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There have been several inquiries about babywearing recommendations. I recall some excellent recommendations in past conversations, too, but its too difficult to read through and pull out recommendations from the archives. Please share your babywearing recommendations in this post, and it will reman flagged so that it will remain at the beginning of the list of conversations. Thanks in advance!


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I tried slings, but with my mommy-tummy, it never looked all that comfy for the baby. I switched to the Ergo. It took some practice, but I loved it. We went to Disney World when my youngest was only like 5 or 6 months old, and by the second day we skipped the stroller entirely. I could get on and off of rides with him, even managed to nurse him in the carrier during the haunted house ride. ;) Think the website is, but I actually went to a live store that sold them, and they gave me a little lesson with a pretend baby. REALLY helped a lot.

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I am using a Moby wrap. I bought it when my daughter was about a month old and used it in a cradle wrap. I then moved to a front inward wrap and now that she is 4.5 months old and has stable neck control I have changed it to the front outward wrap. She loves it and will stay in there for HOURS!! It's fantastic as I can eat, clean, cook or just use the computer and she is happy to be there with me. As she gets older I can use the wrap for hip and back carrying. I can't wait to try those with her as she gets bigger. Best thing is it's one size fits all as it's a wrap. There are no buckles or pieces to lose. It might be considered a little spendy but I bought mine through ebay and it was brand new. I also know it will work with ANY child as it's a wrap.

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I started with an infant sling through about 4 months and switched to a front carrier that converts to a back carrier. I have yet to use the back carrier since my 13 month old likes to see the world as I see it. At 18.5 lbs I still have a little more life in the front carrier, but I have also begun using a toddler sling and carrying him side hip. I also use it when sitting down to help keep him calm in public, quiet places. I have found that it maintains a nice connection with my little man and has created a very secure but relaxed demeaner.

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The above is on the spondylolisthesis.

A member on the Baby Wearer forums did a study of the Infantino bag-type slings. The ones that go over your shoulder and carry the baby in a cradle position. She found they were dangerous in two ways:

The infant is cradled in such a position that his chin is pressed to his chest, which crimps his airway. Infants must be propped with towels to prevent this. Infantino issued new safety guidelines for their product.

The closed in nature of the sides and deep pocket were found to decrease blood oxygen levels after baby was in the sling for a while. The nature of the straps on the sling often end up with mom slinging the baby quite low on her body, like a duffel bag almost, and since the sides of this sling are so high and closed in with a triangle configuration, she tends to not check on her infant as much.

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Back in July, Ana posted about permanent spinal cord injuries. I am pasting part of it here: "... the Baby Bjorn along with some other popular baby carriers do not support the baby properly and could even cause permanent spinal damage - Spondylolisthesis."

If you find out information about carriers or slings, please share it in this thread. Thanks!

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