You're in the store with a full cart and your baby starts crying frantically...what do you do?

  • Kristie says:
    Feel panicked at first, then try to soothe her. Take her out if I need to and rock her around in a quiet corner. If that doesn't work, do the best I can until I get out of there!

  • Louise says:
    pull a bottle, cup, snack, dummy or favorite toy out of my bag! im always prepared!!!

  • Amanda says:
    Cry with the baby? Usually keep shopping, and tend to the child. Eventually with movement of cart, my children would stop crying.

  • Anonymous says:
    Try and find something off the shelves to keep them entertained for a while.

  • Anonymous says:
    Try to calm them down some how.

  • Robin says:
    Let them cry. Sometimes I feel like crying in walmart too.

  • Courtney says:
    hold her and push her....and if that doesn't work there are:diaper change, bottle, pacifier, or I may just find a spot to hang a bit

  • Tasha says:
    try a bottle if they are still using it, check diaper (again if needed), pull out a snack...never fails

  • Kelly says:
    give her a pacifier or a bottle if I have one ready

  • Kerry says:
    Try to soothe them and try to get on with shopping

  • Chey says:
    Push the cart to the side and take the baby outside.

  • Emily says:
    Tell him to calm it down! But when he was in a baby, id pull over and take him out and rock him a bit

  • Deborah says:
    If I was by myself, I would give her what she needed and continue to shop. If Chris is with me, I would let him soothe her.

  • Misty says:
    Let them cry. If you give in, you are letting your child have his way, and everytime you go to the store they will do that. Other parents have gone through it to. Lots of strangers have told me that when my kids do that in the store. Or if they are really acting up leave your groceries and go home. Come back later.

  • Anonymous says:
    Give her a bottle/pacifier/toy. It all works or make funny faces .

  • Anonymous says:
    Try to calm him, if not check out

  • Beki says:
    lol figure out why he's crying...if he's just crying for no reason, i'll let him cry.

  • Amanda says:
    Try and settle them, while I finish.

  • crissy says:
    leave. stat.

  • Amy says:
    keep shopping try to settle him down with a distraction

  • Claudia says:
    pick him up and carry him or give him some food.

  • Carla says:
    Let the baby cry. My theory, everyone was a baby once, everyone has been upset..... if they don't like it, oh well. I just have alot of patience and was blessed with a baby that didn't really act up alot, though I have babysat a few that have had colic and other problems that did throw some pretty good crying fits in stores with me.

  • Sarah says:
    well if its mine he's more than likely hungry but if not that then I check his diaper and see if he's hurt in non of the above then I carry him

  • Toni says:
    Push the trolley with one hand and carry Brian in the other. Go straight to the checkout and stand there, soothing him. He will be ok until we have paid for the groceries, then go to the parent's room

  • Anonymous says:
    Try to hush him as much as possible while I check out.

  • Samantha Neil says:
    pick him up anc cuddle him most times he stops if not go to the car and wait or jsut head home

  • Shannon says:
    Appologize to the customer service counter as I leave my cart and head out the store

  • Stephanie says:
    make sure i have what i absolutely need, check out, and leave

  • Audra says:
    figure out a way to shut her up temporarily...if not i'm out!

  • Lindsey says:
    pick him up and proceed to check out!

  • Renee says:
    pick the baby up and start walking with them bouncing and saying shhhhhhhh you are ok honey.........

  • Anonymous says:
    pick baby up 4 cuddle & hope they stop crying

  • Beth says:
    Hold her and head directly to the check out.

  • Kimberley says:
    pick baby up, sort out what they need, then finish shopping

  • dolly says:
    go to the restroom check the diaper and see if he's hungry

  • Samantha says:
    pick him up and carry on

  • Aaron says:
    this has happened only once, it was when caleb was getting sick and we thought he was teething, i cut the trip short. only got what was in the cart, not the other stuff i needed, and carried him the rest of the time in the store. this was not easy.

