • Amanda says:
    Not getting all the help I should get

  • Rachel says:
    Feeling like I dont spend enough time with my son

  • Amanda says:
    trying not to care about what anyone else does, and just understand that everyone has their own situation and as long as you do the best for yourself that is all you can do, it's really hard to do that, especially when you get involved with other parents in social situations like playgroups and school...

  • Melissa says:
    Not a peeve but sure wouldn't mind more sleep

  • patrice says:
    being the ONLY PARENT!!!!!

  • Nicole says:
    I can not stand a dirty child, especailly a child with a dirty nose....

  • shauna says:
    Parents who think they have no faults and think they are better , everyone has room for growth and improvemeent !!!!!!

  • Aimee says:
    Everyone trying to tell me how to raise him, feed him, & that type of thing.

  • Anonymous says:
    Repeating myself over and over and over

  • Tarsha says:

  • Angela says:
    I work two days a week and recently someone said to me, oh you must have so much free time since you only work two days." That actually shocked me! Obviously this person hasn't got kids, and has no idea!

  • Jessica says:
    When shes fussy and doesnt want to eat!

  • Victoria says:
    sometimes seeing other parenting...I just wonder sometimes...

  • Lory says:
    Seeing other parents, not parent. Not giving guidelines to behave and respect others

  • Amanda says:

  • Micaela says:

  • Anonymous says:

  • Jenae says:
    nothing so far

  • Laura says:
    having to dual-parent. I just like things my way and think I'm darn good at it.

  • Anonymous says:
    other parents that don't seem to care about their children

  • Kate says:
    You are never alone, some me time is nice once in a while

  • Melissah says:
    Not being on the same page as me husband in terms of discipline

  • Jamie says:

  • Melissa says:
    the messes and the noise!

  • Leah says:
    Her father

  • Amy says:
    watching other parents not controle there children!

  • Jacqui says:
    that they grow up

  • Pamela says:
    Society telling us how to parent. Treating kids as adults. And then having adults act as kids. I think society has it backwards. Let kids be kids. But when you are 21 you are an adult whether you like it or not.Act like one.

  • Hilda says:

  • Melissa says:
    People telling me how I should be raising my kids.

  • Anonymous says:
    The ignorant ppl who stick there nose where it doesn't belong!

  • Sarah says:
    lieing , when other parents think they are better then you and I dont like it when other parents make them grow up sooner then what they should ..

  • Deb says:

  • Desiree says:
    They get everything dirty, I'm a little OCD.

  • Carly says:
    annoying comments from other moms who 'think they know better'

  • Lisa says:
    All the advice.

  • Sarah says:
    Annoying people who think that they can tell you everything you need to do when they don't KNOW your kid..........cause my kid is NOTHING like your kid.......believe me!

  • Natasha says:
    people telling me what to do: aka: unsolicited advice.

  • Diana says:
    Ummmm....I dunno.

  • Dominique says:
    People telling me what i should and shouldn't do with them. Advice is one thing, but dont tell me what i should be doing!

  • Mary says:
    giving up

  • melissa says:
    One thing that bothers me is when parents blame their kids for their mistakes or say that they could have done this or that if only they didn't have kids. I believe you can do what you want to do weather you have kids or not,it just depends on how bad you want it.

  • Ashley says:
    people not listening to what i tell them about taking care of my daughter while i cant be around (work)

  • Angie says:
    Somebody else telling you how to raise your children! Don't mind the advice but other than that you can just shut up and mind your own business.

  • Paula says:
    people giving advise that isnt asked for!!!!

  • Sarah says:
    The fact that your child has a hissy fit down the street and everyone looks at you like its sooo wrong. Hate to tell you d#$^ heads every child does it

  • Claire says:
    broken sleep.

  • lindsey says:
    people telling you how to raise your kids, when people call them a boy when they are clearly wearing pink! Them getting their clothes dirty...i hate it, but ive calmed down a bit(kids will be kids)

  • Bonita says:
    People stopping to stare at my child while we are out, and people touching him on his hands and face....

