8month old not drinking much? - couple questions

Claudia - posted on 04/13/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




my 8month old son is breastfed and has decided not to drink much lately? i tried giving him a bottle of formula for one of the feeds and he's been 'ok' with taking it until the past few days.. the rest of the feeds were breastfeeds.

however, he's barely nursing (probably because of teething) but when i pump i BARELY get 3 ounces ..

if he barely feeds & i dont get much when i pump, does this mean the supply is decreasing?

because he's not taking milk, i've made his solids (oatmeal specifically) very liquidy, however, he doesnt take in a lot of fluids .. not with cup (which he also was excited about just last week) not with bottle, not with nursing?



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Melissa - posted on 04/15/2010




My daughter went through this recently, I would feed or pump on her normal schedule to keep my supply up, and try to get her to nurse or take a bottle at her normal times. If your son is increasing his solids intake then he will take in less nursing / bottle feeds, but he should still be somewhere in the 20 oz per day range. Hard to tell when you are nursing, but if diapers are still wet and he is not dehydrated then you should be fine.
You can also try to give him some pain meds (we use ibuprofen and orajel) and that may help to numb is gums so he can drink. Good luck!

Jamie - posted on 04/15/2010




my daughter is 8 months old and has decreased her fluids as well. I do not breastfeed her but she was always drinking five 6 oz bottles during the day, and now I am lucky if I can get her to drink four 4 oz bottles. I do put 2 oz in her cereal twice a day and she is eating a lot of solids now. I even introduced a little pudding and yogurt to her. I did ask her doctor ans she said it was not a concern because she is eating so much and is gaining weight.

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My daughter is 8 months old and for a couple of months now when I breastfeed her she is done in about 5-10 min I think now that she is older she is more efficiant in nursing. Im not worried about her not nursing that long because she doesnt seem to be hungry after and I still nurse her at least 6 times a day, plus she has 3 solid meals a day.

I never really pumped, but I do know that if you never really pump you will not get that much milk, it does not mean that your supply is low. I know I have enough milk for my daughter and I was never able to pump that much. I think if your son seems happy after drinking and eating and as long as he is wetting diapers he is ok.

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