What was your first moment of motherhood panic?

  • Emma says:
    Just before the birth realising that I would soon be souly responsible for a little person.

  • mariangela miguela says:
    xx whut do i do when he wont stop crying xx

  • Elaina says:
    Two years ago. We had just moved into an apartment, and my son liked to sneek out of the sliding glass window and go to the park, well i was changing clothes and went into the living room and didnt see him, the door was open so I looked inside first, no sign of him, i went outside and looked everywhere and he was no where to be found, my husband went looking for him in the car and he saw his cup on the green electrical box and come to find out he climed four fences to this yard where a swingset was, thank god it was a friend of my mother in laws and she had called the cops and we did too and thats how we found him..scariest time of my life...I got a chain lock for that door, but now he doesnt do that anymore..

  • Adrienne says:
    in the hospital trying the breastfeed my first baby.

  • V says:
    When James was 6 months old, he fell on the floor from the car seat which was on the counter...what can I say, I was a first time mom. I didn't know he could wiggle so much.

  • kay says:
    dj was a little over a year and he swallowed a penny... i freaked!!!

  • Marielba says:
    That I remember, when my oldest was 8 yrs. old and got lost at a Target store

  • Vanessa says:
    Richie fell off thebed when he was 6 mos old

  • Magaly says:
    when my oldest was a year and a half old with a 104.5 degree fever in the ER trying to give her an ice bath with her wailing at the top of her little lungs looking at my like "WHY ARE U DOING THIS TO ME MOMMY?!?!?!" i was a wreck!

  • Julie says:
    Getting Nani ready to have pictures taken and she just starts to waillllll which she NEVER did before and I was a mess trying to burp her, feed her, rock her and nothing would WORK! She finally calmed down and fell asleep in my arms...ended up taking her another day, LOL

  • Zeneida says:
    At 9months my son had gotten his immuzation shot plus the flu shot and later that night went into respiratory distress and to be admit to ICU and could of taken the chance for worst or the best its was up to him to get better on his own...one of the scarest thing i had to go through!!

  • Neliza says:
    when my son was less than a month old and he threw up through his mouth & his nose & he couldnt breathe & jackkinifed on me (he bent like a fish where the bottom of his feet touched his head) and i had to flip him and hit his back to get him to breathe.. scariest thing in my life...

  • Eileen says:
    Where I actually felt helpless? About a couple days after Zack had his tonsils removed he woke up in the middle of the night coughing. It was a pretty agitated cough and you could tell it hurt him. After about 5 mins of this coughing he started to throw up and it was dark red and there was quite a bit. I freaked out and started crying and screaming for Jay. (Everything was ok - I was just really tired and didn't comprehend that he had coughed up residual blood clots from the surgery. . . it was still really unnerving)

  • Jessika says:
    When my oldest son was 2 yrs old and he put a hard candy in his mouth and i had to stick my finger down his throat.... the worst

  • Evelyn says:
    When my daughter Madison was choking on spaghetti when she was 2.

  • Anonymous says:
    i think when i went into labor! all i was thinking is you cant "realy " give me a baby to take home . second , was when abigal had her first seizure, and seeing her being treated by paramedics and having no control over the situation.

  • Claudia says:
    I think just general feeding panics-like is he having enough but once I got over the first few weeks I got to know when he was hungry.

  • tammy says:
    when jon broke his foot

  • Marissa says:
    When we had to take Liam back to the hospital when he was 2 days old because he swallowed blood in delivery and was pooping red.

  • Jenny says:
    When after he was born and we were in the hospital and all of his noises would make me panic because i didnt know if they were normal.

  • Cynthia says:
    when i couldn't dialate

  • Rebecca says:
    When Packing the uhaul truck I went to put a box in the back and came back into Apt and couldnt find our daughter, I broke down crying hysterical running around in circles, only for her to be wedged bw boxes watching me.

  • Hannah says:
    Am I Gunna Wake Up In The Night Lol!

  • Jackie says:
    When Angel needed blood drawn in the hospital(he was a baby) and I couldn't stop crying and needed to be removed from the room so they could do it.

  • Christine says:
    lol when she fell off the bed at 3 months old, and i rushed her to the hospital and i was sooo freaked out. SHe was fine. SHes fallen off the bed plenty of times since and im like ok, shes ok. lol.