  • Ewa says:
    hmmm....people who think they know it all when they dont

  • Tanya says:
    No pet peeve.

  • Anonymous says:
    When strangers try to give you parenting advice when it's not needed - that really bugs me.

  • Kat says:
    When other peoples beliefs are forced upon a family that doesn't believe in the same things.

  • Amanda says:
    when you have to tell the kids something 5-6 times before they actually listen to you.

  • Mel says:

  • Anonymous says:
    Tough love. Sticking to your values and having it hurt relationships. Making hard decisions, the best you can at any given time and having your kids hate you for it until the dust settles or they grow up a bit. Kids stay mad longer than parents.

  • Kaylia says:
    Nothing bothers me, I love being a parent!

  • Michelle says:
    I'm impatient. I wish I could tell my kids something once and have it stick!

  • Anonymous says:
    I love being a parent don't have any pet peeves.

  • Emma says:
    lack of sleep and constant washing/cleaning

  • Carie says:
    working during the day and not being home

  • DESIREE says:

  • Marie says:
    knowing that what they r going to do will end up in tears but having to let them make there own mistakes. not being able to take there pain for them!!!

  • Lisa says:
    No more FREEDOM !!!!!!!!! =]

  • julie says:
    Men thinking if the baby is breastfed that they are somehow left out and get jealous of their own child!?

  • Victoria says:
    getting up all hours of the night....although well worth......man I miss those hours of sleeo

  • Kisha says:
    Not having enough time.

  • LaKisha says:
    The dad not acting right some time

  • Rebecca says:
    You no longer live in silence!

  • Tina says:
    when parents don't take care of their children, It's horrible, You had sex , you got pregnant, so take care of that child

  • shanna says:
    that my daughter calls me shanna (my first name ) more then she calls me mommy, she calls me mommy when she wants something

  • Kelly says:
    when you say no 10 million times and they still do what they're not supposed to do!!!

  • Amelia says:
    Not being able to go to the bathroom by my self.

  • Anonymous says:
    I hate to see kids without their hair combed. And in clothes that don't match.

  • Wyona says:
    when they forget to call...

  • Michelle says:
    dirty kids-----soap and water are not expensive

  • Just says:
    put the dishes in the sink put the laundry in the washroom ...and please PLEASE clean out yer own pockets.

  • Anonymous says:
    Amelia's right, you can never have any peace and quiet in the bathroom. I always have an audience.

  • crystal says:
    Germs.........i hate going to the doc office and letting my kids play with the toys there while all the other kids are slobbering and snotting and coughing on them.......

  • Cassie says:
    When we go somewhere and I see other kids who are dirty and need their nose wiped, it drives me crazy! I hate it when a parent looks better than their kids! Their kids should always come first, even with their clothing!

  • Amber says:
    Don't let your children be cruel! The world sucks enough already...

  • Kristen says:
    Mom, Mom, mommy, Mom, Mommy, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, Mommy, Moooooom

  • Charlie says:

  • Tonya says:
    only thing i can think of is why can't chris be a lighter sleeper? haha he won't wake up for crap!!

  • PAULA says:

  • Mari says:
    i don't have any privacy.

  • Anonymous says:

  • Anonymous says:
    when the kids are argueing and I'm not quite sure who started it or who did what or who's lying... but its normal, I rather have them argue with their voices than not have one to use.

  • clare says:
    just the stress of trying to fit everything in

  • Jennifer says:
    dont know

  • Carol says:
    having to let them make thier own mistakes and picking up the pieces.

  • Kita says:
    Don't know right this minute.

  • Emma says:
    wishing sometimes that i could rest for 5 mins

  • Krystal says:
    My girl learning to say mum! lol

  • Jordan says:
    LoL, wiping butts.

  • Elz says:
    being sicked on lol

  • Joanne says:

  • Jennifer says:
    Don't really have one

  • Kathryn says:
    Spoiling the child rotten...completely unnessisary and life damageing to everyone around that child bc he/she will expect it everytime....or letting the child do as they please without learning the rights and wrongs and rewarding children for bad behavor.....your just asking for a life time of crap!

