encourgement, advice and prayers needed (major denial apt)

Dianna - posted on 04/28/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




This community is the only place I can turn where mothers will truly understand. My son just turned 2 less than a week ago, he sleeps with us in a really big bed. A typical night: he nurses to sleep, has a little snack a couple of times in the night (around 2 and or 3) and then again between 5-6 when he is trying not to wake up. Some mornings there is also a pre-breakfast snack sort of a breakfast in bed before breakfast. All this to say tomorrow night things must change.

Friday morning he has a dental appointment for which he will need to be sedated, therefore no food including breast milk after 2:00 am, and no water after 5:30. Needless to say I am very worried about Thursday night and how long he may not be able nurse afterward. He will have major work done on his front two teeth - caps, or crowns or even rebuilding them, we are not sure until we can get the x-ray.

Please any advice on how to get through the night and what to do if all of the sudden he can no longer nurse and weens completely due to this process. Also any encouragement from any who have gone through something similar.

Thank you


Geralyn - posted on 04/28/2010




Dianna, I had to wean my son at 19 mos., because I had to take shots for a prolonged period. I swear, if I hadn't dried up over those months, my son (now 2 - just a couple weeks older than your son) would easily have gone back to nursing. Just keep your supply up, and most likely he will not wean... If he does though, as sad as that is for a BF'ing mom, it means he was probably ready. Although, again, most likely he won't. he'll get right back to it....

As far as him not being able to nurse, it sounds like BF'ing is supplemental nutritionally (not that there aren't other important reasons...) at this point. Thank goodness this did not happen when he was still relying primarily on breast milk for his nutrients, etc... It'll be tough, there may be tears.... but just holding him through the tears til he falls back asleep. My hubby was such a big help, too. He'd go back to sleep for my hubby because my son knew that he couldn't nurse daddy... The first night we "weaned" my son I had to travel for work - it was actually easier on him not to have the milk so close... and then when I returned, I just continued it... Not that you are weaning, but my point is that perhaps a night with dad may be the least tearful, most restful night.... it worked in our situation.... Very few tears... You may think about trying Thursday night with dad, or just talking him through and holding him til he drifts back to sleep.

I wish your son luck with his dental surgery.... I hope that everything works out and that he'll be back to nursing in no time! Just keep up your supply - for him and you - by pumping...

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