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I've never seen (or heard of until now) a shower sling, but I'm really interested in them. How do you make sure your baby doesn't get shampoo/ soap in their eyes when your washing your hair and how do you make sure they don't get too cold? Thanks!


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Hmm, good questions. I have to confess, my partner does most of the showering and bathing with our son so my experience is limited. I never wash my hair when I am showering with my son, I save that for when I am alone and have the time and concentration I need (I have very long dreadlocks). I have only ever used the shower sling when my son was old enough to sit up in it either tummy to tummy or on my hip and he is able to lean away from me a bit when I am washing my face. I like a nice warm shower and my son likes to have the water running over him so he is under the water lots and even when he is not, the steam keeps our shower cubicle pretty warm anyway. I'm using the sling less now he has a bit more control of himself, soon I think I'll be able to pop him on the floor of the shower cubicle and he can splash around down there.

If my partner is around, I'll usually jump in the shower with my son, soap him up good, rinse him off (don't bother with the sling) then pass him out to my partner to dry and dress while I finish my shower. Otherwise if I am alone I'll often strip bubs down and sit him on a mat to play with some toys while I jump in the shower first then I'll reach out and grab him and wash him. He isn't crawling yet, but sits up fine so I know he is safe, and our shower cubicle is glass so I can see him and vice versa. We have a heater light and fan in the ceiling that I turn on above him to keep the room warm in winter, but we also live in Queensland in Australia where winter is very mild and summer very hot so keeping him warm is not so much of an issue.

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