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okay I'm not going to lie, I was always so excited when Alyssa passed stages. Rolling over, sitting up, scooting, going from formula to baby food, crawling, pulling herself up...and everything in-between. But older mothers always told me, don't push her to fast enjoy the baby stages cause once there gone, there gone. They would ask me when my husbend and I are having another one and always my answer was "oh never, I have had enough labor pains to last me a lifetime" but they told me I would miss being pregnant and miss labor and miss the baby part.

And I always said I wouldn't miss it that much and that is wasn't that big a deal, but now that Alyssa is almost one and she is losing her baby features, and is starting to look more and more like a toddler, I am starting to miss the small, innocent little thing that used to cuddle with me every night and who needed me to hold up the bottle for her, I am starting to miss it. I miss it so much that I have been talking to Shane about maybe trying for another one, but he wants to wait until Alyssa is out of diapers and off to school before we bring another little person into our world. *sigh* Is there anything to do that makes losing the babish parts of your baby easy to deal with, I mean she's almost one and it feels like I had her yesterday. Time goes so fast.


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I have the same feeling and I have two kids! I guess it's a phase all mothers go through. Don't decide to have a baby just because you miss the baby phase. Having two is a lot harder than having one. But if you do decide to have another, it's magical watching the siblings learning to interact. The fist time my daughter laughed was at her older brother being silly. I'm so lucky to have two beautiful children, but there's a part o me that really wants another, despite how hard it was with two. My husband says no, so I guess I'll have to be happy with what I've got.

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