Suggestions?? 4 1/2 year old still co sleeping, mom needing a break....

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My beautiful 4 1/2 year old daughter has shared the bed with me since night one. I am in no hurry to get her into her own bed but, she is a very active sleeper and I have not slept well in quite a few months because of it. The only thing that seems to work is when I position her so that it was as if she was nursing...(something she weaned herself from when she was 3 years old.) This is not a long term solution however, because I find sleeping on my side for any length of time make my shoulder ache, and my back is tired the next day. It's not that I want her to be in her own bed, but her moving around, needing to have my hair in her hand, and wanting to move from one end of the bed to the other is a tad overwhelming when I am getting up early for work.

I have tried a few things (extra pillows etc) and am a single mother. Has anyone had this issue with their "older babies"? Any feedback is welcome....even if it only gets me one nights sleep.

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Lea - posted on 02/01/2010




Marcy, LOL @ the Advil!!

Faith-Elyzabeth is not hard to get to sleep at all, she never has been. We have pretty much the same routine every night - snack,teeth, bath, massage and lotion down, story, prayers, drink, hugs and's getting ehr to stay asleep. I am not at all fussed when she comes into my room (I would not have it any other way) it's the moving that has been the biggest problem. I can't believe how much one wee girl can move in 12 hours!!

Cindy, thank you....ironically enough, she has a double bed in the master bedroom, and I happen to be in the smallest room in the house, lol.....I enjoy my small space very much and she has a ton of toys so it only made sense. I honestly could not fit a mattress in my room....but when you mentioned their own special quilt it sparked an idea that we used last night and it was, at least, a bit of a reprieve...

I have a particular blanket that I use when I am curled up in the evenings....Faith LOVES this blanket so, I put it in between the bottom and top sheets over half of the mattress, went out and bought a similar one for her in pink, which I surprised her with yesterday afternoon, and told her the truth about me not being able to get a good night's sleep because she liked to be so active, and showed her how we were going to share the bed, but spilt it up a wee bit. After cuddles, stories, and drink and prayers, I put a body pillow straight down the middle and covered her up with her own "special blanket".

While I still felt her a bit, it was not nearly as bad, and she was not upset by this at all....she's all tucked in now, and I am looking forward to another semi "still" night!!

Wish me luck ladies.....maybe the start of something good!! And thank you again!!

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Do you have room in your bedroom to place a single bed right next to yours? (Even if it makes beds wall to wall) This was the only solution with my 2nd & 3rd children. I explained to them that they were so active at night - liken it to how good they were at active persuits in waking life - that mummy wasn't getting a good night's sleep & it was making her cranky & that they could help by having their own bed right next to mine (right against it as though it were one big bed) & we could stillt sleep close together like we liked but mum could also get some sleep. They liked to idea, they got to buy a special quilt cover for their own bed and they were close enough that we could have a cuddle before sleep then let them sleep on their bed while I had mine. As they got older we moved the bed a little further away from ours until they wanted their own room. No1 son did it at 5. Master 6 and a half is still in our room a couple of feet away. Let us know how you go.

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I have a 3 1/2 year old who runs marathons in his sleep. He co-sleeps with us the nights when I nurse him down and I am too tired to do it in the living room. Most nights though he starts off in his own bedroom and ends up in our bed sometime between 3-6 in the morning. I just couldn't take it anymore. I woke up with bruises,slept on a postage size peice of the bed and had aches and pains in my hips and shoulders. Can you fall asleep with her in her room and then move to your room after or put a mattress next to your bed on the floor? Just some thoughts. Good luck! P.S. When all else fails a heavy does of Advil seems to get rid of those aches.

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Hi glad someone else's child loves hair....she actually asks for it...."Mommy can I have your hair?" LOL!!

I have spoken to my paediatrician about this (she is VERY supportive of my choices on how I parent) and she has exhausted her knowledge trying to figure out why she is like this. She is not hard to get to sleep, nor does she have a hard time falling alseep, but she needs to be right up against me WHILE we sleep. And again.....moving soooooo much. Glad I am nto alone!!

Brenda - posted on 01/25/2010




I've got two octopusses in my bed, one is nine months old, and the other is four and a half years old.

Maybe find out what's causing her to roll and tumble so much? Like restless leg sysdrom or something? I don't have a good answer, because my son is sooooo hard to get to sleep. He flips, flops, talks, sings, and anything to keep himself awake. If you find a good solution, I'll use it!

Just an added thing, I am so glad to hear my kid is not the only one obessed with my hair. I swear, the boy is a terror about it. At least three or four times I'm on him about it to let go of my hair or something like it.

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