7month old...can't get him to sleep through the night.

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i have a 7 month old son and a 2 1/2 yr ols daughter. she was the best baby EVER!! not a problem, my som on the other hand-WOW! it seems like all he does is cry, eat, and sleep... he is still not sleeping throught the night and eats like i have never seen a baby eat before. i understand how different my kids are but really? that bad??? and ideas?


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we had the same exact problem - my daughter was about 2 1/2 when our son was born, she was an awesome baby, slept through the night by 6 weeks old and on the other hand our son - wow 6 weeks comes and he's up 2 - 3 times per night, I thought this has to get better, it did at about 3 mos, when I went back to work he was still getting up at least once per night. Finally at 5 mos old he started sleeping through the night. He was not on solids yet at that point. Not sure if it's the boy vs girl or what. My daugther was smaller and more petite at 1 year she weighed 20lbs, on the other hand my son was 20 lbs by 5 mos.
you can try giving him cereal before bed time to see if it keeps him fuller. Also a difference can be formula vs breast milk - breastmilk is natural and mainly water it breaks down much faster than formula - it seemed to help my son when I stopped breast feeding and he was on formula full time, he slept better (I know breast feeding mom's are shaking their heads right now). My son even with solids is still taking about 36 oz of formula along with cereal x 1 per day, usually 3 jars of fruit and 1 or 2 veggies and 1 meat per day - so he's a big eater too - those growing boys

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a few things that i can think of that helps a bub to sleep through, First off do you have him on a bottle and solids and sleeping schedual through the day? this makes a BIG difference to their night sleeping, at 7 months old he should be having about 4 hours of sleep through the day broken up into 2 x 2 hour sleeps one morning and one afternoon.

The next thing would be do you aid you bub to sleep? like wrapping, dummy, bottle, co sleep, patting or rocking? cos these things make it hard for a baby to stay sleeping if they cant find them through the night or need them in order to fall back to sleep. I would try to work on getting bubs on a sleeping schedual first, then teach him how to fall asleep without aiding.

Also a bed time ritual done at the same time everyngiht it good too so bub knows whats coming next and associates this routine with bed time and sleep time.

my son is 8 months old and the routine i use for him is recommended untill they are 9 months old. it is as follows.

7am wake and bottle or BF

8am Breakfast (2 courses)

9:20am Sleep

11:00am Bottle or BF

12pm lunch (2 courses)

1:20pm sleep

usualy let them sleep until they wake but if they wake before 3pm delay bottle or BF till 3pm if they sleep past wake them up by 4:15pm and give a bottle or BF

5pm dinner (2 courses)

5:35pm bath

6pm bottle

6:30pm bed

basicaly the routine is to have bub in bed and asleep by 7pm for the night, my son takes a while to drink his last bottle cos he wants to play inbetween so i feed him at 6pm and then he takes about 15-20 minutes to fall asleep for the night cos he plays in his cot too, lol very active little boy. But if your bub drinks faster then just make sure he has finished his bottle 10 minutes before you put him to sleep.

The other thing i have heard that causes night waking, which im not sure if its a myth or not, but apparently custard? like any types home made or bought and any flavour. Not sure why or if its true ive never taken the risk to see lol.

I hope all this helps this is what ive found to work for me and a few friends i know, we all read a great book called Save Our Sleep. so if you feel like you need some support get this book have a read, see what you think there are lots of suggestions in there and incase your worried its not about the cry it out method either.

good luck! =))

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