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Marcy - posted on 06/22/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Just curious how many of you are working full time outside of the house and practice AP? What have you had to compromise/give up to work? Do you have a support network for your kiddos that is AP style?

I feel like I always and trying to do the best job that I can. I am away from my son for 8-10 hours per day and he goes to a fantastic school. Sometimes when I get home at night and I have to make dinner, fold laundry, etc, etc I feel like I only have a little time left to spend with J.R. I have narrowed down my list when it comes to the house in regards to must do's vs. would like to get down chores but its just so tough sometimes.

Anyone else in the same boat?


Mary - posted on 06/22/2010




In our house we try to strike a balance between work, fun, time with family and kids, and household duties, but is not always attainable. Sometimes things go smoothly and other times not so well, but overall the result is pretty good.

I need some time for working outside the home and my professional life, which brings me a lot of satisfaction and makes me a happier mom. I enjoy having time that's not dominated by the whims of a 2 year old. I believe your kids sense your moods and will benefit from having a mom with outside interests. Of course, it means that home life is more hectic. I have less time for my daughter, but I appreciate my time with her so much more when we've spent some time apart. The house is somewhat messy and not as organized as I'd like, but I try to do some chores at night and on the weekends. I travel sometimes for work, but I try to be home as much as possible at bedtime. My husband and mother in law also help out when I'm not home. I believe its a blessing for your kids to have time with the other parent or adults who care about them. My husband is developing his own style for bedtime, etc.

Guilt about not always being with your child / family is normal and it gets easier with time.

Good luck. You are not alone!

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