Co-sleeping with restless baby

Karen - posted on 03/19/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hi all,

Any suggestions for co-sleeping with my restless 4 month old baby girl. She's been sleeping with us since day one and it has worked out really well until recently. The last several weeks she's been very restless, tossing back her head back and forth, kicking etc. Since I'm tuned to her every sound, I'm not getting much sleep. Also, she used to settle easily after nursing down, but now she seems to wake up every time I try to move her out of my arms.

I really want to continue co-sleeping. The times I've tried laying her down on a mattress beside my bed she's only woken up more... Not sure what to do next, or if this is just something I need to live through, hoping each night for a better sleep.

So, your suggestions will be appreciated.


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To help rule out any other environmental factors I would always run down the list of :


1. Is she too hot or too cold

2. Is there a noise that could be distracting her (tv, radio, neighbors, etc)

3. Does she need a diaper change

4. Is she hungry?

5. Teething?

6. Sick?

7. Running a fever

8. Check her clothing (it is amazing how material, itchy tag, can really drive a baby crazy).


If those are all ruled out, maybe your daughter is approaching a developmental milestone.  I know that whenever my daughter is coming down w a cold, for a week prior to her getting sick, she slepps horribly and then I am on 2 weeks of horrible  sleeping, because the next week she is sick.


Sometimes when an infant is working on mastering a new skill, it disrupts their sleep because they are trying to perfect it.  It is something that will definetly pass, how soon? That really depends on your child.  Good luck and hang in there!!!

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My daughter did the same thing and there are many things you can try:

Putting on white noise

Running a fan

laying on your side with your breast in her mouth so that she can just nurse while you both sleep...This is made easier if you put a pillow behind your back to support you.  

Swaddling...if she likes that

Letting her sleep on her side


She will grow out of it.  What i finally did was put my daughter in a crib to sleep at night and this worked great from 3--6 months and now she is back in my bed.  She actually slept terrible with during this period of time and would cry unless I put her in her crib but she cries now in her crib...babies are always changing.

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Hello Karen,

I would be wondering if she is learning something new like sitting up?  Or is she pre-teething or teething?  I noticed my kiddo started noticing the world around him more at ~4 months and became easily distracted when breastfeeding and restless when sleeping.  I think he had to process everything in his sleep but he has settled down since.  He is 6 months now and moves about when he is hungry but settles down once he is breastfed (without the pacifier no less)!

Of course this is when I started back to work and was unable to get a nap in during the day for myself.  So, my body (and mind) adjusted by napping frequently on the weekends.  And they are so many changes the first year, one month rarely looks like the last. Finding a routine to bedtime and taking naps myself have been the most helpful.  Hang in there!  Consistency can be key.


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Geralyn - posted on 03/31/2009




Hi Karen, I have only had experience with one child, who is about to turn one, but early on, he had quite a few reflexes while lying on his back or side... less on his side though. That lasted 'til about 5 or 6 months. I found, when he wasn't nursing, he was better off sleeping in my arms with his head on my shoulder or chest. It really helped with the natural reflexes that would kick in and wake him.

Then, we moved into a stage where I would describe him as very rambunctious while nursing. He'd be pulling off (ouch!) and thrashing with his legs and arms. I would have him on his side and I'd lightly rest my hand on his arm and just kept him cuddled next to me. It seemed as he would get into a deeper sleep and not nursing, that he'd be better. All of these phases pass... and you will get sleep. I promise! I always (okay, usually! not always) felt that his sleep was disrupted by his reflexes and then his thrashing stages, and that he needed me during these times to help him relax and fall asleep....

I am a huge fan of cosleeping, but I also recognize that it can affect our sleep at times... Good luck!

[deleted account]

PS- Your daughter looks so animated in the if she is having a conversation with someone.  Cute!

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