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When my son was born, he slept through the night instantly and always had until he aquired croup when he was 4 or 5 moths old. He is now almost 14 months old and has not slept through the night since he had croup. He uses a "teddy" (a blanket with a teddy bear head and arms sewn on) and a soother for sleep time but only at bed time or nap time, during waking hours he is not allowed to have them because we wanted them only associated with sleep. We play soothing rainforest lullabies quietly to drown out any road noise or backround noise that might disturb him and we have also tried not playing the music. We have tried a night light and without one. He always has a warmed glass of milk before bed and we have a solid routine which is as follows: we have dinner, dessert, bath, bedtime lotion, pj's, "In The Night Garden" (tv show for bedtime), he drinks his warmed milk as he watches his show and then we brush his teeth, have a drink of water and he gets his soother, his teddy, gets tucked into bed. Half of the time he will fall asleep in my arms watching his show and the other times he nods off by himself in his bed. We've only tried the "cry it out" method a couple of times and didn't let him cry any longer than 15 minutes because the longer he crys the louder he gets, the more worked up he gets and it just ticks him off more, and he'll cry so hard he can barely breathe. We are at our wits end and we need a full 6 or 7 hours of sleep for a change instead of an hour or two then up and repeat. Now usually when he wakes up in the night, he's not fully awake, and we think its usually from losing his teddy, soother or being in a really uncomfortable position. All we do is go in, give him his soother or teddy, reposition him, cover him up again and then leave and he usually goes right back to sleep. Now he has also have a number of ear infections since he was born, i think the count is at 7 and he's 13.5 months. He has surgery scheduled for December 15th to get tubes due to excess fluid build up behind the ear drums. If anyone has any suggestions, that would be appreciated. Also, any suggestions on how to take a soother away and how to deal with coping with it (children and parents)????? Thanks in advance


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I think that once your son has the surgey for the tubes he MIGHT sleep better. I have nto really had an issue wiht my sons( 14 months) sleeping habits although approx. once a month he does tend to think that a 3 hours long party time is called for at 12am.

As a child I had cronic ear infectiosn and had problems sleeping b/c of the pressure. The pacifier acctually helps with the pressure in hthe ears so I am not sure if you would want to take it away b/4 he gets the tubes.

Every child is differnt for tryign to get to sleep and hofully you will find soemthing that works. Trying to riase one end of the mattress or even the crib is recomended as an option often as well.

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My son has never slept through the night. All kids are different. I tried the crying method, but couldn't do it. Too harsh for me. We co sleep and I still breast feed him. I am his method to get to sleep. I have learned to accept my son as he is. He will sleep through the night one day.

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i am wonderin how to get my youngest to sleep at night too he is 13 1/2 months old i am too doing the same things you are doing except he dosn't use a cuddle object and we don't watch tv i think even the relaxing show stimulate him too much it sound like you are doing everything i would do these tactic worked wonderfully with my first 2 children my oldest always had a hard time sleeping flat i ended up having to roll up a blanket and put it under the matress to raise his head this too after a bought of croupe i don't think it was as big a problem as your child is having though i did find out later that he too had fluid behind his eardrum and i think (i am by no means a dr) that the pressure of the fluid on his ears bothered him enough to wake him up and he was a bit better if he wasn't lying flat but he is also a child with special needs so it could just have been his various problems no way of knowing he had tubes and then instead of getting better his underlying condition made his hearing worse so for a while he was scared to go to sleep because he couldn't hear us maybe depending on how sick he was it scared him? just a few ideas i am not shure how medically realistic theym might be but i do think it might be a possibility who knows what a baby remembers or associates i would definately talk to your dr they may have an idea you havn't thought of again i could be totally off on this one but it did work for our situation good luck! i hope things work out soon for you

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