Temper Tantrums Help!!!

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My son is 12 months old and he has recently started to throw temper tantrums. He will trhow him self on the ground and just cry and cry and he is inconsolable. I have been told to just ignore it. But they are driving me crazy. I want to be able to just help him but I have no idea how. And telling someone to just ignore it is a lot easier then listening to your child scream his head off all day. And he is trhowing tantrums about everything. If he is hungry, if he is tired, if I put him down for a nap, if he wants to play with something but can't, if I say no, if he wants my attention, if he gets frusterated with a toy, book, or anything. I feel like he is spending more time crying then being happy all day, Please help what can I do?


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When my son throws a tantrum ignoring it is impossible, he screams untill he throws up. So I am using the same trick my mom used on me and my sis, I flick a few drops of cold water at him, not his face but on bare skin. It gets his attention so I can distract him away from what he wanted but cant have.


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my son started with tempers as well. he throws his arms around and kicks his legs and pulls away and screams. omg. idk what to do. i have started to just hollar NO SIR! and he will cry a minute then he is fine. xXxGLxXx

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I usually check the major things, is he dirty, might he be hungry, and if it appears that to be a tantrum for attention I do ignore it and it is hard, but I think that if I cuddle him and he gets what he wants then he will continue to employ this method to get what he wants. If he is frustrated with a toy I will sit on the floor and play with the toy myself until he stops screaming and comes over to see what I'm doing and then I can 'help/show' him how it works. I did this with my little girl and she hardly ever has any tantrums now (she is 3).

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the key to calm a tantrum is : SURPRISE ( to get the attention of the child ) then DIVERSION. in practice, you could for exemple, put some water on a cloth and wipe his face and neck with it he will scream at first but this will cool him down then try a diversion like :"ohhhhh look there is a little bird outside the window where is he going?"

or try to surprise him with some music than invite him to "dance" with you .

you can also try to hold him firmly in your arms and talk to him explaining with a reasonable tone that you understand his frustration but no one (even you) can always have what he wants... and most importantly TRY to stay calm and don't show him you are obset or nervous cause this will make the situation worst... Good luck

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Sara- my son does not have big fits yet but i will consider the water trick when he does start. Thank you. Catherine - I don't know what to say but good luck.

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