  • jamie says:
    no i never felt panic, i may have been a lil scared at times, but never paniced!

  • Trista says:
    When anya locked me outta the car and i couldnt get in and she was playing with scissors. I was scared to fricken death that she was gonna cut her stomach open...

  • Anonymous says:
    when Cameron threw up almost an entire bottle of breastmilk, and acted lifeless. luckily my mom was there to calm me down. I thought he wasnt breathing from all the throwing up. It was so awful.

  • Heather says:
    When Meghan was born and I couldn't get her to latch on. . . I thought I was a total failure as a mother!

  • Julie says:
    About died giving birth the first time so when the nurse handed him to me and I was nearly convulsing, dry heaving, and going in and out of consciousness, I shoved him back in fear I might drop him. Then the thought actually struck me that I might not be around to ever see him grow. Now that's panic!

  • Sara says:
    Probably moments after she was born and I found out she would be in the NICU center for a little while. I hated not having my baby come home with me and she was at least an hour away in the hospital. (She was 7 weeks early)

  • Anonymous says:
    When Kita nearly drowned in milk on her second day alive

  • Addie says:
    the first day i was home alone

  • Angie says:
    My son had a fever I think.

  • Roxanne says:
    Oh there are too many! The first was probably when he was a bout 3 weeks old and he bumped his head on the door as we I was walking past it holding him ( well, I bumped his head!), he didnt even cry yet i called my mom in a panic and made her come down and check him!!!

  • Audrey says:
    When My first child spit up threw her nose

  • Janice says:
    When Joel was 2 & my dad & brother had him outside on his big wheel. They had a deck that was about four feet down from the yard & Joel road his bike over the railroad ties & fell down on the patio in the rocks. His head had just missed huge rock that could of killed him. He was pretty banged up but thankfully nothing had broken.

  • Emilie says:
    I cant think of the first but the worst was when Callie choked on a rice cake and coudn't breath, lol my sister in law still wont eat next to her

  • Ashley says:
    Josi had a seizure at 19 months

  • Leanne says:
    Four day baby blues... Kieran had ripped my nipples to shreds and i physically couldnt stand the pain anymore and was totally gutted that i had to put him on to formula, my heart broke that day :-(

  • Sally says:
    Joseph wouldnt feed properly, he would only take a ounce or two for ages and then usually sicked most of it back up, then as hs ounces went up the vomiting increased. It was very worrying! He's still a very bad eater now, he can go days where i think he must be starving, but he wont eat what he's offered even when iv reached the point where im like what would you like, mcdonalds, sausage rolls anything...

  • Quandetta says:
    when she did some projectile vomiting

  • Rachel says:
    couple weks old- I took Madison out for a walk and a bee landed right on her face. I didn't know what to do.

  • Leslie says:
    Winston was 3 weeks old and was throwing up for over 12 hours, Christmas eve into Christmas day. He spent this first Christmas down in St. Chris' ER, what fun.

  • Jessica says:
    him getting a clothes hanger stuck in his mouth

  • Katrina says:
    when she was a week old and explosively pooed all over me!!

  • Ashlee says:
    I have had a few since my kids are now 11 and 6 but the biggest one I can recall was when Brian at age 1 got a hold of a coffee cup and threw it across the room hitting his 6 year old (at the time) sister in the mouth. It split her lip open and she had to have many stitches. I remember holding Mikayla’s lip together with my right hand and a towel. Then carrying Brian in the left arm. Putting him in his car seat taking Mikayla up front with me and buckling her in. Driving to the ER while calling my stepdad on the phone. I asked him to meet me at the ER. My mom was gone that weekend and I was a single mom at that time so I had to do all this while still holding Mikayla’s lip together. It was CRAZY! When I got to the ER I carried Brian in on my left hip and Mikayla walked next to me staying close so that I didn’t let go of her lip. When I got into register her in my step dad showed up and helped keep Brian busy. We left a couple hours later and Mikayla was all stitched up! I felt so bad for her and Brian was too young to really know what happen. From that point forward I knew he was going to do GOOD in baseball!

