At what point do you stop burping the baby? When does spitting up stop?

Suzanne - posted on 01/18/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Burping - When do you not have to burp them anymore? Are there specific signs to look for or is it when you hear them do it on their own? What's the average age? 6 months? A year?

Spitting up - Not that I don't love my daily dose of baby spit up all down my shirt, but when do babies generally stop spitting up? Is it when they are eating more solid foods?



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Stephanie - posted on 01/28/2009




My daughter spits up all the time, even a couple of hours after her last meal. My doctor told me last week that she should grow out of it by the time she is 1 year. I was hoping it would be sooner, but there could be worse things. I still burp her sometimes, but I really don't see any difference in how much she spits up if I burb her or not...

Lynette - posted on 01/28/2009




Hi Suzanne,

Normally they say after 3 months you dont have 2 burp them but I still sometimes burp my boy. He can help himself either up or down. Spitting - he still spitting this can be because off a wind that was stuck or he was still full from the previous feeding. Wel lost of mums will give you advice. But dont worry there is nothing wrong, goodluck.

Diana - posted on 01/19/2009




My baby is now 5 and half months and whilst he is pretty good at burping himself, I still make sure I burp him after breast and bottle feeding. I find that the sooner I burp him after he's finished drinking the less spit-up there is. He tends to sort out his own burps after solids and doesn't tend to spit-up his solids too much which is a blessing. Not sure when you're meant to stop - or even if there is an average or suggested age.

Melody - posted on 01/19/2009




Ha! Well- my boy is a master spitter upper- even now that he's eating a few foods. Nothing like avocado spit up- it stains and is nasty. I still burp him too, he almost always burps after breastfeeding.

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