  • Stacey says:
    give baby a toy to play with or sumfin tha is safe form the cart and carry on

  • miriam says:
    calm him down before i continue because i would qo crazy.

  • Lauren says:
    pick him up and calm him down then try to finish shopping as fast as i can

  • Lee-Jane says:
    pick him up and console him tell him we need to finish the shopping

  • Tonya says:
    comfort baby - leave groceries until baby is happy

  • Juanita says:
    buy a lolly pop to shut them up.

  • Kelly says:
    stop wot im doing pick the baby up comfort them & carry on, it doesnt hurt to cry every now & again

  • maritza says:
    try to find a lollipop lol

  • Jennifer says:
    pick them up, and continue to push the cart even with an armful of baby

  • Heather says:
    Leave the store, no one wants to hear that!

  • LeAnn says:
    Figure out what is wrong and then fix it. Right now she is at an age that I don't have to worry about her seeing something she wants that would make her through a fit.

  • Iyana says:
    Pick it up and go in the dressing room to feed him then they go to sleep. I have good children

  • Lindsay says:
    Ignore her cause then it stops shortly after that

  • samantha says:
    take her out the pram to calm her down but leave if i need to

  • Jodie says:
    sort baby out then pay 4 it

  • Melissa says:
    Give him a bikkie or a ruskit to chew and then quickly fininsh my shoppin so i dont have to come back and do it all over again!

  • Sabrina says:
    Look at them sternly and wait for the mouth to shut!

  • Raelynn says:
    Pop a boob in their mouth, he he he

  • Heather says:
    Open up some food to give to him... it always works!!!

  • Anonymous says:
    Pinch her! Just kidding, I act like I don't hear the crying and give a stupid look to anyone who stares for too long.

  • Aishah says:
    Checkout why they are crying. If it's legit try to solve the issue, if it's whining leave the store It's not going to work anyway.

  • Danita says:
    Actually, I've been lucky, my son doesn't cry in public. He saves it for home. Of course he is only 7 months old so that may change, lol.

  • Angela says:
    Try talking to him / her firmly and if that fails, then buy whatever they want and it'll shut them up for a while. :D

  • Heather says:
    Check out and get out, I would never abandon a cart!

  • April says:
    I would just talk to them, soothe them- if that didn't work, gve then a boob :)

  • Lacy says:
    Try and figure out what is wrong and then pay and get out I live to far away to just walk away from a full cart.

  • Cassie says:
    Try to make them feel better if not .Hurry and leave

  • Sam says:
    how old is the baby? 1: stick your pinky in his mouth and make your way to the cash register 2: pick him up and rock him 3: find your way to a restroom, leave the cart outside and go in and nurse, feed, change his diaper

  • Jessica says:

  • Sonia says:
    depends on what hes crying about. there could be a million possible answers to this question lol.

  • christina says:
    carry on shoppin lol erm.... food usually works or pick them up

  • Hafa says:
    Leave the cart at customer service desk, and enjoy some play time with my baby outside the store until she calms down... Then I'll go back.. My baby first, and everything else is less important ;)

  • Lori says:
    Try do get her to stop as best I can.

  • Jennifer says:
    try food or toys. i am not above bribes.

  • meshell says:
    try to be fast! lol.

  • Wendy says:
    try to calm him down

  • Amanda says:
    Try to sooth him and if nothing works, finish my shopping and go home.

  • Melissa says:
    keep moving and glare back at anyone who looks annoyed...got to get it done

  • Elizabeth says:
    Finish shopping.... I always have her in my beco so luckily I have not had to deal with that yet....

  • Jamie says:
    Leave..why dont more moms do the same thing???

  • Janessa says:
    Try to entertain her which usually works. I was blessed with a great baby. I just hand her something and she's amused.

  • Tyra says:
    grab something off the shelf to distract him

  • Shanda says:
    Give her, her binky. Grab the nearest thing and let her play with it. Or swing by the toys and let her play with that till we're done. It the toy is a sucess than we will buy it.