  • Andrea says:
    When he was about 8 weeks old and he had fever!! He just didn't stop crying the whole night!! I rushed him to the hospital!

  • Brittany says:
    When we where at my cousins wedding..he was 2 weeks old and he choked and got totally scared and freaked out...therefore so did i...it was defintly time to go home after that

  • Jayne says:
    The first day I was left alonew ith my first son I was terrfied of doing something wrong!

  • Anastacia says:
    When Adam was only about maybe 10 months, we had a neon sign on the wall with, above the couch, with a cord running down to the outlet. Adam was on the couch playing and before i could get up to stop him he pulled on the cord and the light fell on his head. It had to metal brackets on the bottom and one hit him on the top of his head and he started bleeding. I was freaking out and crying the whole way to the hospital. Then they said they had to put staples in it and they said it would just be better to do the staples than to have numbing stuff put one it. But when they went to put the staples in they didnt push hard enough on one so they had to take that one out and do it again. I HATE centerga in woodstock they really do suck.

  • Nanc says:
    when jaxon had the stomach flu and threw up every single drink of water and then would dry heave

  • Samantha Lee says:
    Omg, can I really remember the first one? I'm always panicking!!! .. But I'd have to say ... the second morning home... he would not latch on, and I had to give him a bottle of pumped colostrum. I bawled my eyes out thinking I wouldn't be able to breastfeed... Then there's when he was a week old and had jaundice. I cried so damn hard, I thought it was my fault and that he was goiing to die. Awful :(

  • Brandy says:
    When Alyssa drowned a couple years ago. Every other "panic moment" I've had seems silly now!

  • Lisa says:
    When i ws told she will be put in the NICU .

  • crystal says:
    when my oldest had a coathanger stuck in his eye.. prayed alot that he wouldnt lose his eyesight.

  • Brooke says:
    Finding out I WAS pregnant!

  • Tanya says:
    right after se was born. she was lifeless, since the cord wrapped around her neck. i didnt know at the time, but once they told me i was all WHAT?! what hapened, why didnt anyone tell me... i was scared, even though i had her in my arms.

  • Jennifer says:
    The first time Hunter fell really hard. He hit his head and it left a dent I thought would never go away. A sign if things to come because now he fall all the time!

  • Jean says:
    With Carter-He somersaulted down our stairs when he was 10 months old. Also,when we were in the airport on our way to DisneyWorld, he fell down an escalator. Thankfully, an employee at the airport he the stop button. That was scary. With Ryder-A few months ago, he decided to help me "clean" when I was out of the room and started spraying bleach cleaner backwards on to himself. Thankfully, it only got on his shirt! With Easton- Ryder decided to feed him craft puff balls when I had momentarily left the room because "the baby was hungry". Ryder is a quick one. Thankfully, I got there in time!! I never had a panic moment with Natalie. (Knock on wood!!)

  • Jennifer says:
    Kamryn falling off our bed and breaking her arm at 1 1/2 years old.

  • Janell says:
    Umm.. When Kaden got croup! Very scary many more since then trip to er for gashed head and so many close calls that we should have gone to the er but did not!

  • Megan says:
    I haven't had one yet....knock on wood! I'm not looking forward to it!

  • Carly says:
    Aidan was about a year. I went downstairs to switch a load of laundry. I thought I shut the door but it must have caught. Aidan got it open and road his push toy down the stairs. He was fine but it scared me to death!

  • Lyndsay says:
    With Aubree is was probably when she fell on her face and got a bloody nose. With Paityn it was when Aubree had somehow climbed into her bassinette and was sitting on top of her. She was fine though.

  • Crystal says:
    when he was bein born i had no clue what was going on otherwise when i tripped over his jumparoo and fell with hi,

  • jacki says:
    when i had to hand him over to an OR Nurse at Scottish Rite when he was 14 days old...

  • Casey says:
    shots ! i was scared of them getting them . otherwise with michael it was a fall which resulted with a big bump on his head . and with jarred it was his first breath holding spell .

  • Darlisha says:
    when i was in the hospital and could barely walk and was still on medication and they left my son in the room with me for the night. I thought I was going to fall asleep and not hear him or drop him due to being in pain or that I was going to take to long to get to him since I couldn't walk at a noral pace due to my c section

  • Anonymous says:
    on our first night at home Jessica was sick but lookes like she was gong to choke on it,she didn't but was enough to make me panic!

