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Brenda - posted on 09/29/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




So how fair is this? I come down with the bad throat infection, go to the doctor get told, oh take tylenol for the pain (so bad that I was drooling all night and could barely swallow spit). All I want is to rest while I'm feeling so bad. Every single time I give the baby to Mike within five minutes he's coming screaming down the hallway looking for me. I couldn't get any rest. So I came down with it a second time, and the doctor's office says don't bother coming in because if we didn't call you your strep came back negative. Now this is so another one, not quite as bad as the first time. First time, went 4 days without eating anything except sherbert and yogurt, and even then it hurt. Second time, went another four days without only eating yogurt and frozen yogurt (tried eating cold spagetti os but the tomato sauce burned my throat and the tiniest chunk of food made me wince and sometimes just couldn't swallow at all).

So anyway, Mike starts whining a day or two ago about a sore throat "feels like swallowing broken glass" I'm like, whatever, yeah I've been in a constant state of that lately. I'm thinking of course his is SOOO much worse than mine ever was. Well he comes home today and he's talking funny, like he's got golf balls in his mouth and I figure we should go to urgent care because that is something that has never happened with my throat infections. First I think, well lets go to the walgreen's clinic. They apparently don't take the blue cross blue shield that walmart provides. So we go to another one, and the guy looks in his mouth and says he thinks it is an absess and to go to the ER. So away we go. We get to the ER and they give him pain killers, like real stuff, with the phenegran to stave off nausea, and valium to relax his jar in case they need to do surgery if it is an absess.

Anyway, they do a CT scan to find out and turns out there is no absess, it is a really bad strep infection. He walks out with an antibiotic Rx and vicodin. Vicodin. I get told to take tylenol for easily the same amount of pain, and he gets vicodin. What? And I've been sick twice in three weeks with this crap, and now he has Strep? So now I'm wondering if they didn't screw something up at the doctor's office and forget to call me about my strep test. How else could we both come down sick, me with two bouts of viral tonsilitis and him with bacterial strep at the same time I'm sick?

ARGH I hate that doctor's office!

And the next couple days while he heals are going to be crap because he's going to be the sickest person in the world, because he's so much worse than I was. But he'll get to sleep, while I got to take care of kids, clean house, do laundrey, AND go to school while I was sick with the same damn thing.

Sorry for the vent. Feel a little better.


Mary - posted on 10/05/2010




This is why women are tougher! We have to pick up the slack for the men in our lives even when we can barely get out of bed! Sorry you had to take care of kids and everything while you were sick. I had the stomach flu - vomiting and diarrhea (sp?) - and still had to look after a baby while my husband worked! I think we need to demand more of our men.

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