  • Louise says:
    take her out an calm her down

  • Jeannine says:
    I have had this happen, LOL I just picked him up to calm him down ...the toughest part was steering a full cart with one hand!

  • Stephanie says:
    Carry the baby on your hip and try to bounce, balance and push the cart all at the same time...there is NEVER a peaceful shopping trip so you make the best of them! LOL

  • Jeannine says:
    Pick her up, calm her down, and get the hell out of there.

  • Toni says:
    finish getting wut i need, check out, and then tend to baby cuz i kno that shes got everything she needs right then and there..

  • Taryn says:
    this happens everytime i get in the check out line...lol....I either bust out a bottle while I finish....take him out and carry him while I check out if he is inconsolable I check out as quick as possible and we head home

  • mandi says:
    Take care of the issue but has never really been a problem.

  • Heather says:
    If we're talking Ethan and Elizabeth, I will kneel down to their level and try to work through the situation. If it's Meghan, I will pick her up. If that doesn't work, I head to the nearest check-out and pay for my things.

  • Jennifer says:
    try my best to calm him down...what?!? you've never seen a crying baby before?!? oh well

  • Kay says:
    Find some snacks

  • Michelle says:
    put his dummy in

  • Alesha says:
    Laugh, as my face turns red and I rush the cashier to get us the heck out of their!

  • Mandy says:
    Ok...lets go and check out in a hurry!!LOL

  • Rachel says:
    He won't be the first or the last... just try to get him to chill so I can get out!

  • Mara says:
    Stick a sucky in there or hand him off to daddy lol

  • Georgina says:
    give her some millk or juce dependin on witch one it is

  • Jenna says:
    I would do anything to make her happy.

  • Kim says:
    Pick the baby up and try to calm her/him - and finish shopping

  • Anonymous says:
    pop a binky or a bottle in, usually that stops her

  • Kayla says:
    Take him out and hold him or give him something to play with...it's not that difficult...

  • Jacqueline says:
    I feed her and keep the cart moving. That's usually all it takes: food and movement.

  • Danielle says:
    I pick her up and love on her.

  • Annette says:
    It is not going to kill you or your child if your child crys. I would pay for my stuff and then go home.

  • Eden says:
    Give her her binky

  • Rebecca says:
    ignore them

  • Michelle says:
    pick it up

  • selina says:
    Pick them up

  • hayley says:
    take her out of the trolley and comfort her

  • Stefanie says:
    Pick her up and nurse her while I shop. :-)

  • Jamie says:
    pick him/her up and hold her..make a bottle feed her change her whatever she needs

  • Lisa says:
    stop and try to comfort them and figure out what's wrong. And then continue shopping

  • Natasha says:
    feed him/her change the baby tend to his needs, I can come back for the cart

  • Rina says:
    where's his binky?!

  • Daisy says:
    grab the bottle of milk or the pacifier

  • Joanna says:
    try to carm her down if not pay for my shopping and go

  • Catherine says:

  • Katie says:
    Pick him up and love on him and figure out whats wrong!

  • Emily says:
    Try and calm her, and get out as quickly as I can

  • Kelly says:
    Find out what is going on.

  • Amanda says:
    I go to the Cars aisle and go get him a car

  • Brittney says:
    open up some food they both shut up lol

  • Allison says:
    pick her up lol

  • Sabrina says:
    Depends what he needs, if he is just crying for attention I ill finish my shopping, my kids dont aways get what they want. If he is crying for a reason, hungry, dirty nappy ect then I will sort that then go finish my shoping.

  • Beverly says:
    Pick him up.

  • Chezronda says:
    give him what he wants so he stops! I cant stand people who have their childrem acting foolish or crying in public! it looks bad!

  • Lara says:
    luckily it's only happened a few times, but handing Ky my key's usually does the trick.