  • Anonymous says:
    When my son's circumcison got infected when he was a week old

  • Tosha says:
    When he was just a few days old and twisted himself in his carseat/stroller so he couldn't breath! I saw him do it and fixed it quick, my fault for only having him half buckled in :(

  • Amy says:
    When they told me I had to be the one to hold her as they wheeled me to my recovery/hospital stay room. I wanted my husband to hold her. I was still numb from the epidural and panicking because I had no previous experience with babies. I was like OMG I am a mom what do I do now? What if something goes wrong? My mind was racing. I actually remember making the nurses stop rolling the bed because I thought she was choking and couldn't suction out her nose lol.

  • Jessica says:
    When i went in to labor with my son i started crying i was 18 and scared i didnt know if i could do it

  • Brielle says:
    when I saw Hunter's blood after he fell and cut his chin

  • Amy says:
    When Emma somehow got a hanger stuck in her mouth

  • Heather says:
    When Ciaran was about 2 hours old the nurse tried waking him for a feed but he wouldn't wake up it was because of the pethadine still in his system.

  • Elise says:
    when esme was born she didnt cry and i was terrorfied n kept askin if she was breathin, i honestly av neva been so scared!!!

  • Kimberley says:
    he woke screaming in the middle of the night and we were advised to go to a&e

  • Jody says:
    Don't think I've really panicked?

  • Karrin says:
    wow that was 6 years ago.. for the oldest. to many inbetween to name it.....

  • Claire says:
    when when i was in labour with bradley had pre-eclampcia and a fit thought i was going 2 lose him

  • Kristi says:
    When I had to go back to school and clinicals for my Master's degree when Ally was barely 2 weeks old

  • Katie says:
    well, I guess the first time was when I was in labour. He kept squeezing his umbilcal cord and his heart rate would drop. The next time was when he was 2 1/2 yrs old he was choking on a kinder egg and I had to pull it out of his throat!

  • Sarah says:
    Morgan got a bad virus when she was a few months old, she was barely breathing,vomiting everywhere,really high fever, We had to rush her to her drs office and they kept us there for 5 hrs. trying to get her fever down..I was bawling because I thought she was dieing! I was so scared that nurses had to talk me down it was sure panic!! Thankfully her dr is the best and he took awesome care of her..

  • Tshawn says:
    When i first brought my daughter home from the hospital.. i got the bug and wanted to clean clean clean so i was downstairs cleaning while the baby and her dad were upstairs sleeping.. when i started to go back upstairs because i was done cleaning i hear my tiny baby screaming !!! when i reach the top of the stairs there she is laying in between his legs screaming and hes KNOCKED OUT!!! i threw my slipper at him i was so upset... !!!

  • Stephanie says:
    I don't know, probably when he hit his head on the corner of a wall

  • Anonymous says:
    1st time I left my son with a Babysitter ... Came home and my sister was alseep on the couch and house full of smoke ... She wanted to heat up some pizza (in the box) and fell asleep ?!?!

  • fancyface9182001 says:
    I was at a friends house and my daughter was just learning to walk she was standing over my my friends door and fell head first into the metal screen door and ended up with a big goose egg on her head it scared me to death

  • Kristen says:
    when adi and i thought there was something wrong with Indie when we brought her home. it was that soft spot on her head! lol

  • Emma says:
    when constance had a febrile convolsion

  • julieanne says:
    cant realli remember....

  • Tara says:
    The first night my son slept through the night I woke up and found the blanket over his face. I was scared!

  • Carrieann says:
    Kayla crying non-stop for what seemed like forever. (later to find out she was colic)

  • Ashley says:
    Can't remember..

  • Melissa says:
    When I found out I was pregnant

  • Samantha says:
    when mny daughter got sick at 3 months old

  • Kayliecia says:
    I think when Evan was probably a year? and he took them little packing beads and stuck them in his mouth, and i had to call Poison Control..but they assured me that he was okay and he would just get diahrea.

