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Has anyone offered any different type of diluted juice other than apple?


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Alizbeth - posted on 03/21/2009




I got some Juicy Juice Berry Blend for my son. I don't pay extra for the small bottles of Gerber Juice. I get 100% juice that has been pasteurized. If you look at the Gerber apple juice ingredients and compare them to Mott's it's the same and Mott's costs a lot less. Ant way my son liked juice for a week then decided to stop drinking it. He will not drink anything out of a cup or bottle. So now I mix the juice in with his cereal for breakfast. He likes it.  

Emma - posted on 03/21/2009




i have to agree with staci.  giving a baby juice, even diluted baby juice, its no good for them really. just keep encouraging water and offer juicy foods like oranges etc, that way you know its natural, no sugar or preservatives, no additives etc.

if you want to give baby juice, maybe, just use it as a treat every now and then :)

Staci - posted on 03/10/2009




i know i'm going to sound like a bad guy here, but why give juice at all?  my daughter is almost 2 and has never drank juice on a regular basis.  she eats lots of fruit and drinks milk and water when thirsty.  I just think juice has empty calories and tons of sugar that they don't really need.  Anyway, just my thoughts.  :D 

User - posted on 03/09/2009




Yep--We have done all the clear juices. They are combos though-like apple-grape, apple-pear, and apple-berry. Gerber makes little 4 oz containers and then I add 4 oz of water-so its half and half. I put it in her tippy, which she isn't great at but what she gets out is what she gets. Our Dr said nothing that isn't clear-Hope this helps :)

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