  • Anita says:
    if he was just crying for no reason i would take him out of the trolley and comfort him and then carry on. but if he needed a nappy change or was hungry i would sort that out first and then carry on.

  • Catherine says:
    Sort him out straight away, the shopping can wait, if he is crying for no reason, try amuse him as i go round, i dont mind a baby crying !! And a mother needs to shop !!

  • Angela says:
    Give him a toy off the shelf to play wit to keep him quiet til im finished.... lol

  • Krista says:
    pic him/her up & try to calm him/her down

  • Rachel says:
    Find a distraction for them and if that doesn't work then keep walking to the register until your done.

  • Kelli says:
    Ignore her. Neither of my girls have done this.

  • Anita says:
    pick him/her up

  • Jacki says:
    Pick them up

  • Kim says:
    pick her up and cuddle her til she calms down

  • Danielle says:
    Tell him or her to settle down

  • Crystal says:
    Been there!! Take her out of the car seat and try to soothe her. If it doesn't work, I bust ASS to get out of the store!!

  • Myrta says:
    I can honestly say they are so distracted, they don't really cry... but if I had a moment, I'd get in line, pay & leave.

  • Taylor says:
    Oh shit i dont know?? Dont go to the shop in the first place and order my groceries online... or dump the trolley when no ones looking and leave lollolol

  • Caroline says:
    just go with the flow & try to calm her down.

  • Kailean says:
    keep shopping

  • Brooke says:
    give baby a feed

  • Amanda says:
    Nothing. Try to calm him down but hey I have to do what I have to do.

  • Amber says:
    Shop Quickly Lol

  • Shauna says:
    I would unload the cart onto the checkout belt and then take my daughter out of the carseat and hold her. She should quiet down and if she doesn't then everyone is just going to have to deal with it till we leave. Can't do too much because she is still quite young to be disciplined in any way

  • Eryn says:
    Stop and pull the cart to the side & see what is wrong (hungry,dirty nappy etc) and fix the problem, if nothing seems to work rush over to checkout and head for home.

  • Heidi says:
    try and sooth her finish y shopping and go somewhere check if she/he needs changing or feeding

  • Norma says:
    hurry up and check out!!

  • Kristy says:
    Put her on my hip an give her something from the trolley to keep her satisfied and keep getting items until she begns to fuss and then head to checkouts

  • Ann Marie says:
    give em a soother or a bottle

  • Audrey says:
    First go in with te idea of getting out FAST.. Make sure baby is fed changed and and settled .... Pack like a crazy woman.. (according to babys' age) toys, pacifire, bottle and pick ur poison..

  • Kelsey says:
    take her out of her car seat, try feeding her, check diaper, etc. or just walk around with her if this doesn't work.

  • Leigh says:
    give her a chocolate bar to shut her up lol

  • Jamie says:
    well since she is 19.5 months old she understands when mommy says no (even though she still tests me). but i would tell her no and that we are leaving and if all else fails, we go to the bathroom and have a talk

  • Charmaine says:
    try to comfort her with a dummy & her blankie.....settle back to sleep or offer a bottle

  • Melissa says:
    Depends if on how bad we need the the stuff in the basket. lol And if by holding the baby it helps or not. but I have other kids and they gotta eat lol

  • Holly says:
    start playing with her.. making silly noises or tickling her

  • Joette says:
    Go home

  • Anonymous says:
    carry them around

  • marisa says:
    pull out one of the many distractions I stuck in my bag (not toys... those are boring)... if it doesn't work, I ignore her

  • Susan says:
    Either pick them up or give them something to eat or sooth them. We have been known back in the day to play with a toy at Walmart while I was shopping and then left it there when we checked out. Sorry Walmart!!

  • Myndi says:
    depends on the reason for the cry, hungry or dirty is enough to fix..

  • Lori says:
    calm the child down, the only ones who will look at you strange are the ones who dont have kids2)

  • Jen says:
    Depends why they are crying

  • Melissa says:
    Start laughing and tell the child, "they can't hear you in the front of the store. you are going to have to better than that." Usually confuses them and they stop.

