Who do u go to for advice on baby touble?

  • Leanne says:
    My gut instict ......but mum of course

  • Kerrie says:
    my mum

  • Anonymous says:
    My mum she gives the best advice ever, having 5 children of her own she has tons of experience!!!!!!

  • Alana says:
    my mum

  • Sandra says:
    daniel lol hes done it enough times now and is a pro

  • Valerie says:
    My mom or my aunt. Any of my friends with kids or my kids pediatrician.

  • Heather says:
    my mom...i go to her for everything, she's my best friend

  • Jessica says:
    My husband. He is so logical and i couldnt do it without him!

  • Anonymous says:
    no 1

  • Heather says:
    my aunt's, grandmother, friends.....

  • Meagen says:
    Dani and Heather.

  • Jannine says:
    my mammy.

  • Jennifer says:
    be calm and if you need a break go outside and stand there BY YOURSELF

  • Anonymous says:
    My mom and mother in law

  • Amy says:
    no one really...

  • Erin says:
    my three moms.....thank goodness for them and all their suggestions and friends too

  • Shannon says:
    My mom she's right there for now for me when I need help.

  • Anonymous says:
    i most generally go to m parents but also take advice from other family and friends at times

  • Donna says:
    my mum

  • Anonymous says:
    My mom!

  • Nichole says:
    my mom most of the time

  • Helen says:
    My best friend and my mum

  • Rebecca says:
    my mom

  • Melissa says:
    ya if I need it

  • Stacey says:
    my mum

  • Megs says:
    i have been blessed with kiddies that have been a breeze! They are awesome...no dramas at all!!!!!!!!

  • Tiffany says:
    my mum

  • Linda says:
    My Mum or Brookie!!

  • Kristy says:
    usually my mum

  • Ryann says:
    my mom

  • Josie says:
    My big sis!!

  • Anonymous says:
    my sis and mum

  • Sarah says:
    my mother

  • Kyla says:
    lol depends

  • Casey says:

  • Jessica says:
    of course my own mum!

  • Leah says:
    Lee and my mummy!

  • Becca says:
    My Mum :)

  • Rebekah says:
    my sister she helped me alot wen i was pregnant and after had my baby

  • emma says:
    my mum :)

  • Donna says:
    my hubbys mother

  • Stacey says:
    my mum or my mate candie :D

  • Alison says:
    My twin Sister.

  • Kelly says:
    My mum

  • Rebecca says:
    i go to my friends on parent forums i use there not experts but there all mums aswell so i think they know best to give the best advice as they might do things differant than other people..

  • Sara says:
    my mum or my sister they give good advice :)

  • Louise says:
    my mum

  • Vix says:
    my nain

  • Danielle says:
    usually my mom

  • Michaela says:
    my mum <3

  • Linda says:
    my mother, she should know everything after having 10 of her own

  • Lj says:
    my mom, but mainly i go by what i think mother instincts never go wrong

  • Sarah says:

  • Jenna says:
    no one really I just do it myself

  • Terri says:
    either my mum or my cousin.

  • Tara says:
    My parents, his parents, Courtney....mostly people that have done it before.

  • Natasha says:
    Candi or my mum

  • Penny says:
    it would be me auntie lane, although so far Tom hasnt really given me any baby trouble, just teething was a couple of days of constant crying- but thanx auntie lane for the tip on giving him ashton n parsons powders- theyre my life saver.

  • Amy says:
    well... noone it comes to me naturally (SO FAR) buttt my mom is always there as is her other nannie n loads of mommys at baby groups xx

  • Anonymous says:
    My mum and my older girlfriends who were already mums.

  • Anonymous says:
    The spirits

  • Kristy says:
    my mum always have and always will and if its real bad then the doctor.

  • Crystal says:
    my stepmom and my mom

  • Elaine says:
    My Mom and my best mate Maz.

  • Lori says:
    my mom or cousin cindy

  • Marie-Ann says:
    Friends usually older friends who have already raised their kids and Elaine usually end up batting it between us and trial and error basis....lol! xxx

  • Laura says:
    my mum always =] x

  • Samantha says:
    The net, i can find out so much info it usually suffices my question.

  • Rebekah says:
    my friends who have kids, who better to get advice from than someone going through the same things

  • Michelle says:
    no one really, il ask daz wot he thinks sumtimes thou lol .

  • Dezerae says:
    my mom,dad, husband, friends and other moms

  • Anonymous says:
    Sister mum read allot of health books and chat to friends

  • Jessica says:
    I look online....go to pregnancy sites read and get all info i can!

  • Kelly says:
    my mum

  • Jan says:

  • Jennifer says:
    my Aunt or cousin MJ

  • Beth says:
    no one now...no more babies.