  • Angela says:
    when i gave Alexander to much cold med i had to call poison control to see if he was ok. He was i just made him really sleepy

  • Amy says:
    After my 1st child was born i was making up bottles and just started crying because i didn't know how to do it i thought if i didn't know how to do that how was i going to be a good mummy!!1

  • Wendy says:
    My 1st, Hunter,was 13 wks old and he was throwing up really bad. He ended up in the hospital for almost a week. I freaked out!!

  • Ashley says:
    I have had many of these moments but have learned to temper the panic while I sort out what to do first. Lets see..Anya leaned over a candle to sniff the scent and her hair lite up on fire...Sarah ran out the back door at 1yrs and I couldn't find her...found her moments later on the neighbor's porch with an empty beer can..yuck..Emily fell off the bed and was bleeding profusely from her mouth her bottom teeth went through the top gums....I have just learned to be calm through each situation.

  • Elizabeth says:
    with john, he was sleeping all day and night, barely eating..my husband and mom both suggested not taking the pain killers anymore and it worked, he had been getting all of the meds thru the milk and when i stopped taking them, he started nursing right.

  • Jamie says:
    When my firstborn was 3 months old and we didn't know he had asthma and he was in his crib sleeping and he couldn't breathe

  • Savannah says:
    when Sierra was about a week old... I hadn't slept, and she'd never let me eat.... and I was hysterical crying... I honestly thought I couldn't handle it!

  • Johnna says:
    when my son came out and they wouldn't let him take a breath, and they wouldn't tell me what was wrong, it was a sheer panic moment, my mom thought he was stillborn

  • brittany says:
    When Dean threw up blood in the hospital

  • christy says:
    when i couldn't find my daughter in walmart when a sec before that she was right beside me

  • Lisa says:
    When my son had jaundice and I had to stop nursing him for a couple of days. Everything was good, though. He went right back to nursing.

  • Megan says:
    when my son pooped in his towel when he was 2 days old right after his first bath. lol.. i guess.

  • Natasha says:
    Haven't hit anything major yet, Just when Harley got really sick

  • Tara says:
    The actual 1st panic was last week when my 3 yr old was playng hide & seek from me and i didnt no about the game. I couldnt find her anywhere.. OMG i dont ever want to have that feeling again.

  • Sai says:
    1st baby was 4 days old and nursed but wouldn't burp or stop crying. Turned out my milk had come in and he had gotten his first truly full belly of heavy milk and just had an upset stomach. By the time we got to the doctor's office he was fine and sleeping peacefully!

  • Ashli says:
    When I found out I was prego at 39 weeks.

  • Charissa says:
    when collin pooped through his clothes and his swing onto the floor!

  • shana says:
    When Grace was born. She was born at 34 weeks and had every form of jaundic! We spent a full week and was back a forth from the hospital for a month!

  • Heather says:
    When we finally got Cage home out of the NNICU and I had to give hime a bath!! LOL

  • Amber says:
    When Emma just started throwing up and i don't kno why!

  • Isaac says:
    He wouldnt latch on correctly..I REALLY wanted to breastfeed..unless giving in to the epidural counts during labor?

  • becky says:
    When he started crying and I did not know why or what to do.

  • Samantha Carrie says:
    When Blake was born, when i saw him and how precious he was i freaked a lil i think just scared that i may not know what he wants or something.

  • Lexi says:

  • Amy says:
    For Ivan, he fell down the basement stairs at age 2 1/2. Isaac fell face-first into a bookshelf when he was first learning to walk, busted his lip open and required 2 stitches. India most recently had a febrile seizure which scared the h*ll out of me.

  • jenifer says:
    its silly but i was so afraid he would just stop breathing so from the moment he was born few the first few months i was always checking just in case

  • Molly says:
    When Aeris used to wake up screaming bloody murder at our old house. I swear it was haunted.

  • Crystal says:
    Trying to breastfeed,and coming home from the hospital; that's when reality hit that I was responsible for another life.

  • Jillane says:
    When Jazrialle got a terrible cold, she couldn't breathe, her nose was completely shut, she couldn't eat or anything. I brought her to the hospital. She was 2 months old.

  • Crystal says:
    ...thinking Lauren was NEVER gonna be potty trained, and her going to school the first day! Tori...Hubby LOSING her at Chuck-E-Cheese when I went to potty!! NOT FUN!!