  • Erica says:
    Take her out and hold her! Not leaving the store..Already spent too much time in here to walk out and turn around and cme back

  • Kendra says:
    leave cart and take child out

  • Linda says:
    crack open a packet of milk arrowroot's and enjoy a nice biscuit together

  • Meghan says:
    Try to calm her down as best I can...I mean everyone else knows how you are feeling....

  • Marissa says:
    most likely the reason he's fussing or crying is cuz he wants out of the cart, so i will hand him something to distract him or get him out and hold him then he's fine

  • Terri'lee says:
    cuddle bub

  • Jamie says:
    pull my cart to the side pick up my baby and hold her...see what could be causig this..poopy diaper or hungry???

  • Brittney says:
    i guess it depends if someone is with me...either take them out side or spank them if they are old enough to know better.

  • Jennifer says:
    Take him out and have someone else push the cart. I never shop alone.

  • Jo Anna says:
    LOVE this question!!! Ditch the cart! It's not her/his fault you want to go shopping...I notice this usually happens around "nap time"...I hate seeing mothers just try and ignore their children when this happens...HUGE PET PEEVE!!!

  • Anonymous says:
    Turn red, but deal. Look for a pacifier.

  • Michelle says:
    try to soothe her by letting her suck on my (clean) finger, if that don't work - Pick her up. usually that works cause she is so interested in looking at things.

  • Antonie/Tonie says:
    I have no idea....lol.....she doesn't do that because I make shopping entertaining and educational. :D

  • Hannah says:
    Stop what I'm doing and make him feel better

  • MONETTA says:
    comfort the baby

  • Crystal says:
    Figure out why she is crying... fix it.. or just let her cry

  • Cortney says:
    Depends on the situation. I'd pick her up and check her diaper, hold her close... She is only 7 months so she can't talk or anything yet to tell me what's wrong.

  • Lindsey says:
    well it depends on which one was crying....if it were Taylor i would just ask him whats wrong lol if it were jamey i would just scoop him out of the cart and carry him because thats all that is ever wrong with him...he always wants me to hold him

  • Tiffani says:
    I would just ask her whats wrong and If I don't understand what the heck shes talking about I usually just pick her up and give her lovins. That usually makes her feel better, or just give her her plug.

  • Jessica says:
    Give her a cookie or cracker or something.

  • Karen says:
    Let her do her thing. She can have her meltdown and snap out of it in a few minutes.

  • Sarah says:
    trying calming her down and if that doesn't work pop a paci in and finish shopping (but she rarely fusses in the store, she LOVES shopping)

  • Heather says:
    Finish shopping, and make snide coments to the rune old people who are making comments behind my back.

  • Cinda says:
    try to ignore it unless it's a tantrum then tell them to stop or we're leaving.

  • Jodi says:

  • Laura says:
    find a quiet place and calm the child down, then finish shopping as quickly as possible

  • Anonymous says:
    Ignore it and go check out

  • Nini says:
    carry him and then try to give him a milk

  • Natasha says:
    Depending on what she is crying about..If she has hurt herself im gunna pick her up..If it is something we can wait until we cash out..then i wait..if my husband is with me..someone takes the baby and the other cashes out..

  • Anonymous says:
    Give him his pacifier. If still crying and it's time to eat, give him a bottle.

  • Kristy says:
    pick him up and carry him on my hip leave asap

  • Alison says:
    Try to calm them down if not check out and leave

  • Jennifer says:
    Grab the duct tape out of my purse and put it on his mouth!! lol j/k

  • Robin says:
    focus on her and see wats da problem is then continue you shopping

  • katie says:
    give him a treat...food fixes anything for my fat man lol

  • Jenn says:
    Binky, or hold them

  • Jennifer says:
    make funny faces and get googley with the silly baby talk

  • Twameeka says:
    pop out the snacks, blankie, binky, or other favorite thing to calm baby

  • Lana says:
    Stop, take the baby out of the seat, & calm him/her before continuing

  • Alanna says:
    run to the bathroom to do a diaper check....or make a bottle.....he/she needs something.... once i had to take Dylan out and carry him for most of the shopping

  • Amanda says:
    Let her cry and try to comfort her. She's a baby..she's going to cry. If you want to stare, please feel free.