  • Natasha says:
    my mum shes had three so she knows what shes doing by now

  • Brittany says:
    my momma

  • Stephanie says:

  • Laura says:
    my mum or mother in law

  • Anonymous says:
    my parents

  • Anonymous says:
    Mum for general advice, the Dr for medical advice

  • Cathy says:
    Mum and sister oh and dad sometimes.

  • Karan says:
    My friend Jen

  • Anonymous says:
    My sister and my mother inlaw because shes a nurse

  • Luci says:
    sometimes my fiance even tho he has no babies, he see's the problem from the outside and shows me how to not be such a push over, lol, and my fiance's mum.

  • Stacy says:
    Other moms and of course, the doctor.

  • Jessica says:
    My Mum! She is the best and i couldn't have done it without her! She is my rock!!

  • Anonymous says:
    My Mum or Hayley!! -- my mum because well she's mum she is my rock!! and Hayley as she has been there and done that she also has a little girl 2 weeks older than Marli if it weren't for her Marli would still not be sleeping thru the day!! Thank You!!

  • Tara says:
    Other moms, books, my mom.

  • Jennifer says:
    myself...or my dad!

  • laura says:
    my mum or aunties or mother in law or sometimes lou.

  • Sophie says:
    my nan

  • Julie says:
    Mum, or cyh nurse

  • louise says:
    my friends

  • Cyndi says:
    girls at work

  • Tonya says:
    My mom and Alex's Mom.

  • sexy_scorpio_1 says:
    My aunt :):) Tammy has all these little tricks to share with me :)

  • Tracy says:
    kidspot, Kylie, Jaci, GP, paed, MCHN,

  • Jacinta says:
    Other parents, my own parents, & KSS forum.

  • Emma says:
    i ask my mum or othre mums, as they just know

  • Angela says:
    my mum coz she knows best and my friends.

  • sarah says:
    my mum

  • Kristina says:
    I went to my mom

  • Candi says:
    I would go to my mom or grandma...but i dont have any kind of trouble with Ava...actually ive never had any problems with her even teething wasnt to bad with her.

  • Tahni says:
    Other mothers.

  • Angela says:
    the books,internet,my ownself

  • Rebecca says:
    my mom

  • Wendy says:
    my doctor

  • Sarah says:
    my mum and sister

  • Jeannette says:
    my mom

  • dayna says:
    mother in law mostly.

  • Jacinta says:
    Sisters, my mum, friends with bubs, Babylove book, CHN, my sister-in-law (pharmacist), GP, internet (sites and forums)

  • claire says:

  • Elz says:
    my mum :)

  • katie says:
    trust ur gut feeling but if that fails ask ur mum!!!!

  • Cherise says:
    my mum

  • Amanda says:
    My sister and brother-in-law.

  • Sue says:
    Medical issues = the doctor Niggles - family and friends

  • Gemma says:
    mmmm mainly my mummy!! :)

  • Carley says:
    mum and friends

  • Ash says:
    my mam

  • Sharon says:

  • Jessica says:
    i ask people that has children or when things are tough or he is sick i go to a doctor

  • Holly says:
    my mama

  • Anonymous says:

  • Rachel says:
    my mum

  • Anonymous says:

  • Rachel says:
    Usually Michelle and Jenyck

  • Rebekah says:
    friends with babies of similar age, husband, mom

  • Michelle says:
    My friends, my parents

  • kirsty says:
    my mum

  • Jenyck says:
    cousin Marilyn or mom when they were babies, but that's been a long time ago

  • Natasha says:
    my mum and his gran helen

  • Carole says:
    I go to Dewey's mom.

  • Michele says:

  • michelle says:
    anyone with kids or health care providers

  • Sarah says:
    i just tend to do it myself, or ask my mum.

  • Anonymous says:
    baby book

  • Anonymous says:

  • Isobel says:
    if i need advice it would be my mum,my aunt or my sister as they all know what they are talking about as they have kids

  • Megan says:
    No one...

  • Rachael says:
    My mother-in-law and my mummy friends on baby forum.

  • Nicole says:
    my mum, and friends and also a forum (thinkbaby)

  • Sarah says:
    My mom, and sometimes if I want to compare notes, my best mate!

  • Laura says:
    all my fb mummies and yahoo answers

  • Jacqueline says:
    First port of call is generally my Mum!

  • Anonymous says:
    my mummy

  • Andrea says:
    Other mothers or health care providers

  • yasan says:
    i ask babys dad,my mum and m8s that have kids n then if im still unsure il ask the health visitor as things r changing all the time

  • Eleanor says:
    Books, health care proffesionals, my Nanny.

