Anyone have suggestions for getting a REALLY picky eater to eat healthy?

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My daughter pretty much refuses to eat anything except junk food and peanut butter and jelly. She cries at just the thought of eating most foods unless it's cookies, crackers, or some other junk. It makes dinner miserable because my husband gets upset and since she's been sick recently she's lost weight. I don't want to just start giving her PediaSure or something like it because I'm afraid that will be all she'll want.


Crystal - posted on 03/03/2012




My daughter is the same way, but she's a few years younger (4). We've always had problems with her eating. We just keep giving her healthy choices. She eats nutrigrain bars, carrots, brocolli, crackers, cheese, and some other things. She does not eat any meats, and her Dr doesn't seem too concerned, he's said that the things I listed that she does eat aren't bad for her, so just keep offering things and give her a multi-vitamin. Best of luck! Its definitely tough, I know, we get into our share of arguments at dinner time with her.

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