Would you choose to have your next child born the same or would you change your birth plan?

  • Katie says:
    I would change my birth plan to all natural when the baby is ready to come and have it be a home water birth

  • Crystin says:

  • Angela says:
    My plan for my next birth is different: I don't want to travel while in labor unless it becomes necessary. I will be staying home.

  • Lacey says:

  • krystal says:
    i want to have a water birth in a midwivery

  • Emilee says:

  • Danielle says:
    not unless i had too.

  • Crystal says:
    I had another already, had the same thing. I never had a birth plan. Im more of a go with the flow kind of person. COmplications could arise and throw your plan out the window so why even make one

  • Zoe says:
    i had a full term baby next

  • Lise says:
    Same but we are done at 2

  • chelsea says:
    i would have a natural birth

  • Jolene says:

  • Ez says:
    I would never choose another labour and birth like this one. Too much intervention. Not enough support. I would ideally like a homebirth, but would probably have to settle for a birth centre for any more babies.

  • Julie says:
    I was satisfied with them fairly close as they grew up being best buds ♥ :o)

  • Crista says:
    no more for me

  • Katelyn says:
    I would like my next child to be born the same, but I hope i go full term with my next pregnancy.

  • Jenna says:
    gonna be a c section

  • kerry says:
    if i had another1 i wud prob do the same

  • Taryn says:
    I'd still go natural birth, but I would make sure I get the epidural to begin with, in a hospital.

  • katrina says:
    not having anymore im afraid

  • louise says:

  • Sarah says:

  • Stacey says:
    I would wait longer for an epidural, probably.

  • Alyssa says:
    We're done having kids.

  • Nicole says:
    change to a mid wife at home instead of a hospital

  • Cicely says:
    Yes and did

  • Chelsa M says:
    I didn't even have a chance to make a birth plan with this one.

  • Anonymous says:
    I'm gonna try again to go as natural as possible, maybe this time using the spa tub and iv meds, but you never know, that epidural worked wonders for me.

  • charquita says:
    idk because i really don't want anymore kids anytime soon

  • Katie says:
    I tried to have a natural delivery with my second child but ended up having an emergency c section

  • Merry says:
    Same general plan, but different ways to help make it happen like I want it to!

  • Chloe says:
    same but faster!

  • jessica says:
    birth plan was good, id tell the dad to leave or be a bit more supportive, i had to hold my own leg in the air lol (gave birth on side) id want same birth partner she was amazing

  • Haley says:
    same but without forceps.

  • Ashley says:
    the same

  • Casey says:
    same as second, breath, breath, breath

  • Janessa says:
    i wanted to change but the doctor who delievered brooke didn't quite sew me up right so i had to have jack via c-section..which i was upset about...

  • Samantha says:
    Well I am pregnant again and I am having another c-section

  • Stephanie says:
    I think i would go into the same way we did with our first. Willing to change our birth plan. Not everything happens the way you want it to.

  • Jamie says:
    My husband and I decided that my 2 daughters are all the children I we want. He has received his vasectomy

  • Azhani says:
    Born the same

  • Summer says:
    I am not thinking abt having another child

  • Erica says:
    No Vaccum other wise all was well

  • Jennifer says:
    If possible would like to have natural birth but once you have a c-section its a breeze. You are numb down there already.

  • Brigitte says:
    Same way!

  • Nicole says:
    the same

  • Kasaralyn says:

  • Heather says:

  • marie says:
    the same

  • Shelbey says:

  • Jerrie says:
    The Same

  • Shauna Mc says:
    the same!!

  • Jana says:

  • Erica says:
    The same

  • Melinda says:
    Would change to try for a natural birth instead of planned c-section

  • carly says:
    i would like an epidural if i could and the daddy to be there and not abscent

  • Lora says:
    I would choose the same but be more paranoid.

  • Sharon says:
    same....disappointed i had a c-section, but really doesn't matter, my little boy came out safe n sound.

  • Katrina (Katt) says:
    Exactly the same, but maybe without being induced

  • tina says:
    no epidural

  • Elfrieda says:
    Yes, I would have the next one at home again, but this time I would get a water tub to labour in, and I won't get up on the bed to push. That sucked. I'll kneel or squat or go on hands and knees or be in the tub.

  • jennifer says:
    Pretty much the same but i would not like to bleed as much as i did

  • Allyse says:
    the same as my second child, natural and water birth.

  • Blerina says:
    the same

  • Momof1 says:
    I thought his birth went great, so I would keep it the same.

  • Danielle says:
    have no choice

  • Shelly says:
    Either the same or different if fine with me (although I would like a shorter labor and prefer to not have a c-section)

  • Ambyr says:
    I changed the hospital because I didnt really like the other one I went to the first two times. Other then that the I dont have a plan to change my birth plan.

  • Kyle says:
    Different game plan

  • Letitia says:
    i think next time i'll have a home birth

  • Debra says:

  • Kandice says:
    I would choose it to be the same.

  • Brandie says:

  • shavanda says:
    the same

  • Amanda says:
    I would do a planned c-section instead of an emergency one.

  • Neshon says:
    I would change my birth plan...starting with going to a better hospital

  • Heather says:

  • Krystal says:
    I would love to have a natureal birth. I would change not sleeping. I would walk and try to dialate more.

  • Lauren says:
    depends on whats best for me and the baby

  • bridgette says:
    the same

  • RoseMary says:
    Absolutely the same

  • Ume Ammara says:
    i would like to change it.

