blankets and cosleeping?

Mary - posted on 09/27/2010 ( 13 moms have responded )




My second baby is expected in December. While we coslept with our first baby, her first few months were in the summer. Blankets were not necessary. We live in a cold climate plus I love my warm comforter in the winter. I'm just curious how to keep the baby in the bed w/ you safely and still be warm enough. Any other cosleeping tips are welcome!


Geralyn - posted on 09/28/2010




I position the blanket so it can't go over our 7-week-old's head. I have my own blanket that doesn't cover her at all. I am loving co-sleeping with her - and my 2 1/2-year-old son - one on each side. He refuses a blanket BTW. Its so wonderful to have contact via touch with them at night. It made me think about how much other parents miss out on by having their children in a totally separate room every night listening to them through a monitor.... Lovin' every minute of it!


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Noreen - posted on 10/05/2010




We use blankets. My daughter hates to be covered up, so I dress her in the long pjs with out feet. She can't stand to wear socks or have her piggy's covered either. LOL

Mary - posted on 09/30/2010




Thanks everyone! I'm sure we'll use the suggestions and figure out by trial and error what works for us.

Sally - posted on 09/29/2010




If you sleep lightly enough, just put the baby next to you tuck the blaket away from it's face. If not, you can put the baby in one of those fleece bags or swaddle it in it's own blanket and lay it on top of your comforter.

Erin - posted on 09/29/2010




I've swaddled both of my girls during the first few months, and used our quilt over them as well. I think it's just like sensing anything else at night - you'll know if the blanket creeps up too high and adjust it without much thought!

Karen - posted on 09/29/2010




My daughter wouldn't sleep unless she was on top of me. So, I put a little blanket over my sholders and chest and put her on top of that. Then I used our regular dovet pulled up to my waist or maybe up to her knees if she felt cool. Worked for us.

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I know! I freak if my baby girl isn't in bed with me. There were a few nights where we were coming back late and we had left her with her grandparents. They live around the corner from us, literally 1 minute if you cut through the barn, and I still don't like not feeling her there. Some parents say they can't sleep with their baby in the bed, I can't sleep without her:)
Anyway, off topic I just had to respond, lol.

Brenda - posted on 09/28/2010




I tried to use sleep sacks, but Nick screamed bloody murder until I took it off of him...:) LOL

Minnie - posted on 09/27/2010




We use a thin blanket. My daughter has always hated having a blanket on her though, so I just dress her warmly enough at night to not need one.

Tameka - posted on 09/27/2010




I part-time co-sleep with my daughter. But now that my husband has been deployed it's full time. Hubby tosses and turns a LOT in his sleep so have always been reluctant to bring my babies to bed.

Now, I put my daughter to sleep on a blanket on my side of the bed and cover her with another. I push the doona down on her side so it's at her feet but so I can still use it. When she wants to feed during the night I prop myself up on a couple of pillows and put another under the arm her head is resting on. This way she's quite straight without the risk of falling head first onto the bed and waking (or possibly even hurting) herself. Once we're set up (takes all of 30 seconds) I chuck the doona over my legs and a blanket over my daughter. And then we're back to sleep!

Marcy - posted on 09/27/2010




I bought a few of those PJ's that are like blankets.....they go on like PJ's up top but the bottoms are like big sacks so they can kick their legs but still stay warm. We would get under the covers and then put him on top of the covers in between us.

Brenda - posted on 09/27/2010




We slept with a cover just for me and baby. I kept it under my arms so it would never go over his head, and my husband had a seperate cover. Worked great for us!

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