Night Terrors

Meagan - posted on 06/27/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter (8/5/08) wakes up almost every night an hour or so after she goes to sleep and has a screaming fit for about 10 minutes. There's nothing I can do to calm her down until she wants to be calmed. My mother-in-law suggested it might be night terrors, and I after researching, I'm pretty sure it is. I was just wondering if any of you guys are experiencing night terrors and what you do for them?


Emily - posted on 06/28/2009




My son Carson is just about 11 months and he also suffers from night terrors. He goes through cycles with them. It is usually around a growth spurt i've noticed he suffers with them. He will go weeks without a single terror then he will have them every night for a week and he will have up to four a night. There is nothing I can do to calm him down. I always go and pat him and sing to him to let him know i'm there. There isn't a whole lot that can be done for them. My doctor said that if he were older he wouldn't even remember it and that is how night terrors are different from nightmares. Every once in a while though i will pick him up and that does seem to help somewhat, but usually we just have to wait it out. I've read that if it occurs around the same time each night that about 45 minutes into their sleep to go into their room make a little bit of noise so it disrupts their sleep patter just a little bit. Good luck. i know how awful they are. it's heartbreaking.

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