1st Birthdays ideas on basically no budget and not a lot of lil' friends yet?


Kim - posted on 08/05/2010




Hi, we are having a rubber ducky coffee and cake party. This means most of the decorations are already in the bathroom and only need a clean and to be put on the table. It also means we only have to buy a cake and not lots and lots of food or alcohol.
Rubber ducks are also his favourite thing at the moment.


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Meghan - posted on 08/13/2010




Remember... they're not going to remember this!! :) We're having 4 of our friends over, some brunch stuff, some party hats and her cake. All at Grandma's house too because we couldn't be bothered to plan it!!! :)

Andrea - posted on 08/10/2010




We just celebrated my daughters first birthday. Just a few of the closest family and friends, a few presents, and simple party food for afternoon tea. You could do just about anything you wanted, make it a 'bring a plate' afternoon tea/lunch, a special dinner with the nearest and dearest, its really easy, and the best part is, they aren't going to remember it. Just something simple with a few guests, a few gifts and photos.

Tiffany - posted on 08/09/2010




Well you could always just make it a small special occasion. Get the little bit of friends and family you do have together and just do something relatively simple. Make a dinner for everyone and a cake for the baby, another cake if there are any little kids there. Making the cake yourself is not very expensive at all. It doesn't have to be a huge event and have 100 people and have you spend a million dollars to be a special occasion!!

Stephanie - posted on 08/05/2010




I didn't want to have a party so I invited some family and friends over for a picnic and it ended up turning into an impromptu party! My little one didn't have any little friends either until she started daycare this week.

Tracy - posted on 08/05/2010




for my 1st one we got her, her own cake, priceless to watch a 1 year dive into it, and to mash it between their fingers anyway, probably going to do that again, just with family, nothing too big or fancy. I did however see a cute idea in a book, take a 8x10 picture frame, with a 5x7 matte in it - decorate it up, (scrapbook stuff or stamping if you do either) place a picture of your child in it and then have all the guests sign the matte - it's cheap, easy and make a great memory -

Nicole - posted on 08/04/2010




we have a little blow up pool for our son so we're having a 'pool party' for him and our friends little ones. We're just doing a bbq (serving hotdogs and chicken drumsticks cuz they're cheaper than burgers) with family and some friends. We have also moved to a new area so I have invited some of the neighbors with small children...it's a great way to get to know them

[deleted account]

We are keeping it very simple. Family, cupcakes/muffins and salads for a light lunch. The party is after her morning nap around 11am.

Miranda - posted on 07/25/2010




I got decorations at the dollar tree, hope you have one, they are really cheap and have super cute designs for boys or girls. Everythings a dollar. We are going to do cupcakes ourselves and purchase butterflies to put on them. (her theme is butterflies). we are going to have sandwiches and purchase some fruit and veggies for food.

Emily - posted on 07/25/2010




With my first child we just did a simple get-together with family. Actually, that's what we've done for all his birthdays. We just cook dinner or order pizza and hang out with our family. Birthdays don't have to be extravagant.. it's the memories you make, not the money you spend. ;)

SarahJane - posted on 07/25/2010




All my family lives in Michigan, and we don't have many lil friends for Ben either.I am thinking about inviting work friends.

April - posted on 07/25/2010




Hi Valerie, i'm pretty much in the exact same situation. However, I've decided that i'm going to invite friends and the little family we have here over for a little bbq & cake. My daughter has a few playmates as i've gone back to work already. I'm having her 1st birthday as more of a special day about her with all the people who love her around her.
Do you have a boy or a girl? i'm also a daycare coordinator, so maybe I could think of a few ideas for you.

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