I need help with starting potty training

Charity - posted on 03/19/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




I can't seem to figure out how to start potty training my 19month old. Back this summer as soon as she woke up I would sit her on her potty and she would pee, now she wont even do that. HELP PLEASE! She doesn't want to wear a diaper but she doesnt want to sit on the potty.


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Natalia - posted on 03/28/2009




I would wait untill she seems ready. My daughter has just started going on the potty. She's also 19 months old and we didn't do anything. We kept a potty in the toilet and one day she asked me to take her nappy off. I didn't think anything of it because she doesn't like wearing clothes anyway but she went and got the potty and went wee's. I couldn't believe it because we hadn't even thought about toilet training yet. Now she does wees and poos, it's not regular, she wears nappies for naps and night time but other than that she wears knickers and pants that are easy for her to take off.

Shayla knows that if she doesnt use the potty she gets wet or she goes in a nappy. Those are the choices we gave her and she usually chooses the potty.

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my daughter is 19mnths and 1/2 potty trained, havent got night time's sorted yet.

i just put her in undies and let her wee in them, that way she knew how uncomfortable it was to have wet undies on. I also said wee wee's so she knew what she had done. now when she needs to go to the toilet she says wee wee's!

Joyce - posted on 03/21/2009




I used cloth training pants and a pul cover. I switched to cloth because they can feel being wet and also I would observe my son for about 3 days to see if he had a pattern of when he would go to the bathroom. So far it's been working. I sometimes miss and he ends up going in his training pants. But for the most part, we make it 75%of the time. FYI I just started potty training last week and we use the toilet not a potty. He wont go in the potty at all.

Lori - posted on 03/19/2009




Use pull on underwear or pull ups so she keeps her bottom covered.  Does she use the regular toilet or a potty chair?  We have used all.  Keeping variety so she can use any toilet we come too.  i like best a Safety 1st potty seat that attaches to the toilet, you lift it for an adult to use the toilet just like you lift the lid.  The seat helps her feel like she is not falling and is on the big potty so I don't have to clean a  little potty.  The other thing is to distract her a little, we sing songs sitting on the potty,  then when she goes I make a big deal of it and praise her.  Even just sitting there I praise her for trying.  My daughter tells me diaper when she needs to go, during and after.  Does your daughter tell you in anyway?  My oldest didn't tell me and it took  a long time to potty train her and lots of accidents.  We started in February and she would do well and then not back and forth, more not than good.  Then in September something clicked and we started back up and she was completely trained in that week.  She was 2 months shy of turning 3.  I am in no hurry but would love for her to be potty trained.  The biggest thing I remember was it was great no more dirty diapers and all but then you have to know exactly where every bathroom you go is and be ready at any given moment to run( Literally) to get there.  Hope this helps.

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