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Am I giving my son enough attention?? I prob spend 2 15 min sessions JUST focusing on him in each 2 hour awake period. Other times he is in the jumper or swing or activity center. I talk to him but mostly I am doing chores, etc....Is this normal? What do you do?


Leah - posted on 02/02/2009




That's exactly what I do, give or take. Our basic schedule is wake up, eat, then he goes under his mobile to stretch and kick and digest for a bit, then we play for 15 min or so, then he goes in his jumper while I run around do other things, when he gets fussy again I see if he needs a change of scenery or maybe he's hungry again, or maybe we have cuddles until he's ready to sleep again. Oh yeah, there's some diaper changing in there somewhere too. Sometimes it is different though, if I don't have a lot of chores to do, then I'll spend longer amounts of time face to face. And of course when dad gets home from work and when my mom come over he gets lots of interactions. Later at night getting ready for bed there's lots of face time the bath, getting jammies on, getting a story. I'm thinking your son gets all the attention he needs and he'll probably tell you if it's not enough by crying or fussing. Woah, sorry that was so long.

Aaron & Jessyca - posted on 02/02/2009




I do the same thing, I try to spend uninterupted one on one time with my son several times a day. When I have to cook, clean, etc I try to have him in his swing or jumper near where I am so he can see me and I can still talk to him. Its completely normal, and they need the time to be able to entartain themselves and explore some on their own. As long as he knows you are close by if he needs you then I think you are doing fine. I also worry sometimes that I am not spending enough time with my son, but unfortunately the dishes, meals, laundry and cleaning dont get done themselves lol, and my son seems to be very happy and well adjusted. Good luck!


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