My 2yr 5mo old son isnt saying 2-3 word sentences yet, should I be concerned yet or give him some time??

Bonita - posted on 01/28/2011 ( 10 moms have responded )




My son Baron is almost 30 mo old and Ive learned that at his age he should be speaking in 2-3 word sentences, but he isnt even close to that. He says dozens of different words but no sentences yet, and when I try to get him to say a new word he whines and doesnt want to like "leave me alone mama!' lol. I know that all kids develop at different rates but Im just a little concerned cause I have a couple friends that have boys about the same age and they talk way more than my son.


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My son was the exact same way. I had him evaluated at 2 yrs of age (a little soon I know) and he went through ECI for speech therapy to get him "caught up". Also he was approved at 3 once he aged out of ECI for a pre K program that offers speech therapy. Now he won't shut up! LOL!

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My 31 months old daughter only recently started putting sentences together, after she started going to a day care, that is family style (with 5-6 different age children, most older then her). I think interaction with other kids really helped her. I was a little worried, just a tiny bit, because i couldn't help but compare her to other kids her age that i know that chat way in full sentences. Also, i mostly speak Ukrainian to her, while Daddy and everyone else around speaks English, so that might make it a little harder at first. Anyway, i think as others mentioned, boys are usually a little behind girls in talking, so, your son is probably too busy playing and running etc to put the words together. Good luck to you!

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We also work with ECI, but they don't work with kids over 3 so you only have a few months left. We found a few things that helped our son. One was The Talking Letter Factory and Talking Word Factory by Leap Frog. Another is a bunch of apps for the iPod that teach words, letters, and numbers. He is talking a whole lot more, knows all his letter and numbers now. Also try to hold out on giving him what he wants unless he uses his words and reward him whenever he does.


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our son "talks" all the time, but isn't using many real words. he has "words"that he uses and i hear repetition is a good thing, means he's learning. we understand him most of the time, but he's not making sentences and he almost never repeats us. Only one time did he put two words together! I've heard that kids work on developing either verbally or physically and then catch up on the one they were lacking in. our son has physical skills that amaze me, but he still won't try to say real words. He definitely understands everything we are saying to him, so I know he can hear us! he just doesn't seem to have an interest in saying things back. he is 2 1/2 now. I think if it is still like this when he turns 3 we will get him checked out. I'm not too worried about it, but I understand why you would be. If nothing else it is so frustrating, especially when other kids his age are talking up a storm! sounds to me like he's a typical 2 1/2 year old boy! good luck! I'd be interested to hear about it when he does start talking!

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My son is a little over two and a half and his ability to communicate comes and goes. Sometimes he speaks and you can understand him no problem, and other times he gets lazy in his desire to convey his feelings. He doesn't really use sentances but knows a whole bunch of words and can understand EVERYTHING! For a while I was concerned, but his doctor kept saying that he will eventually get it. He said that at the moment my sonis much more interested in exploring the world around him. He is so far ahead other kids his age in his gross motor skill it is kind of funny. He does things that 5 and 6 year old kids do. I wouldn't worry about it. My brother hardly spoke a single word until he was 3 and then he just look at my mom as she was talking to him and said "actually mom, that is very interesting".

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My daughter is the same. She's saying a lot of words, but most of them aren't very clear. We managed to get a speech assessment done for her in December, and she now goes to a speech class once a week. She is saying a lot more, but still suffers from clarity issues. Kids all learn at different rates, but if you are worried, it doesn't hurt to get him assessed for speech issues.

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My son is the same way. Says a ton of words, but the only real sentence he says is "there it is" or "bye bye mama".

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I wouldn't worry. Boys are much different than girls and they don't care about talking and are not quite as inclined to want to please you. It's all about what they want to do and when they want to do it. My son is the same age and only uses a couple of "sentences" he uses. If he understands what you are saying and follows instructions, it most likely isn't a hearing issue. If he seems to say several different kinds of sounds in the words that he does say, then it's probably just his timeline. Of course, if your mommy instincts make you think that something might be wrong mention it to your ped and make sure that they consider your concerns.

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My daughter is doing the same thing. We have a speech therapist visiting with her once a month since last Oct. She is now starting to put more words together but we have long way to go

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best advice i could give you is just talk to him all the time every where u go. Thats what i have done with my son and he wont shut up. but every child is different so just give him time.

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