How sleep problems develop!!!!

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So I get ocasional emails from and I got an email from them stating is crying it out right for you. Well I just figured I would read it even though I already knew the answer, and it lead me to an article on sleep problems! It is ridiculous just thought I would share! Am I the only one who finds this horrible advice! This is the number 3 reason on their list why a baby has bad sleep habits!!! Ok so God forbid your baby wants comfort and you give it to them!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!! Why are people who practice attachment parenting considered the odd ones!! This is just crazy! If my baby needs me then I am right there, and that is the way it should be!!!!

3. Your baby's bad sleep habits are being rewarded. If your child cries at night to be fed and you feed him, or if he cries because he wants to be held, and you pick him up, then he learns a tricky lesson: Cry and I'll get what I want. But by six months, rest assured he needs neither a nighttime snack nor a cuddle; he's just getting away with that because he can. If your child has become a "trained night feeder" remember this: Healthy full-term babies are capable of fasting for up to 12 hours at night by six months of age (provided they get enough to eat during the day).


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Ally - posted on 07/28/2010




Thank God for Dr. Sears. We live in such an age of forced independence, whether they are ready for it or not!

Met a mom at the park the other day who told me all about "Ferberizing" her 3 children. It's hard to understand how letting your tiny infant cry is supposed to be helping the baby. Helping you, by getting them to stop needing you at night, maybe?

We brought these tiny babies into this world. Isn't it our job to be there for all of their needs? Nighttime parenting is just... part of the bargain!

I bowed to pressure when my daughter was tiny and let her cry. She cried for hours, never gave up, and I sobbed the whole time. It is a nightmare I will never forget! Nor did I ever repeat it.

I don't know how moms can turn off their instincts and do it, even while they think they are doing it for the better good. Whose??? Definitely not the crying baby...

I'm so opinionated on this one, I apologize to those who disagree.

Jessica - posted on 07/24/2010




LOL my 10 month old wakes up STARVING at 4 am every night. I could never imagine ignoring him or not feeding him.
The sad thing is that some parents read this stuff and believe it. I feel for those poor little babies that have to suffer such insensitive parenting :(

Cecily - posted on 07/20/2010




arghhhhh! makes me angry.... i believed all the hype in the beginning, im a new mom and tre just turned 7 months! im so glad that my motherly instincts kicked in and i started listening to my heart instead of all these stupid schmucks! and isnt dr. ferber a man? no offense to good daddies out there (mine likes to wear our son!) but men dont know what women know!

Brenda - posted on 07/04/2010




Thanks dr. Ferber ans cohorts for telling ppl babiess can sleep 12 hours.

Aleks - posted on 07/04/2010




"SO AWFUL. And so typical of the advice new parents get ALL THE TIME from all around them. I hate reading stuff like that, and I hate that it's so often the only kind of advice parents are getting :("

That is soooo true!!! This is exactly what we were told from almost "every source" as new parents!!! And guess what? We didn't know any better, so we believed it! So sad :-( Breaks my heart for my 1st born :'(
My one true REGRET in my life!
However, I have learned a hard lesson................................ and smartened up! :-) So now the (very lucky) 2nd child gets it EASY...LOL
Co sleeping, "normal" feeding on demand and frequently at night too, even tho she is 16.5mths now :o) Less stress, less telling off... Happier, more independent and confident child :-)

[deleted account]

I know thanfully I found Dr. Sears when I was pregnant and started reading his books! Because now I am always hearing how I should let my little one CIO and all that garbage all the time!! At first I let it bother me, but now I am a more confident mommy and just tell people how horrible the CIO method is!! I just think of how I would feel if i was left alone in the dark crying and nobody was coming to help me!!! Seriously I don't understand how a parent could do that!! It breaks my heart!

Sylvia - posted on 07/03/2010




SO AWFUL. And so typical of the advice new parents get ALL THE TIME from all around them. I hate reading stuff like that, and I hate that it's so often the only kind of advice parents are getting :(

Geralyn - posted on 07/02/2010




What the heck is their source of information that somehow a 6 month old can fast for 12 hours????????????? Don't they need to cite some authority for that? Or what, they can just say it???? So stuff your baby during the day (which at 6 months, my son was EBF with NO interest in solids whatsoever...} and expect them to fast for 12 hours???? That is the stupidest thing I ever heard!

As far as becoming manipulative, that is ridiculous. My son never "manipulated" me - he ate when he was hungry and he let us know when he needing loving....

Emily - posted on 07/02/2010




Well we all know that at 6 months, that magic manipulation button inside them turns on. :P
Yeah, that's pretty horrible.

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