Discipline and Aspergers

Kim - posted on 08/15/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a 12 yo son with AS. The back talking, sassing and arguing is really getting to me. I can't say anything, give any instruction, etc without argument. We have started him with a therapist specializing in AS and spectrum disorders. She says to discipline the behaviour. That taking away privledges and writing sentances is a waste of time. Any suggestions about discipline for this type of behavior??


Rebecca - posted on 08/16/2010




Kim, no matter what anyone says, you know your son better than anyone. What does your gut suggest you do? Trust your intuition, you own wisdom. Sometimes, I forget that, esp when I'm so wrapped up in a problem, searching for any answer, that I haven't stepped back and quieted myself for a little bit. Trust yourself.

Writing was never an option for us. Damian has problems with physically writing anything. Very difficult for him to do.

Taking things away was one thing I did and still do. But that works for us. May not be effective for everyone.

At 12, I changed his diet quite a bit and noticed a huge difference. Damian's adrenal glands were becoming super taxed by his food choices and other things. When the adrenal glands start to go on overload, there's more testosterone--aggressiveness, aggitation, etc. There's also a hightened feeling of "everyone's out to get me," hence the defensiveness. And a whole host of other things. You can actually look up adrenal gland overload or adrenal gland burnout--what follows after long time overload.

When I changed his diet, I noticed a great change. It may be worth looking into as a possible option. (I gave it about two weeks and started to notice a huge difference.)

However, I can say too, that my daughter started to get that way right around 12 too. It could be an age thing. Middle school years are hell...Asperger's or not.

Again, trust yourself...You know what to do...some part of you knows.

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