  • Nadine says:
    None really....but I would like a sleep-in after 8am now and then....hehe (i love my sleep!!)

  • Kirsten says:
    School fundraisers - yes, I realize that it helps raise money for school field trips, etc. But, with two kids who each have 3 or 4 fundraisers per school year - it's frustrating to have to buy useless crap 8 times a year and it gets so competitive!

  • Elizabeth says:

  • Savannah says:
    ill get back to you

  • Anna says:
    lack of sleep but its al worth it

  • Amanda says:
    I had rather keep that to myself..it's personal.

  • stephanie says:
    dnt no

  • Judy says:
    The children growing up and not spending as much time with them as you want

  • Carina says:
    People telling me I am doing something wrong.

  • Carrie says:
    Trying to get them to clean after themselves

  • Nicole says:
    Other peoples opinions on how I raise my kids.

  • Cyndi says:
    I can see where the diaper thing is going to get old soon enough, but they don't bother me yet. But otherwise, I'd like it if people didn't question my parenting - everyone parents differently, and just because I'm trying something different, doesn't mean it's wrong. Let me make my own mistakes and celebrate my triumphs!

  • Leslie says:
    It is not always the parents fault their child do the things they do.

  • Gail says:
    When I get all the kids all ready to go outside and they come back in 10 minutes later. Also other people's judgment and pushy advice.

  • Lauren says:
    Dunno what this means. but im gona guess..... when people do things with Hunter that I dont want them to do

  • donna says:

  • Sam says:
    always keep an eye on them

  • Sonja says:
    Just not being able to sleep in anymore.

  • Kym says:

  • Danielle says:

  • Karen says:
    running noses

  • Jessica says:
    Parents who don't want to be parents.....who are only out for themselves and not for the best interests of their kids.

  • Jodie says:
    nothing yet...

  • Amanda says:
    dirty diapers, and potty training, and cleaning bottles

  • Anonymous says:
    Other people telling you whats best for your kids.

  • Jessica says:
    people touching his face

  • Katie says:
    Parents that try to shelter their kids from the world, and not letting them explore. Especially when it comes to getting dirty. I can't stand when parents get mad at their children for getting dirty WHILE PLAYIN OUTSIDE! That's what a bath tub and washer are for.

  • Jamie says:
    When they don't listen to me

  • Tiffany says:
    There is no such thing as a clean house anymore, at least not while they are awake.

  • tamara says:
    . having to carrybaby bags around all day

  • Kristen says:
    Other people comparing their kids to mine....all kids are different and do things at their own pace!

  • Adana says:
    Talking back, I can't stand it!

  • carla says:
    people who think they know whats best for my kids more than me even though im around them 24/7....drives me CRAZY!

  • Johanna says:
    The messes. Slobbery, wet, half-chewed food grosses me out. lol And they only get messier as they get older. Yay! But Chase loves finger foods so I deal with it.

  • Shanna says:
    Ya know, I am not sure.

  • Adriana says:
    I know all grandparents mean well, but it aggravates me when I say no about something and then, right in front of me, they do the opposite! uggghhhhh!

  • Jaimie says:
    Potty training boys is crazy.....

  • Kelly says:
    Fighting and whining..... aghhh drives me crazy! Now I know why my mother pretended to ignore us as kids.

  • Amie says:
    do not compare my child to yours or say oh is she doing this or not doing this do you think she is behind. every baby does things in their own time. Since I'm preschool teacher I am very big on milestones so its even harder on me haha

  • Cammy says:
    cleaning all the freakin time and waking up early

  • Heather says:
    uh..idk...Parents that over protect....i guess

  • Stephanie says:
    Other parents that don't appreciate their children or the opportunity to be parents.

  • Brandy says:
    no time for my husband and I.