  • Amy says:
    Pick him up and try to comfort him. Babies do cry ya know.

  • Jessica says:
    Depends on why they are crying...if its hunger or a diaper change, then feed or change them, otherwise run to the check out and get out ASAP!!!

  • Amy says:
    stop and calm my child, see what I can do to make him/her more comfortable. Decide from there if I can check out or leave the cart. I have done both.

  • Emm says:
    check to see if he needs a dipper change, sippy cup, snack or anything like that. if not then pick him up and carry him and play with him until i have payed for everything

  • melina says:
    usually hold him

  • Shontelle says:
    Check to see if she is ok then continue with my shopping

  • Teresa says:
    Depends on age...if they are old enough to understand, you explain to them and leave the store!

  • Kendra says:
    stick a pacifier in his mouth

  • Tonya says:
    Try to calm with distraction, if that doesnt work hurry and pay and high tail it outta there.

  • Kimberly says:
    Whip out the lollypop and start to bribe!

  • Kait says:
    if she isn't hurt, needing a diaper change or hungry and she is having a tantrum I ignore it... or get a box of gummies or teddy grahams to keep her busy...

  • meranda says:
    Take the baby out of the cart and comfort him/her until they stop crying then put the baby back in the cart and continue shopping.

  • Valerie says:

  • Miranda says:
    Sooth it

  • mary says:
    pick him up and give him snuggles to calm him down.

  • Jessica says:
    Try to find something to intertain him.

  • Angi says:
    Sort out the baby - have mastered the art of pushing a full trolley whilst feeding baby. Difficult.

  • heather says:
    Uhhm really? Well try to calm her down of course...

  • Erin says:
    i don't know what i'd do cuz she never does that the only mishap we ever have is her trying to climb out

  • Janna says:
    pick him up and comfort him

  • DEBBI says:
    Try to soothe him by playing with him, or taking him out and holding him...it's happened many times!

  • Charley says:
    check if they need changing and if they do take them to the baby change. give them a drink or snack out of bag and if all else fails then keep shopping and sort them out when finished

  • Barb says:
    pick him up and cuddle

  • Laurel says:

  • Sara says:
    nurse it

  • Sara says:
    well feed her, change her and then hold her. and if that don't work pay and go home

  • nicole says:
    try to console him, or if its really urgent, just leave everything and go home.

  • Trina says:
    pick em up

  • Jessica says:
    Stop and feed her, then check out.

  • Sarah says:
    run round as quick as u can get out get home lol ignoring all the dirty looks in the process

  • Jenna says:
    reason with her or bribe her- if that doesnt work i ditch the shopping and go home.

  • Alicia says:
    Grin and bear it, try my best to find something to entertain him for a few more minutes.

  • Jordan says:
    soothe her and give her her binky

  • Cristal says:
    Try to figure out what is wrong, fix it if i can, if not just let them. They will quit.

  • casey says:
    try everything to calm her down maybe like give her something to eat since she like to eat

  • jackie says:
    keep walking.. try to calm them down. usually its austin so i just get a toy off the shelf to calm him down

  • Jessica says:
    go to the bathroom to make a bottle cuz shes prolly hungry

  • Brandi says:
    tend to them, what do they need, if need be leave the cart and go

  • Shona says:
    stop in the shop and take her out to see whats wrong

  • Anonymous says:
    Pick them up, if that doesn't work change or feed them.

  • Nichole says:
    Try to calm my child, if that does work I'll check out, if it doesn't, I would leave everything and take the child home.

