10 month old eating habits

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I am interested to see what other mothers of 9 or 10 month old babies are feeding their little ones, and how often. My daughter is a few days shy of being 10 months old, and only weighs in at 15lbs. Although her father and I are both very naturally skinny people, the doctors seemed to be concerned with her being so little. Here's what I feed her daily, and I would love for other mothers to post the same so I can compare and make sure my little girl is getting enough food. Much appreciated!

We usually start off the morning by nursing, and then having some yogurt and fruit (which she eats about half of, on a good morning). She'll snack on cheerios, gerber puffs/crunchies/biting buscuits for a few hours until she is ready for another meal. From then on she'll have a rice cereal meal mixed with formula, 1/2 a jar of baby food, and a tablespoon of corn oil for calories. She'll normally eat about half of the mix, followed by some bread and butter or grilled cheese, canned peas or carrots, and chase it down with a 5-10 minute nursing session. 4 or so hours later when she is hungry again, she'll finish off the leftover rice cereal meal, and again munch on some fruit or canned veggies or bread. Always muching on those gerber snacks between. Dinner is usually bits and pieces of whatever mommy and daddy are having followed by yet another nursing session. Writing this out, it sounds like a lot, but at the end of the day where she's really just picking...it makes me wonder if this is the reason for her low weight.


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I feed my girl 3 meals a day and nurses on demand which is typically 4-5 times a day. Her meals are about 6-8 ounces of food. She weighs 14lbs 3 oz and the doctor thinks she is just fine. She's just a very active baby


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My baby boy is very healthy but i don't feed him too much "grown up" food yet. I get worried how much he can handle with only two teeth and have only recently upgraded to 3rd foods. He has 4 bottles throughout the day and rice cereal for morning and 3 course meals for lunch and dinner (meat, veggies, and fruit.) He is above average on height and weight.

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Nica is 10 months and i breastfeed her on demand...after she wakes up, i feed her cereals..later in the morning, she drinks in a formula..i nurse her before she goes to sleep and then she wakes up by lunch...she eats what we eat and another formula afterwards,,..maybe she gets a bottle or two on the afternoon about 6 ounces each..i give her biscuits too.. then in the evening, she eats cereals and some from our dinner...then she drinks 6 ounces of her formula...she'll play for an hour and when she's tired, i breastfeed her until she gets asleep.

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Gabby has a 6oz. bottle of formula around 9:30am with about 3-4oz. of cereal, then another bottle along with yogourt and pureed fruit around 1:30pm. Dinner is around 5:30pm which is another bottle along with 1/3 of a large jar of baby food (the really chunky stuff for 8mos. or 12mos. +), and then an 8oz. bottle around 9:30pm. Snacks include toast or cookies in between and a small (3oz.) bottle of water or juice. I'm kind of lucky with her eating habits because she'll eat anything. She weighs about 20lbs. and sleeps straight through from 9:30-9:30.

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what my son eats in a typical day is either jar food or fruit slices and a single serve kids yogurt. for lunch he will have some kind of vegetable and a cheesestring or cheese slices. then for a snack i will give him some more fruit and yogurt, and then for dinner i will give him some kind of meat dish, which he mostly spits out, cheerios, some more yogurt and cheese. he also has about4 8 oz bottles a day. he weighs 20 lbs

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some babies are just smaller than others, but i guess 15 lbs isn't that much. i would suggest nursing more. also my son is really picky and if u find foods that she really loves that has more calories, like yogurt or cheese, give her more of that.

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My son will be 10 months on June 9th. Here is what he has been eating for about a good month or month and a half. When he gets up in the morning he has a 4 oz. bottle of formula, then about and hour later he has either a pancake with diced strawberries or blueberries or some oatmeal with bananas. Then a couple of hours later another 4 oz bottle. He also snacks on gerber puffs or cheerios throughout the day. For lunch I feed him anywhere from 6 to 8 oz of number 3 baby food. Usually fruits. Then another 4 0z bottle. Then dinner alot of the time I try to feed him whatever I have for dinner. If it's not baby friendly then I feed him something like broccoli and chicken or sweet potatoes and turkey gerber baby food. And if he seems really hunger sometimes I mix whole wheat cereal in with it and he loves it.

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My son is 10 months old and he is luckily a good eater. He nurses three times a day at meal times (won't take a bottle so I have no idea how much he takes in, somwhere between 18-20 oz we think). He eats three meal and sometimes an afternoon snack. We make our own baby food so I tend to measure by icecubes, which are about 2T each. He usually has two cubes of fruit in the morning and either some bread with nutbutter or a whole wheat pancake, or some type of whole grain porridge. For lunch he usually gets a couple of vegi cubes and/or a fruit cube with some yogurt. If he wants to feed himself we give him cheese, cherrios, sandwhich, carrot pieces, furit, etc. For dinner we have been giving him some left overs from our dinners purred a bit so it's easier for him to eat. His snack fluctuates depending on where we are and what we're doing. Cheese and crackers, fruit leather, cheerios. He also has started to take juice/water from a cup.

Good luck!

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My son eats what we eat...

I decided to make baby friendly meals for all 3 of us and my husband and son both love them!

Unable to nurse for many reasons, my son drinks about 600-800 mls of formula a day now, has cereal mixed with a bit of fruit or yoghurt (about 100 mls or so). Lunch is sweet potato, broccoli, carrots and cheddar cheese pureed, he eats about 70 mls on average. Dinner is what we eat, for ex; pasta with cauliflower creamy sauce (pasta, cauli steamed and pureed with small amount of butter and milk, shredded cheese mixed in and for adults, small cubes ham) I simply puree up his food and serve. Another night we'll have cottage pie (carrots and onions diced, sauteed for 4 mins then add ground beef, cook. Boil potatoes, regular and sweet then mash. Put beef mixture in a casserole dish and top with mash, bake 200 C for 10-15 mins.) Again, for baby, I just take out enough beef mixture and mash and puree for him.

And in between, he has some fruit or veggies pureed, water to sip on, no juice. No finger food either as he has a strong gag reflex still. He weighs about 20 lbs now, he's short and chubbly lol.

Also remember that, at this age, babies are SO active that they're burning calroies practically as fast as we can feed them!

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My wee one is 9 and a half months old and she eats really well. At 7am she has 7oz formula milk then at 8am she has baby cereal mixed with some fruit and 3oz formula milk or avocado on toast etc at around 10am I give her a wee snack normally some kind of fruit or a wee baby biscuit or veggie sticks. Lunch is noramally a small main course such as a pasta dish, sandwich, soup etc followed by some more fresh or tinned fruit and some natural yoghurt. Again another snack at around 2pm ish of fruit then for her tea she has another small main course such as shephards pie, ravioli etc some more fruit and then a milky dessert. Before going to sleep at 8pm she will take another 7oz bottle of formula milk.
At the end of the day though every child is different and i truly believe that you know your baby best so as long as you are not concerned with your wee ones weight then dont beat yourself up about it.

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My baby just turned 9 months.. I still nurse on demand. Nursing still makes up the majority of her calories. She eats about two meals a day.. a big variety of stuff. It's usually not the same thing every day. Either something I'm eating, or a jarred food and gerber puffs/yogurt melts.

If your baby seems happy and content after eating, she's probably doing just fine. Some babies are just smaller. If you want, you might want to add more nursing sessions in, as breastmilk/formula generally has more calories per ounce than solid food. Maybe nurse first before offering solids.

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