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SHOES! When and what shoes!

User - posted on 05/15/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




Has your baby started wearing shoes and what kind of shoes? When do you think is the time to give the baby proper orthopaedic shoes?

My baby is now crawling and walking by holding on furniture. The last few months I put him these shoes which are soft, and non slip or shoes which are like socks! I was wondering when is the time to move to harder shoes?


Lorilynne - posted on 05/18/2009




I should have said firm sole, not hard sole. You want a sole that is flexible (like leather or rubber) but provides support and is flat and nonskid. Pedipeds are great but they can be pricey and I personally don't like to spend so much on kids shoes that they are just going to grow out of in a few months. If you don't mind spending a little more, then definately go with pedipeds but it is possible to find the right kind of shoe at a cheaper price. I know that Walmart carries the traditional first walker shoes (you know the ones, they're all white and have a rubber sole). Go into any shoe store and they can do a fitting, even Payless, and they can provide plenty of options.

Holley - posted on 05/18/2009




PEDIPEDS!!!! They are awesome! Barefoot is best, but if it is cold out...or if baby is walking outside (or wherever you're unsure of how clean the floors might be) then pediped is the absolute best!! They are soft-soled, but are made of very sturdy, slip-proof leather. They WILL NOT be penetrated by anything like most of the other soft-soled shoes. (I've seen playground mulch poke through even Crocs.)

Sabrina - posted on 05/16/2009




I always use slip resistent socks for along time in the house. When we go out they are usually in the stroller anyways. My older daughter is 23 months and we only buy shoes that are soft sole so they are like she is barefoot. You shouldn't buy hard soles until later when they are much older. I made that mistake with my son and he had some foot problems. But never again. And since we live in south florida we have such warm weather i just buy sandles.

Whitney - posted on 05/16/2009




I have heard it is time for shoes when they are walking. My daughter has a toy that she pushes all over the house and I let her do it in her socks but when we take her outside to walk with it, I put shoes on her. Right now, I have just been putting the shoes on her that are cute and not really for walking but I did get a pair of pedi peds that are approved by the board of pediatrics because they are soft and like bare feet but provide protection. They have tons of cute styles for both boys and girls. They also have a sizing chart online that was not too helpful. My daughter is 9 months but I did get her 18 to 24 months size and they are a little big but she will grow into them. I am going to get her the 6 to 12 month size in a few pairs so she can wear them now! I just figured that since she was wearing 18 month clothes that her shoes should be that size but I was wrong! I think the websirte is Hope this helps!

Lorilynne - posted on 05/15/2009




When they are first learning how to walk, bare feet are definately better. When you do get a walking shoe, you want a hard sole. I never went to a specialty store, just got them at Target when my daughter was old enough. Instead of going for the shoes that are in the baby aisle, I went for the ones in the actual shoe section.


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Jessica - posted on 01/08/2016




Moccasinis by J. Co. are our favorite!!! They're ideal for new walkers. They are handmade and have soft leather soles. My daughter has a bunch of pairs and wears them every day. You can custom order any color or style that you want. Soooo cute! Here are the links to the Facebook page and the Etsy shop:

For hard soled shoes, we love Stride Rite! They fit perfectly and are super cute and well made.

Lorilynne - posted on 05/16/2009




Bare feet are best because when babies first start walking, they can grip the ground with their don't really give them that option. They don't always have to be barefoot though. I kept my daughter barefoot indoors but whenever she wanted to walk outside I put shoes on her.

Veronica - posted on 05/15/2009




Is there a medical reason for bare foot first steps? Just wondering bc my daughter wears soft bottom shoes from time to time and she is learning to walk by the furniture and walker...

Nastasia - posted on 05/15/2009




Hi there

Last week i went to a childrens shoe shop were they fit them for there first pair of shoes, The lady told me to wait untill at least 12 to 13 months of age and if i wanted to put shoes on my son to put him in what you explained above. I hope this helped.......

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