  • Erin says:
    the bloody screams

  • Anonymous says:
    People who think that they have the right to tell you how to parent. What works for you doesn't always work for me!

  • Blayr says:
    the messy house lol

  • Anastacia says:
    Having people contradict you in front of your child.

  • audrey says:

  • Kristy says:

  • Nikki says:
    Just other mums constantly trying to out-do each other, and thinking they are better than you. Some people treat it like one great big competition.

  • Samantha says:
    being compared to others... i'm not them.... i do it my way

  • Anamaria says:
    not sure.

  • Lucie says:
    That I had to put up with their father!

  • Sam says:
    i dont no

  • Jessie says:
    other parents not vaccinating your children or giving them meds.

  • Charlene says:

  • Liz says:
    don't get the question!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Annalee says:
    not being able to just drop what i'm doing an go

  • Rebecca says:
    Hearing other mothers talk about how THEY did it when you talk about a particular thing

  • Jodie says:
    dont know

  • Lauren says:

  • Jennifer says:
    Timing, I have to time things all the time now. I can't just get up and go when I want anymore, I have to think of what is best for Thomas

  • Jessica says:
    Not knowing what's going on with Justus medically and feelling like the doctors are handing out general treatments in hopes that one will work.

  • Dawn says:
    People offering advice when you didn't ask for it.

  • Rhonda says:
    those who don't love their children enough to put them in carseats/seatbelts fathers who call being alone with their own children. "babysitting" those who smoke around their children

  • Debbie says:
    People overstepping their boundaries

  • nicky says:
    lack of sleep and the wingeing

  • Angela says:
    Cleaning! lol I was never meant to be a maid.

  • Tiffany says:
    People not washing their hands and then touching Aidens face.

  • Amber says:
    oh god thats a though one. On what given day?

  • stephanie says:
    being around other parents who neglect thier child

  • Racheal says:
    People tellin you how to raise yer kids... evil mother in laws that feel the need to discipline your kids when you are right there..!! or ANYONE that yells at my kids when I am there!

  • Anonymous says:
    not enough hours in a day to get everything done

  • bexiie says:

  • michelle says:
    I have not been able to take a shower or go to the bathroom without someone coming in for something for the last 12 years

  • Becky says:
    don't get enough sleep

  • Liz says:
    I have not gone to the bathroom with the door shut in 9 years and I do it at other peoples houses.OOOPPPPSSSS

  • Anonymous says:
    other people giving funny looks when out in public if my child has a tantrum ( she does have ADHD) I do the best I can, try to be in my shoes.

  • Yvonne says:
    never being able to sleep in past 8. Even when the children do, my internal alarm clock wakes me up. I am always on school time!

  • Anonymous says:
    NO time for me

  • Anonymous says:
    other peoples advice ( stangers )

  • Pamela says:
    Other mums tellin u how 2 raise ur child

  • Angela says:
    People who tell me how to raise my kids that have no clue about the mental health issues of my step children.

  • Cindy says:
    the early mornings.........

  • Caroline says:
    no privacy and sick of the kids fighting UGH

  • Becky says:
    The threats to get kids to stop doing something....I'm going to spank you if you don't....or.....I'm going to take that away from you. I do it too but really wish I could stop.

  • Ashley says:
    About being a parent in general or about other parents??

  • Brittany says:
    when you are mom...you do it ALL!

  • Anonymous says:
    About me personally being a parent? Nothing. About other parents? Those who feel the need to tell you that you are doing something wrong in raising your child b/c it is not the way they did it. Oh, and those who feel the need to brag about how their kid never did such and such or their kid was quoting Shakespeare by the time he was 2.

  • Jennifer says:
    Not being able to just go run an errand without planning in advance. Not being able to travel as easily as before.

  • donna says:

  • Alicia says:
    seeing other parent neglect there children

  • Jonine says:
    They bump my chair!!! I hate my chair being bumped argh....

  • Cecilia says:
    The thankless part of it.