  • Anonymous says:
    My lovely friends...

  • Jayne says:
    To my good friends and Sister, also i read a lot of baby books.

  • Alexis says:
    My Mam defo! (or the health visitor!)

  • kate says:

  • grace says:
    most of the time friend who've not long had children they no what your going through and sometimes books

  • Carolyn says:
    Mum / relatives / health visitor / netmums

  • vikky says:
    mummy abby and the girls from school

  • samia says:
    my mum

  • Leesah says:
    my mom

  • Emily says:
    my friend and family

  • Susi says:
    Health visitor normally

  • Roisin says:
    my mum!!x

  • sarah says:
    my mum my partner or friends

  • Hannah says:
    mostly my mum

  • Becki says:
    my mum or thomas mum

  • Colette says:
    Joe, Kath or my mum

  • louise says:
    use to be my mum but now I just work it out myself

  • Helen says:
    my mum normally or my cousin training to b a midwife

  • Kylie says:
    Ppl I can trust who will not judge me

  • Naomi says:
    My mum.

  • Cheryl says:
    our parents

  • Gemma says:
    No one person, I would ask my friends with kids.

  • Charlene says:
    My Mum

  • Carly says:
    My health visitor or friends who hav children!

  • Claire says:

  • Emma says:

  • joanne says:
    my auntie, my dad and my brother are really good when i need advice on how to handle something to do with the kids.

  • Anonymous says:
    My Mum, or my Partner

  • DEANA says:

  • Rachel says:
    helen mccabe my best mate lol

  • Elizabeth says:
    Friends with children.

  • jessica says:
    my mother

  • Nikki says:
    there're a few people....my mom, mother-in-law, best friend, sister-in-laws

  • shirley says:
    friends and family

  • Paula says:
    glen of course but if anyone glens mum

  • Amanda says:
    my parents or chariessa or amber

  • Pat says:
    my momma of course

  • TERRI says:
    My Mother

  • Jesse says:
    mi madre

  • Hayley says:
    my mum sister and brooke rebecca andsimmone they are allways there for me when i need them love them all

  • Alicia says:
    my sis and mother in law and friends that r mothers

  • Kristin says:
    Thats a very good question...I DONT. I don't really have anyone that I tust with that. I think I do just fine on my own as a mommy. Me and Scott have done great and I think we are awesome parents.

  • Anonymous says:
    i was alway maternal and always sort of found things easy in dealing with baby troubles...i would look at books n ask mum what was best if needed,but honest both my babies werent a problem at all!!

  • Rebecca says:
    My mom... and Mameux

  • Mardi says:

  • Joanne says:
    Both Mums and friends who have kids.

  • Carla says:
    i usually ask my friends ... i think parents are too old fashioned and always think they are right about everything

  • Anonymous says:
    Ummm... the clinic nurse.

  • Diane says:
    my mum

  • Katie says:
    Dave's mum.

  • Samantha says:
    various, internet, books, health visitors, friends

  • Carolyn says:
    mum or other mums

  • Danielle says:
    My soul.

  • Kim says:
    My mom or Jason's mom.

  • Simone says:
    i'm sooo very lucky with my baby girl, i've not really had any trouble with her (as yet) but in our mothers group we just kind of talk about everything

  • Erica says:
    I'll either go to my own mother or Adam's mom. the internet is pretty good too...just have to be careful where you get ur info tho. I try to use my best judgement because out of everyone in the world, I know my baby best (well...Adam too!!)

  • Clare says:
    my mom

  • kendra says:
    my family

  • Tammy says:

  • Michaela says:
    my mum,sisters or gran!!

  • Wendy says:
    internet lol

  • Kerry says:
    noone i usually ask girls on cafemom for advice

  • Becky says:
    normal my mum or friends that have children

  • jennifer says:

  • Kat says:
    My mum or id go to my mates

  • Anonymous says:
    My mum or auntie val ♥

  • Jaime says:

  • jennifer says:
    mum and friends

  • Ritu says:
    My mom.

  • Crystal says:
    Depends on what "baby trouble" it is.

  • Cathryn says:
    My mom and my mother in-law will be the first ones I will run to. Oh and I can't forget Peggy. lol

  • Kerry says:
    Internet, books.

  • Aimee says:
    Friends In The Same Situation Or Mum

  • Christina says:
    my sister

  • Amber says:
    No one really...Everyone has different struggles and every baby is different

  • Natasha says:
    everyone tells me all about the touble they have so i learn without going to anyone

  • samii says:
    my step mum or other mummy friends

  • Desiree says:
    My mom