Attached Parenting

Attached Parenting (AP) includes but is not limited to co-sleeping, baby wearing/carrying, extended breastfeeding (1 year+), elimination communication (EC), etc. You may practice all or just one of these close relationships with your baby &/or child(ren).


When do you stop cosleeping?

I'm a big believer in cosleeping but our oldest just turned 7 and I think it's time he's had his own space. I do think he's a bit overly dependant upon mama and maybe...


Husband differs with my co-sleeping

I have been co-sleeping with my 18mo son since he was about 5 months old when we moved into my parents' home while my husband worked out of town during the week and came back on...

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Parenting Styles

I am the mother of two beautiful children. I also fully support Attached Parenting. I was a single mom raising my DD so having her attached to me was easy. She was all mine....

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cloth diapers

i just purchased bummis organic cloth diapering starter kit and i feel so overwhelmed, not as far as bummis diapers but it seems like there is alot to cloth diapering ! has...

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critisizm and congestion :(

My 11 week old baby girl has a runny nose and congestion and im breastfeeding! Aside from steam from the tub, does anyone have any natural ways to clear it up? Im really getting...

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help please!!!

im new to exclusive bfing w my 4th child and she is 6w4d old! She is very very gassy/fussy @ night! Im not really drinking milk but can anyone give me an example of healthy...

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Older Children

How do you, personnally, extend the attachment parenting principles to older children? I would love to hear some tips since I have an almost 7 yr old & an almost 4 yr old.


Wow, I love attachment parenting !!

I am from Johannesburg in South Africa and is a huge attachement parenting fan !! Check them out on face book ! I am a co-sleeping, positive diciplining mommy of a 15 month...


Ring Sling Raffle for Charity

The following link is a fundraiser for a friend of mine whose 3 year old son suddenly died in April, and who has now been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma which her insurance is...

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