My toddler swore yesterday...

Darlena - posted on 08/23/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My two year old dropped the f-bomb yesterday, after I dropped a pen. It was matter-of-factly like she was saying Oh No! or something.

I did some research and wrote out my thoughts on curbing that habit here:

but like I was just saying somewhere else, I think my theories are lacking in real-life application. So, I'm asking for advice here... how can I stop the swearing before it really starts?


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Jaimie - posted on 08/28/2010




my daughter also started swearing yesterday. And it was alll day long yesterday. Though her word of choice is "damnit". It was "I want a cookie damnit", I wanna watch a movie damnit". I told her I loved her and she said "I love you more damnit!" My husband and I explained to her that that is a bad word and she stopped for the rest of the night. I thought that maybe it was over with and she forgot about it until today when we were in the grocery store. I dropped a can and she said "damnit!!!" I know my husband and I are to blame for using the word in front of her, but now I dont know what to do to stop her from saying it. My husband said to ignore her and dont give her a reaction, but shes the kind of child that if you ignore something that she is saying, she will repeat herself until you show her some acknowledgement.

Sara - posted on 08/24/2010




We've had a few of these moments with our little Parrot, too. When it happens, we try not to react to encourage a repetition. If she happens to repeat it, we've started to play little word games with her (something we do anyway)., by either repeating silly words and changing them up with rhymes and whatnot. In moments, she has completely forgotten about the word.
That said, my hubby grew up in a family where adults did not curb their language, and the kids grew up learning that the words were just words. They were not taboo, but they were strongly encouraged to use a more appropriate word. However, once they turned 18, they could use whatever 4-letter word they wanted. Because it wasn't taboo, it took all of the fun out of the word.

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