  • Cassandra says:
    people who look down at me because i look to young to be a mum

  • Lisa says:
    never being alone..you could be trying to take a bath and the kids will barge right in..no privacy..

  • Kimberly says:
    People holding her neck...

  • Heather says:
    the bickering

  • Ashley says:
    Right now, it's that 3 year olds can turn anything into a battle of wills.

  • Rhiannon says:
    not being able to just get in the car and go!

  • Morgan says:
    right now its the back talking a 4 year old does!

  • Anonymous says:
    Dayton eating crap. I'm an organic mom and I hate it when her father or grandparnets feed her crap.

  • Melissa says:
    In-Laws not following discipline principles and rules that the parents have set in place.

  • Erica says:
    i dunno

  • Marcia says:
    i hate getting outa bed early especiaslly in winter but wen u have kids that like to get up early u just have too

  • Anonymous says:
    Other people letting my son try something eg. Popsicle, without asking ME first

  • Stephanie says:

  • Selina says:
    No change facilities in the pub lol

  • Tina says:
    When I see people abusing their kids

  • Carla says:
    It's hard to say, but I guessthe things that bother me most are eye rolling, whining, and backtalk. These are all things I can get a handle on if I do my job correctly.

  • Kylie says:
    when people try telling u how things should be done!

  • Hayley says:
    getting no sleep

  • elizabeth joy says:
    none that i can think of

  • sue says:

  • jamie says:
    waking up early! waking up in the middl of the night, kids talking during a movie, kids throwing a fit for not getting what they want...

  • Leanne says:

  • helen says:

  • Petra says:
    Don't have any.

  • Cathryn says:
    I guess it would be being pushed around, especially since i look young people assume I have no clue and that annoys me. Those people soon realize uh I do not have time to be treated like that and I speak up for myself and my kids sooo they end up watching what they say to me

  • Chezronda says:
    laughing when I say no no! lol and when other people swear in front of my son!

  • Mariel says:
    that they do not listen

  • bobbie sue says:
    tha whining

  • Tracey says:

  • Anonymous says:
    The teenage attitude.

  • Eboni says:
    Umm dunno really. It can get a bit annoying not being able to just leave the house whenever sometimes but hey, doesn't really affect us that much.

  • Stacy says:
    Cleaning up after him

  • Tameka says:

  • Jenni says:
    Dirty hands, faces and clothes

  • Kristina says:
    How other parents or non parents judge what u do w/your kids or how u do it...ugh!

  • Roxanne says:
    constantly picking things up off the floor!!!

  • Kelly says:
    The screaming in the car and out in public!! Does my head in!!

  • Johnnie says:
    Being pulled on, it drives me nuts lol

  • Brittany says:
    other people trying to tell me what to do with her. advise is okay but when it comes down to making the decisions that will be up to me!

  • Laura says:
    Terrible 2's that never go away!!

  • Billie says:

  • lisa says:

  • Brandi says:

  • Bec says:
    when strangers say shit about my kids! they dont know them so they have no right to judge them or tell me how to raise them

  • Anonymous says:
    seeing people mistreat their children. parents galavanting around the place late at night in winter time and the kid isnt in warm clothes and looks dirty and sad. it shits me off seeing kids not being looked after...

  • Jen says:
    When her dad gets all the good bits and I get all the sh*t!

  • Donna says:
    to many lol

  • Joanne says:
    Never enough money! Or time alone!

  • Lisa says:
    i like to make sure everything is clean and tidy for my children

  • Gemma says:
    not getting much sleep

  • Gina says:
    when she points at something and goes ahahahahahahah over and over again cause she wants it

  • Shari says:
    Now, not knowing where they are? lol Then, having to split the parents to go to different events so that 1 of us would be at every event that we could.

  • Torrie says:
    dirty diapers!!! cant wait to be potty trained

  • Whitney says:
    Baby bangs... grow dangit!!!

  • divakaleigh says:
    When people tell me that it must be easy to have my kids because they're so good. Hello! I raised them! They didn't just pop out of my womb well-behaved!

