2nd Birthday Party Ideas

Nicole - posted on 03/01/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




Does anyone have any ideas for a girls second birthday party?


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Mandy - posted on 03/10/2010





it is hard, they are starting to know whats going on and getting excited. There is more then likely something on the net, if you look up kids birthday parties, you should find something.

Hope you can do something you all will enjoy.

Jessica - posted on 03/09/2010




My little girl gets super excited about parties, she loves people and music and acting like a big people lol so this year for her secong birthday, we're having a Mad Hatter's Tea Party with flamingo croquet. I'm basically creating a huge garden party with huge paper flowers and lanterns and such decking out her grandma's backyard. My Little Buttons mainly hangs out with adults (my hubs and I are highschool sweethearts, and we were drama kids back then.. we still have all the same friends... so she's got a very colorful and playful bunch of adults) and only a couple of our other friends have kids, So, my dilema was finding something that could equally accomidate about fifteen adults and a total of three toddlers lol and two new babies.

My girl loves running around outside and sitting at the table & pretending she's grown up, so the tea party thing will work awesome for her.

But it does kinda depend on your little one. If she's more shy and reserved, maybe a blowout party isn't right for her. My Evey is a little ham for camera's and loves being center stage, so a big to-do is right up her alley.

Hope this helps!

Amanda - posted on 03/02/2010




yeah local soft play although they can be expensive i normally just have a tea party in the house with few family children around, for Hannah last year i had night garden theme, and this year will prob be upsy daisy/or peppa pig as they r her favs at the min hopefully aug will be lovely weather for outdoor play too :)

Taylor - posted on 03/02/2010




Im taking my little girl to bouncer planet, its like indoor moon walks and games...maybe there is one in your area.Pending on what month and weather cook out and hang out, My little girl loves my little poney so I am going to get her a pony cake..what excites your little one? Well i hope you got something out of that, good luck!

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