Why won't my 3 and half old use the potty?

Heather - posted on 03/25/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is 3 and a half, she will be 4 this upcoming August and she will be old enough to start preschool. Unfortunately she will not poo-poo in the potty. She did it one time when she was about 2 years old, and it scared her half to death. She freaked and started crying and every since then, she poops in her pull-up or even in her big girl panties! What gets me is that I know she knows the concept and knows when she is about to poop. She even asks me, "Mommy are you pooping?" when I use the potty. But when I ask her why she won't poop in the potty, she tells me, "I can't do that!" I've tried bribing her, I've tried taking away something everytime she poops in her pull-up or panties, obviously I've tried big- girl panties, I just dont know what to do! Then recently she seems to have reverted to even peeing in her pull-up!! She has been doing that in the potty since she was 19 months old! But now all the sudden, back in the pull-up. Can anyone tell me why?! Or give me any helpful advice?


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Brittney - posted on 03/25/2012




It may just be that 'preschool' is a new concept for her and she is just scared of the unknown. It seems she may be trying to revert back to being a baby so that she doesn't have to be a big girl anymore. (sometimes it scares children to grow up). Maybe if you give her some apple juice (it has a laxative effect) that will make her stool a little easier to pass because maybe it hurts to go poop. You can ask her doctor about it, too. Otherwise, I haven't had this problem with my daughter (cause she is 17 months) she does occasionally have an accident because her baby friend (he is 4 months old) goes potty in a diaper and so sometimes when were over at their house I have to remind her that she is a big girl and big girls go potty in the big potty and that Landen will catch up when he's one. I hope for the best! Sorry I don't have much advice.

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