  • Christine says:
    Leave the cart if J can't be calmed down

  • Leanne says:
    Stop, pick up the kid, feed, burp, if it's that out of control go to the car and leave my cart.

  • Christina says:
    pick her up and give her some kisses, calm her down and then go about my business

  • Laura says:
    I pick him up and try to calm him down .. offer him his sippy cup if he wants it or one of his snacks to keep him content until we get home it really just depends on why he is crying but i always try to keep them happy bc shopping trips always go better with a happy baby and mommy

  • Toni says:
    shhhhhhh...and go pay after getting the rest of the item's I need

  • Tammi says:
    Take him/her out and try to figure out what's causing it.

  • Holly says:
    Plan ahead. If I knew it was a big shopping trip, I either had someone watch the baby or split the trip up into smaller trips. If the baby starts to cry frantically, and cannot be settled, you may have to leave. If possible find a store employee to give your cart to and apologize?

  • Becca says:
    give them some food lol... be it boob or Chocolate.. Both will always work!

  • Stacie says:
    try to comfort them and go to the checkout straight away if they dont settle

  • Tara says:
    pick her up and carry her.

  • Deanna says:
    pick him up and or feed him

  • Amber says:
    Give her my keys, or my shoulder bag, or let her chew on a can or box that's in the cart. Then check out as quickly as possible. I've pretty much learned to avoid shopping when it's close to nap time!

  • Terri says:
    try to soothe him and if he doesn't stop then leave my cart and the store.

  • Anonymous says:
    Pick him up and see if I can calm him. If not I'll leave everything with customer service and tell them that I'll be back later

  • Jackie says:
    Uuhh .. leave the cart, take the baby and buh bye

  • Erica says:
    hold them and do everything else one handed!

  • Alison says:
    get her out and push with 1 hand....or stick the dummy in and get to the checkout quick!

  • Jackie says:
    pick him up

  • Claire says:
    Get stressed, think every1 is juding n talkin about me, rush 2 the checkout get home n fall apart (super wimp thats me)

  • amy says:
    usually pick em up

  • elaine says:
    hand him somethin to distract him... usually does da job

  • Amanda says:
    pick her up and pay for items then leave if baby is 2 upset just leave and come back later when shes more settled

  • Peggy says:
    i gave mine a nuk or picked them up and did the "mommy dance"

  • Kristi says:
    Try to see what seems to be the trouble and see if I can remedy it. If I have to stop shopping,I would pay for my items and go back if I forgot something

  • Christina says:
    calm the baby as best as possible, try to check out as quickly a possible.

  • Amanda says:
    give my daughter something to hold drink or a binky

  • Heather says:
    Ask for forgiveness for all the times I judged other moms before I had my own kids!

  • kristina says:
    depends on which kid...but I try to keep my cool and handle the situation as quickly as possible

  • Julia says:
    Well that has happenedin the grocery store when we were checking out and thank god my best friend was there to take him the other way to calm him down so i could check out.

  • Jessica says:
    See if he needs hs diaper changed, give him his juice or a toy or keep trying till I figure it out I guess, lol

  • Brittany says:
    Leave the cart where it is and leave

  • Heather says:
    Pick them up and soothe them

  • KRISTEN says:
    Give the hubby the evil eye. He's either taking the baby or buggy-its his pick!

  • Lacey says:
    give her something to play with

  • Crystal says:
    Trying and talk to her and get her to calm down if that dont work i had her toy n the store to mess with while i finnish shopping

  • Tonya says:
    Calm my baby down, and finish up at the store/then leave

  • Candice says:
    Try and calm her and if she's crying for no reason, leave her. Babies cry!

  • Stephanie says:
    Depends on the age....

  • Julieann says:
    I've never had that happen, my son loves to wander around with me in the store and I make sure he's needs have all been met prior to going in.

  • Shannon says:
    Take her out of her carseat so she stops

  • Erinne says:
    pick him/ her up most likely hungry so put to the breast

  • laura says:
    pick him/her up