Climbing, falling: how do I stop it?

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My daughter has reached the "climbing on everything" stage. I tried teaching her the proper way of getting off of things she climbs on, ie. laying on her tummy and scootching off. She gets it really well, but it's when she doesn't mean to get off that is the problem. She's almost 1 (July 4th) so I don't think she understands to be careful around the edge of things and she winds up flipping off sometimes. How do I teach her either to be careful or not to climb up in the first place? I don't want to prevent her learning and I know climbing is just a stage, but I don't want her to get hurt.


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Brenda - posted on 06/26/2010




Really praise proper exits from stuff. Like, Nick is 13 months almost 14 and has just learned to climb up and get down off the beds without problems. He still plops off now and then, but the beds are on carpet, so he can't really get hurt. Every time he gets down the right way I make a big deal of it, clapping and saying "yay baby!" and he starts clapping too. It will improve as they get older. Bumps and bruises happen, and we can't stop them all. Since I have a five year old, most of Nicky's falling comes from big brother knocking him off a bed, or the couch or pushing him down when he's running past... We just love and nurse it all away. :)

Geralyn - posted on 06/26/2010




As far as the bed, we put the mattresss on the floor. But as far as climbing on everything else, we would just try to "spot" him.... We did take the furniture, like the coffee table, and end tables, and anything else that he could fall into out.... He has fallen and gotten bumps and boo boos - no one can prevent everything.... Just keep talking about safety with her - their receptive language is so much more advanced than their expressive, she will get it with explanation and repetition....

Minnie - posted on 06/26/2010




We weighed the consequence. I can't prevent every hurt in my girls' lives- so for us we consider how bad the consequence would be: a tumble off the bed or couch? Seems horrible, but not likely to do any damage. So we let the child climb the couch. She falls, bumps, cries, we hug and go our merry way.

I personally believe that those spills are what help our babies learn about their bodies' abilities and their limitations.

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