rough night..

Sasha - posted on 05/21/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Wow- what a tough night- DS1 went to sleep at nine, finally. I think we duked it out for 2 hours.. I feel like his behavior has regressed so badly in the last week or so. Tantrums are worse, more frequent, easier to set off. Nights are tough, he co-slept/nursed for so long, and now I really feel like I set him up for misery because my DH cannot handle sleeping with him.. and we have a 6 mo old boy as well now! He sleeps very poorly, comes into our room at night to sleep on the floor, has fits over blankets and pillows.. goes potty through the night.. He looks bad to me, pale, thinner- this parenting toddlers thing is STRESSING me out!
I am sleep training the baby- not going to do this again- makes me sad in some ways, but I am shutting down with the madness that is nighttime with my toddler... I tried to just take him back to bed without speaking tonight, but then the baby woke up after just an hour, so that went out the window..
Being a self-employed working mom, I wonder if this isn't something of a cry for attention- I work 6-7 days a week this time of year. :( my attatchment parenting background from the last 3 years is killing me to not be around a lot, not be sleeping with my boy, pumping a LOT. more than nursing anymore.. BLAH!
I guess there aren't really any questions here., just needed to write. Hope you all are having a better night than us!


Ella - posted on 05/24/2010




Im sorry u all are having such a hard time. Are you still nursing ur 2 yr old?

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