why is my son so hard to take care of

April - posted on 02/02/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




my son is 2 years old and he has an attitude me and his dad do everything we can do dicipline the behavior and nothing helps please if anyone has any tips....what i have tried so far..

1. spanking- doesnt work

2.time out -doesnt work

3.taking away privilidges -doesnt work..

I just dont know what to do anymore...i want my son to be good


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Nichole - posted on 03/09/2010




Boys are not worse than girls. I think it's individual to personality... silly to base things like this on gender.

I think you're placing much too much emphasis on a certain behavior. He's 2, not 10. It's your job to model the behavior you wish to see from him and to gently correct him when he's acting out. Time outs never worked with my children but time in did. Also, what privileges does a 2 year old have?? That's beyond me... most things that a 2 year old does are quite necessary at this age and not quite a privilege.

Take a look at the book 1-2-3 Magic. Maybe that might give you a better idea how to discipline your 2 year old with effective results. :)

Jo - posted on 03/07/2010




I have a similar problem where my 2 yr old boy won't do as he is told to do. I discovered Quiet Time instead of time out. All i do is ask him to sit on the couch when he has been naughty or if he gets too boisterous with his binky and see if he will calm down and then i talk to him about playgroup or what we are goin to do the next day. I find that usually works better than time out because he doesn't really get what thats about and i found that it stressed me just as much as him.
Try looking at it from a different angle and you may find a sloution that way i.e distraction.

I also know that boys are worse than girls, i was never pulling my hair out when my daughter was his age!!!!!!!! lol (or maybe i just choose to blank it out)
I wish you the best of luck and remember before you know it he will be out the door into the big world by himself and it will all be a bad memory which you can use to embarass him with!!!!!!

Fran - posted on 03/05/2010




I some times have to remind my self that even though my son understands more and can talk in full sentences that he is still only two and that he is learning life from scratch. He may not understand why he feels mad or frustrated so I agree with talking things out if he is able too. Also I think that some time we forget to praise our kids when they are doing a Good Job so if the only time they get our attention is when we are yelling at them not to do something they may just be doing it to get your attention.Trust me I only know because i have found myself guilty of such things. I hope this helps.

Christine - posted on 02/02/2010




Try not to put such an emphasis on perfect behavior... choose your battles wisely. My son was recently on a push mom and dad's buttons rampage for like three weeks. It seemed as though his behavior got worse everyday, and the more we focused on it the worse it got. I was a brat as a child and believe in firmness... but it wasn't working. So I tried a couple of new tactics that changed his behavior in days! 1.) we started a sticker chart for good behavior. if he went all day without hitting, he got a sticker. I gave him one reminder,"hitting hurts, if you hit again you will not get your sticker for good behavior tonight." Then I'd aks him to use his words and tell me what he was feeling angry/sad/etc. if he could, we'd talk about it. the reading on sticker charts says to start with small goals like three stickers in a week and they still get the reward... praise, praise,praise! He really cought on quickly! Sometimes I'd just redirect too. I also noticed I was slacking on his schedule for eatiing a little, his behavior gets much worse when he is hungry... as does my patients, so pre- supper time was rough!

Biggest of BIG... you son is good, and a gift from God. I always tell myself and my son this when I'm feeling overwhelmed. Always focus and say you expect his behavior to be good... not him, HE is good.

I try to think of what I heard as a child and the beliefs I grew to think about myself. I am trying to be more considerate of him... He is a little person, not a bratty boy.

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