Baby number 2 on the way! Should we do separate nursery?

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Baby number 2 on the way! Should we do a seperate nursery for the new little baby?? Our 2 year old sleeps with us anyways and we are limited on space. Any thoughts? Should I combine a room for them or what do you think?? They will both probably be in our room for a few years anyways.


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I know we had a crib for the first one but we borrowed it from my sister and she is pregnant due 6 weeks before me. So I really hate to spend the money on a crib. LIke you said I feel like it is just for show. I may just combine rooms and keep the play room as it is. Thanks for the help!

Geralyn - posted on 10/18/2011




Hi Jamie! Congrats on baby #2! I did set up a separate nursery for my second, but, like you say, because we co-sleep, neither one ever slept in their rooms. I would say with limited space, its more important to have play areas than sleeping areas that are only for show... I actually used my first's crib in the second's nursery... Because buying a second crib would have been a real waste of money. Gotta love the family bed!

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