your child's likes / dislikes??

  • Jessica says:
    Likes - toy story, buzz, trampolines, balls, cars, any books, the wiggles, helping to cook, money (yes he has learnt that very quickly) and Dr Devillers lol, his rocking horse foods - raw mushrooms (ew) apples, sour cream and onion pringles, mashed potato, sweet potato, peas and corn, scalloped potatoes,, corned beef, sausages and anything with chicken dislikes - the movie trailor for the disney movie "up" he gets freaked out with it, storms, food - avocado, lettuce and onion

  • kristi says:
    hes so moody

  • Ceri says:
    into everything but dont like touchin slimy things like worms and slugs (typical girl)

  • Brandi says:
    loves books, cell phones, bein' tickled an growled at [lol], and chased! bein' told no, lol. Naps. not being able to run around.

  • Allison says:
    Not sure, it changes like everyday.

  • ALICIA says:
    Likes: books, outside ,animals, dolls, cars, fruit and veg, milk, swimming or bathing Hates: having her hair brushed lol

  • Valerie says:
    eating right away when she's hungry. having to wait for anything:)

  • Jenna says:
    Linc liks dancing and football....

  • Marissa says:
    he likes wheels, fans, lights, backyardigans, and there isn't too much that he doesn't like

  • Peta says:
    they all love fishing, motorbike riding and soccer - they all hate vegies!

  • Janeisha says:
    Peyton loves to read, play dolls, play peek a boo and she loves lovesw loves cerrio's! Who doesn't! Oh, and she hates her veggies!

  • tina says:
    doesnt like going to bed on time. she loves her chocolate milk, watching charolett's web 2, picking on everyone.

  • Amy says:
    She's pretty agreeable, but she dislikes being told no!

  • Priscilla says:
    J likes reading Emily likes playing sports Belle likes animals none of them like cleaning their rooms, LOL!

  • Anonymous says:
    too many to mention !!

  • Jeannie says:
    too many to mention

  • Kerilyn says:
    Likes- babies, movie's, Apple juice,Riding her bike, Going to Grandma's house (she likes to go to a lot of people's house) taking bathes Dislikes-sleeping in her own room, going to bed, listening lol

  • Wendi says:
    jordan loves pizza but does not like peanut butter grace loves peanut butter but does not like pizza (well sometimes LOL) Grace does not like me leaving her, she is a momma's girl Jordan does not like it when he gets misunderstood or when you cannot understand what he is saying

  • Emily says:
    she likes everything

  • Amber says:
    He hates being told no. He loves going on walks, truck rides, playing at the park, eating anything sweet, playing with animals, and vacations (just like his mommy)

  • Angie says:
    he loves playing outside, talking non stop, kitties, cartoons, disney, mommy...he hates being told NO...that's about the only thing he doesn't like!

  • Jahdi says:
    doesnt like to be restricted.. she likes freddom to roam. she loves fruit and water and music! She loves all types of music.

  • Amber says:
    likes being with family and friends, to eat (thank God no issues), playing with his father and brother, gardening with me. Hate being told "NO!"

  • Jessica says:
    She loves anything about being outside, the loves animals, Mickey Mouse, she's super super close to my parents and her Uncle J and Aunt B. Dislikes, being told no.

  • K says:
    Asad-Loud kids and rude ppl; loves to eat and Star Wars Ali-ppl telling him what to do; sports and jumping around

  • Kathy says:
    loves being outside hates not getting there own way

  • Stephannie says:
    DC likes anything, Mason dont like touching cheese

  • Samantha says:

  • Stacey says:
    My son likes to draw, play video games, play outside, baseball and get on the computer when I let him....His dislikes are chores and going to bed...LOL My daughter likes Hannah Montana, iCarly, playing outside, makeup, Girl Scouts and ball....Her dislikes are cleaning and bedtime

  • Tammy says:
    too young

  • Lori says:
    LIKES: sitting in her poop, being fed, grabbing things, car rides, her swing DISLIKES: getting her hair wet.

  • Kristi says:
    caden loves food, climbing, yelling, talking on his "cell phone" , and taking toys from his brother(but he usually gives him anther in its place)...Quenting likes to roam the floor, eat, sleep and he things his big brother is there for his enjoyment

  • Kayla says:
    likes : anything mommy and daddy has, phones, laptops, baby first tv on the tv, her toys, and crawling up an down the hallway, dogs, cats, regular food dislike: being told no , baby gates, long car rides,

  • KATIE says:
    BEING TOLD NO.....HA ;)

  • trena says:
    Michael don,t like liver or cabbage......but he,s really not that picky when it comes to food...lol He likes fishing, hunting, camping anything with the outdoors, and he loves spending time with his own daughter!!!

  • Danika says:
    my son loves to cuddle and he hates falling asleep alone

  • Jalessa says:
    loves music dislikes certain foods

  • Karen says:
    toys that make noise, tickles, cuddles, our animals certain ppl she doesnt like..etc strangers

  • Patricia says:
    likes just about anything dislikes bein told what to do and being helped when he dosnt want it

  • Anonymous says:
    her family...me

  • Nicole says:
    They like everything except trying moms new cooking ideas

  • fiona says:
    telea atm dislikes doing as she is told lol but loves scooby doo and secret agent oso keisha dislikes the word bad atm and hits out every time its mentioned lol but loves her doggy blade there the best of pals aswell aww bless her :-)

  • KIMBERLY says:

  • Kimberly says:
    McCray hunting and hates school Kayla talking on phone/hates doing chores Kaitlyn playing/hates going to bed at night Dawson everything

  • heather says:
    Kayla hates chores and loves watching t v and playing on computer. Alissa hates being told what to do and likes getting into everything.

  • Cindee says:
    likes being spoken to and praised and eating baby crackers on her own, dislikes loud noises very much, wether it be people or tv or whatever.

  • Jessica says:
    she likes to eat... she doesnt like to wait to eat haha

  • Meghann says:
    to long a lst

  • Laura says:
    she likes strawberry shortcake and yo gabba gabba she hates scary monsters and sleeping alone

  • Deanne says:
    he loves his mobile phone and loves olayin in general but he hates leavin his nans house

  • venissa says:
    likes everything- dislikes everything

  • Krystal says:
    likes anything with wheels, cuddles, playing out side an watching his favorite cartoons oh an swimming.... his dislikes r really loud noises ummm being told wat he can an cant do thats about it

  • Sasha says:
    she likes loads of stuff dont think she has any dislikes yet.

  • Allison says:
    pink sea food

  • Jennifer says:
    like just about everything all of them hate the darjk

  • Joykim says:
    likes: watching cartoons,reads alpgabet and numbers,play educational computer games and activities..he loves mickey mouse soo much..

  • kayla says:
    loves the baths hates her jabs

  • Emma says:
    love hugs and kisses, dislikes, cheekyness and arguments

  • Sonja says:
    Doesn't like to be told "no" LOVES "In the Night Garden" show!

  • Lou says:
    he loves bananas and hates marshmallows

  • Jeannie says:
    My oby hates to shaken and he hates the sun he hates it when I dont eat in the morning he hates to be poke on the head(get it.. LOL) My girl hates to have stuff taken away she hates to be told "no" and she loves attention and she loves talking on my cell phone(she is starting sooo early) she loves to play outside with her father She hates the Eater bunny but loves Santa Claus(ironic isnt it?)

  • Faye says:
    There are so many and they change all the time.

  • Dakota says:
    he likes almost everything