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My name is Melissa and I am new to this community. My son Zeke is 5 yrs. old & has been diagnosed developmental delay. He has recieved services for the last 3 yrs (speech, expressive language), getting ready to be retested for o.t. (for sensory issues) and has made tremendous progress. Sooo proud of how far he's progressed over the yrs. We're on the wait list for testing. In the meantime I treat his symptoms homeopathicallly/naturally. Considering a change in diet, already slowly starting to eliminate dairy and gluten. We start hyperbaric treatments tomorrow. Excited to see results from that.
I've done lots of research... I think every mom with a child on the spectrum does. I've learned that you can't always trust the mds advice as far as meds go, we dont. We just supplement and use homeopathic remedies for ailments. Hardly ever sick, rare actually. Through my research I find myself identifying more with aspergers syndrome. He has so many of the characteristics of aspie kids; ie. obsessions, relating more with older children and adults, moments of outbursted babbling, overstimulated in "new" social settings, hard time with change of sched./transitioning, seriously behind with hand/eye coordination (although great with his feet, ie. soccer), meltdowns (although they have improved and slowed down greatly), etc. Some of the symptoms dont line up with him though; ie. delayed expressive language vs advanced, never had any real issues with aggression, at or above "normal" achademic level for his age, etc.
He had a very traumatic birth. His arm was wrapped around his neck in the birth canal. They thought he had shoulder distotia because he was stuck. So in an attempt to break his collar bone they ended up breaking his arm, which was completely healed in 3 wks praide the Lord! But I pushed fo 3 hrs. and they ended up using forceps to get him out. An emergency team had to be brought in because he was not breathing. He had to be hospitalized and extra wk for jaundice and sent home with a light. We then battled Acid reflux for several months until I discovered goat's milk. I have read in researching that children that had a loss of oxygen in the birthing process are at high risk for aspergers, also in my husband's family there is a history of bi-polar and depression. I've read there could be a genetic link where these diagnosises are concerned. It has been a long process in getting him the help he needs, but I'm blessed to have gained the knowledge I've been given in the process.
I joined this community in an attempt to connect with other mom's on the spectrum and because I believe that my son has at least a touch of aspies if not full on, if that is correct teminology (a touch).. I would love any advice and to gleen from your knowledge gained from your experiences. :)
Thanks :)


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Lisa - posted on 09/25/2011




Hi Melissa!!!
I also had a hard birth but not close to what you described! That must have been terrible!! I labored for about 9 hours until they made the decision to take my son by c-section for failure to progress. He was stuck and it took two surgeons to pull him out even with the c-section! He was born dark purple, I was very afraid! I just had my daughter 2 years ago and I was a scheduled c-section. A dr stripped my membranes without my knowledge and my water broke. They "claimed" they had no OR ready for me so allowed me to labor again for 6-7 hours before they took her. Her color was not like my sons though!

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