  • Autumn says:
    Not listening.....or screaming (she's a screamer)

  • Katie says:
    The fake cry for nothing

  • Tahnee says:
    unbehaviored children

  • April says:
    Mountains of laundry!!

  • Charlene says:
    I will get back to this one.

  • Anonymous says:
    Having to have done it by myself.

  • synni says:
    the fact that some people don't see a stay at home mum works just as hard at home as she would at a job. but without holidays, lunch breaks or pay!!!

  • Lesley says:
    other mothers getting upset with lil when she is playing with there kids and maybe being a bit bossy, get over it she is only a kid!!

  • Ashley says:
    they leaave empty boxs in the cubbard or refrigerater o i hate that so much

  • Cherie says:
    Having to make her learn some things the hard way; eg not having anything else for tea if she doesnt want what ive served up or not letting her have any dessert if she doesnt eat all her tea. Or not letting her have something if she hasnt used her manners. It sucks seeing her upset but i believe you gotta be cruel to be kind (to a certain degree)

  • Becky says:

  • Amy says:
    Other parents that think they're kids are better than mine.

  • Kali-rae says:
    all ur so called 'friends' abondon you cos they dont have kids and think u cant do anything anymore

  • Heather says:

  • REBECCA says:

  • Tricia says:
    Money -too much money for everything you need - and when you are a one income person its hard to give your kid everything you want to provide -- hate disappointing him

  • Chrystal says:
    its hard to get a job with the hours i need...i want to be independent but at the same time i want to be the one to bring him to school in the morning lol!

  • Anonymous says:
    i hatewhen you deciplen your children down the street because they are screaming, and people look at you like our a bad parent.. they hld jst get over it,its not their child..

  • Raylene says:
    people telling me what to do

  • Pamela says:
    the mess and lack of time to get things done and a major lack of sleep

  • Stephanie says:
    My biggest pet peeve is people who dont take care of their children. Not feeding them well, bc they are lazy. Handing them off to other people. Not dressing them properly in cold weather... etc

  • Kristi says:
    seeing other people mistreating their kids.

  • Kim says:
    People who think that you need to follow their advice.

  • Crystal says:

  • Brittany says:
    Unsolicited advice

  • Aleasha says:
    whats that?

  • Mary says:
    dont really no

  • Sian says:
    Washing the bottles! haha

  • zoe says:
    dont know

  • Ashley says:
    The only thing I can think of is because I am a young mom, I get a lot of stares and glances at my left hand to see if I am married when I go out with the kids. I think people are very judgmental when they dont know the whole situation.

  • Anonymous says:
    People who criticize children...and act like all children were accidents...

  • Candi says:
    none really

  • Annette says:
    Now that my children are all adults, I resent the washing, cooking and clearing up, after 3 adult women, who should know better.

  • Heather says:

  • Shannon says:
    When I do all the dirty work, and Dan gets all the loving from Trevor!

  • Becky says:
    The fact that I have to repeat myself abot 5 times before my children actually hear me. And also the messy eating. It messes with my OCD sometimes.

  • Karyn says:

  • Anonymous says:
    2 year old scary monsters.......whining and squealing.

  • Erin says:
    people ask me every time Jacob is brought up in conversation "how is he sleeping at night?" Well, the answer is, he's not..

  • Rachael says:

  • stacey says:
    people think that being a young mum makes you a bad mum

  • Erin says:
    Children not listening...

  • Jenny says:
    kids not listening

  • Angel says:
    just that my children dont seem to know where the garbage can is, or how to wipe off the toilet seat

  • Brittany says:

  • Jean says:
    No freedom. :( There are somedays I just want to be me. The more kids you have, the more freedom you lose.

  • Anonymous says:
    Other people thinking they know whats best for my child. I don't mind opinons or suggestions, but don't tell me "you wouldn't do this or that". We all have different beliefs and values. Our family believes in God, praying, and trying to do the best with what we have.

