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my daughter was in a public school for kindergarden and now attends a private school for 1st grade and were thinking about sending her back to public but second guessing because shes learned a lot in school more so than last but problems with money are coming to a issue what kind of education is your childern getting and do you think they could be learing more verse public or private?


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We faced this delimma. We were districted to the lowest-testing school in our county with 25 children per class to the highest testing school with only 16 children per class. This was an absolute miracle. I would have had to pick up more 12 hour shifts per week to afford private school and also volunteer, etc but was determined not to send my child to the poor-performing school. My husband attended private schools and I attended public. My school was quite advanced and well-known for being the one whose district you should buy a home but was public, nonetheless. I read more literature and was advanced in math, science, and political science. He had no advantage other than being exposed to people who lived beyond his means. He loved his school and did gain an education. Finding a district you can live with can provide an excellent education. BTW, I went to college completely on academic scholarships. My husband had loans. Public school offers more in that regard as well. On another note, be on the lookout for good magnet programs. They augment a public education beautifully.

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We have our son in a private preschool - but it is only because of my in laws that this possible. Once he starts kidergarden - we will be sending him to a public school because like everyone else has said, private schools are very expensive. My husband went to private schools up until 6th grade and he was a lot further ahead than the other kids at his public school. I only attended public schools and I think we both turned out about the same with our education levels. I will be doing a lot of research to find out what good public schools are around and hope that my kids will be able to get into a good public school. I think there are great public schools with great programs, decent public schools, and public schools that are not so great. Alot also depends on your child. Some kids will do well no matter where they are. I think education is very important and that we should strive to have higher standards for our children - not lower them.

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My son started school this year. right now I have him in Public School. thats all I went to but I have wondered about Private. I do agree with Annmarie, since my son started school he has learned so much. He talks clearer, says his ABC's, Counts, and other stuff to. According to my son's teacher Every School has a Cirriculun they MUST follow, but if they add more thats up to them. But does that mean that your child is being pushed too much in school? Is the expectations too high? Im sorry I nit pick thing too far. Well I hope this helps you because I did the same thing.

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my son who is 3 is in public school and i think its great hes been leaning so much i didn't even think about private

Holli - posted on 03/10/2009




Our kids aren't in school yet but we are going to send them to public school. We thought about private and that's what my mother-in-law wants us to do but it's so spendy. I think private school would be better for education if money wasn't an issue.

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