  • Brianna says:

  • danelle says:
    the same, but that wont happen cuz it'll be in a different hospital

  • Becky says:
    A C section is the only option avliable to me

  • Jennifer says:
    I wouldn't change it from Eva's birth.

  • Natalie says:
    Same I was happy with my birth.

  • Jay says:
    I would go along the same lines but hopefully without the assisted delivery lol

  • Anjuli says:
    i am very happy with the way everything went and would like to keep my birth plan the same

  • Kimberly says:
    I would rather adopt, but if I do get preggers again I would still do it all natural, despite the horrific pain!

  • Shilpa says:
    Same way.

  • Lindsey says:
    I am realizing how perfect the whole thing was, I wouldn't change anything!

  • Megan says:

  • arely says:
    i would like to try a water birth

  • Cheryl says:
    I would choose for it to be the same.

  • deepa says:
    same, by C section

  • Laura says:
    I didn't have a plan as such, so yes the plan would be the same!!

  • Julie-Ann says:
    not possible to have any more, been sterilised

  • Melissa says:
    i want a pool birth with 3rd. the full lot, contractions and birth

  • Michelle says:
    I would get pain meds

  • Laura says:
    No more babies

  • Natasha says:
    same...well hopefully the little sucker wont stay in as long!!

  • Enaka says:
    Keep it the same. Thank goodness for shorter birthing times!

  • Becki says:
    entirley the same but a different hospital

  • Lorraine says:
    born the same since it worked for me

  • Brandi says:
    Why change a good thing?

  • Adrienne says:
    Same way if there were going to be another

  • amanda joy says:
    diffenitly c seation this time

  • fran says:

  • Kellie says:
    i had a birth plan, and it failed. so imma fly by the seat of my pants next time. i hated getting let down like that.. kinda freaked out really bad when she told me i was gonna have to have a c section

  • Chloe says:
    I would a natural labour (no inductions) like my labour to start on it's own. I might have drgs next time but see what happens I guess

  • christine says:
    we did do it the same way

  • Amy says:
    same but without complications

  • Brittany says:
    Same is fine with me

  • Karen says:
    the same as mickey would b great

  • Sabra says:
    I would refuse the pitocin unless absolutely necessary

  • Mandy says:
    Would consider a c-section...prob wouldnt do it though

  • Naomi-leigh says:
    the same

  • Celeste says:
    I would have the same, the birth was a planned C-Section, but turned out emergency. So I would just remove the emergency part.

  • Kellie says:
    I have to,2 C-Sections,and my next will be by the same method.

  • Nicole says:
    keep it the same

  • Charlotte says:
    I'd like to have a 100% natural birth if ever I have another child.

  • Christy says:

  • Carley says:
    Unsure. Part of me wants to have a home birth, part of me wants to pre-order drugs next time!

  • Rachel says:
    no more for me

  • kellie says:
    nope would do it exactly the same :) loved every minute

  • Janic says:
    change birth plan

  • Marti says:
    I'd do it the same way - no plan at all, other than knowing I didn't really want an epidural.

  • mindi says:
    The same but w/o any pain meds or IVs

  • Anonymous says:
    I would chose not to be induced, but I think I had quite an easy labor compared to some so would do that the same

  • Joleen says:
    Don't know.

  • Brook says:
    I would do it exactly the same!

  • Jessa says:
    Born the same

  • Michelle says:
    not having any more

  • Corena says:

  • sinead says:

  • Bridgette says:
    change it

  • Denise says:
    I would like the next one to go exactly the same, although if the next one is as large, I wouldn't want to go past my due date.

  • ashley says:
    no all good

  • Victoria says:
    Same thing.

  • sarah says:
    yes my next would have been born the same but i can't have another

  • Tina says:
    i would have it done the same as my other 2

  • Tamsen says:
    same way

  • Holly says:
    I would hope not to have pre-eclampsia again, but the overall delivery was fine

  • Crystal says:
    same way

  • Nina says:

  • Ashley says:
    I will be changing my birthing plan. I will opt out of getting an epidural and will go 100% natural. There is no need to go throug the pain of getting the epidural just to have it not work.lol

  • Brittany says:
    Same only wish his dad was there

  • Sarah says:
    change some

  • nikita says:

  • kourtney says:
    the same

  • M says:
    Exactly the same

  • Jesi says:

  • heather says:

  • Yesenia says:

  • Kimmy says:
    I would probably do it the same

  • Shamarra says:
    I'd want another natural birth,

  • Christina says:
    I would keep it the same.

  • Amanda says:
    Change my birth plan

  • Ashley says:
    I dont want another one

  • Rach says:
    I would go through the same thing water birth

  • Jill says:
    same probably, maybe have a water birth next time,but no pain relief again

  • Azza Jamila says:
    same... no hassles =D

  • Jessie says:
    probably attempt without the epidural and labor longer at home. hospitals suck

  • Erin says:
    I want my next child naturally. because healing from a C-section itsn't fun.

  • Shantel says:
    samee .

  • amanda says:
    if the pregnancy went smoothly and their were no concerns for the baby i would opt for a natural delivery with no pain relief like i had with aria but if there were any complications or concerns for the baby then i would feel much safer having a c-section

  • Ashley says:
    Probably the same :)

  • Michelle says:
    No, I am planning to have a VBAC if I have another.

  • lisa says:
    we are opting for a birth pool if i can get there in time

  • Stephanie says:
    nope quick and a little early works for me!