  • Jennifer says:
    People always wanting to share the "right" way to do this or that as a parent. Everyone has their own style of parenting. If it works for you then it's okay. If I ask for advice is one thing, to give it without advice is annoying! :-)

  • Carly says:
    All the stuff you hear on TV or read in parenting magazines about this or that that your never supposed to do or aren't you just the worst parent ever. Or you have to have this or do that or your not living up to the standards of good parent. As if we need more pressure.

  • Kristin says:
    people thinking they know whats best for your kids

  • Amanda says:
    the bad name ppl give single parents

  • Karrin says:
    when people question if avery is mine~ just because he has brown skin does not make him not mine ....

  • Courtney says:
    Not being able to sleep in!

  • Michelle says:
    I hate crying

  • Amy says:
    Getting advice that I dont ask for and also having people tell me that spanking is bad.

  • Kimberly says:
    the advice

  • Hayley says:
    the baby belly ive been left with lol!

  • Kayla-Marie says:
    Having to take the baby to the toilet with ya.. lol

  • Lisa says:
    that there ears are clean

  • Kari says:

  • Anonymous says:
    How much homework interferes with our life.

  • Gemma says:
    people just standing in the way when you have a pushchair! or not helping you get on and off the bus

  • Nicola says:
    sleep i miss sleeping

  • Megan says:
    No "me" time!

  • Lisa says:
    attitude ll of them have it even the lil one who is three

  • Alisha says:
    All the arguing that children learn how to do, it seems as soon as they learn how to talk.

  • Elisha says:
    When people thik my kids are my brothers I am really 29

  • Shawna says:
    not listening! its so hard to get your kids to understand and remember things....its very frustrating to have to repeat yourself 100x a day!

  • Robyn says:
    When my kid starts acting up, especially in public, it's hard to discipline in public but my sons stepmom taught me how she does it because she has him all the time and it works so thank you Lesley!!!

  • Kristin says:
    the whole not listening thing

  • Jacqueline says:
    Everyone thinking that there child is better. There is no compition, each child is and indivdual and are all her for a purpose, love and support, thats all you can do so get over the my child is better then yours crap

  • Hannah says:
    when my kids dont listen and talk back

  • Heidi says:
    being pestered about allowing a friend to come over !!!

  • Stephanie says:
    Dirty house, I'm always cleaning or them fighting, ggrrrrrr =)

  • Amanda says:
    Dropping my son off at a babysitter's. Even though my husband do like to go out (rarely) or I have appointments while my husband is working, I still don't like leaving my son with babysitters. I only leave him with my friends that I trust, but still... I just miss him when I am away from him and the whole time I am away from him I am thinkng about him; wondering if he's ok, if he gets hurt will they be able to console him, etc.

  • Gemma says:
    not really anything

  • Linda says:
    the repetive problems like telling your kid the same thing over and over and them still not getting it

  • Heather says:
    I hate the "learning to self feed""... it's soooooo messy, both to the child and the house...

  • julie says:
    that i'm not prefect and i yell at my son even when i don't wnat to and that my kids make a weinie out of me i can't stand to see a boo boo or hear the cry from pain or sadness

  • Tashala says:
    After you just clean up you find more toys back out.

  • Kelly says:
    extra washing & poppers.

  • Mariah says:
    Not being able to go to the bathroom in peace.

  • darla says:
    They always wanted to be fed, and I HAD to let them win sometimes at video games.

  • Laura says:
    making sure my daughter is NOT dirty what so ever

  • Anonymous says:

  • Jennifer says:
    not having enough time in the day

  • Beth says:
    TEETH!!!! Gotta brush teeth before bed, when he wakes up in the a.m. and after he as anything sugary!!! Oh yes.. BIG time!

  • Chantell says:
    unwanted advise from strangers

  • Jeanie says:
    IDK really

  • Anonymous says:
    Dress your kid hip. Don't baby fye your baby. Dress them like a regular person would.

  • Meghan says:
    clean hands! or her getting sick.

  • Katie says:
    Some days i miss freedom and irresponsibility, but again, i wouldnt trade her for the world.

  • Laura says:
    I feel like there is never enough time to spend with them.

  • naza says:
    afraid that I don't deliver my responsibilities well

  • Jolene says:
    That doctors don't listen to the moms.

  • Kerry says:
    Kids winging. Just the normal kid annoyances.

  • Katie says:
    Parents who allow their kids to act like spoiled little brats out in public. I don't want to listen to your kid whine about not getting whatever it is they wanted!

  • Marta says:
    When hubby and I don't agree on things, when we're not synce. I stand very very firm in following through.

  • Katie says:
    Absolutely nothing! I enjoy every single moment of it.

  • patsy says:
    him getting dirty

  • Nicole says:
    Other parents who think they know better than you do how to take care of your child.

  • Courtney says:

  • Nadia says:
    Being stereo typed or judged for not being 40+ and marriage.

  • Melissa says:
    That alot of the time you have to be the bad cop and be hated.

  • Jessica says:
    People not doing something right with my kid or callng my kid their baby.

  • janet says:
    the unknowing

  • Lacey says:
    Haydin growing to fast

  • Tijuana says:
    Washing bottles! I hate that chore!

  • Anonymous says:
    When the child's foot seems to grow an inch every dawg-gone week!

  • Jenny says:
    waking up in the night

  • Crystal says:
    People spanking and hollerin at my child w out me giving them permission!

  • Ericka says:
    I don'tlike feeding unless i absolutely have to i would rather change diapers...

  • Jen says:
    MOM, MOM, MOMMY,MOMMMMMY, MOM.MOM.MOM.MOM...my name is now Hilda thanks kids

  • Kirsty says:

  • Alyssa says:
    Um....I'm not really sure.....people who think they are better parents than me, even when they don't have kids of their own

  • Stefanie says:
    Not having multiple sets of arms lol

  • Tiffany says:
    Too much advice!

  • Kym says:
    that once your first baby is born you are no longer call (your name) and always call mum

  • Megan says:
    When they learn to say 'no'!

  • Nohblee says:
    being tired, sometimes too tired to say what i belive is right and too tired to play with them

  • Rachel says:
    Other parents telling you what to do, or critising your choices...Advice welcome but let me choose if I want to take it onboard

  • Karen says:
    People who expect you to take their advice, or those who give it unsolicited

  • Janice says:
    The food bill haha

  • Emily says:
    Theres never any free time to jus simply relax.

  • Britney says:
    People that let their kids sit in dirty diapers! Would you like that??

  • Susan says:
    Lack of parent/baby change rooms in various places like service stations etc

  • Sara says:
    finding the money to support her it hard

  • Christina says:
    Spending all day every day picking things up!

  • Melissa says:
    I can not stand when parents allow their children to be dirty and look like slobs with ratty clothes snotty noses and food on their faces. It pisses me off.

  • Anastasia says:
    Having to share the shower.

  • Megan says:
    Always having to go to the bathroom just as my food get to the table when we are out to eat!!!!

  • Kristi says:
    the fact that I am out-numbered in my house....and that the boys have "selective" hearing

  • Karen says:
    Doing it alone...shattered

  • Amy says:
    Hmmm, I try to protect her from everything.

  • Heidie says:
    When other people try to tell me how to raise my child.. when they should really be taking their own advice!

  • Ashley says:
    People trying to tell you what you should and shouldnt do with your child...and its usually people who havent had kids in over 20 years...stuff has changed!

  • alicia says:
    i dont know

  • Julie says:
    The kids permanently trashing the place

  • Angela says:
    the messes they make in such a short time

  • Michele says:
    When you have to repeat yourself many many times before they actually listen to you!

  • Lynn says:
    Not being able to take a bath or go to the bathroom without an audiences.

  • Vanessa says:
    uhhhhh... lol

  • Crystal says:
    well i can just pick up n go when needed i have to prepare a bag and get her out in the heat etc..its kinda hard with no car and the terrible 2's are happening in the one's LOL