baby food schedules advice 7 months

Jessica - posted on 03/21/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




Hi, my baby girl is breastfed and started weaning at 6 months, tried baby led weaning but she seems unhappy with it and likes cereals etc. Problem is she is still waking to feed twice in the night and is very unsettled, she seems grumpy after a breastfeed and yet some days she wont eat any food at all. I keep to the similar foods but am thinking she might need a more rigid structure than a just whenever approach. Also breastfeed 1st or 2nd have conflicting advice. Basically what times do people feed and what and how much?? i need some sleep.. thanks


Giseli - posted on 03/21/2010




My baby is 7 months and has a bottle around 7am fruit+cereal @8:30,Veggie @12pm, bottle @1pm,snack(fruit)@4pm,veggie+cereal@5:30 and bottle @6:30pm,bath and bed by 7pm.

Lori - posted on 03/21/2010




My 7 month old daughter wakes up at 8 and she gets a bottle for breakfast, then oatmeal and fruit at 11, bottle at 2, rice cereal and veggies at 5, then bottle at 8 before bed. I wake her up at 11 before I go to bed with another bottle just to make sure she doesn't wake up too early.


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Chelsea Cleo - posted on 04/01/2010




My daughter is the same age and i started weaning her off breast milk at 2 months because it got a bit to hard for me. I put her straight onto the bottle and formula and she took to it fine. It seemed to fill her up better and she started sleeping threw the night and not waking up for extra feeds. I dont know how you feel about formulas but I found it really great. I also give my daughter cereals (baby cereals) at lunch time and then over a period of time i added in a second feed at about 4pm. I give her plain biscuits for her to chew on and eat and she seems to be happy with this. I know all babys are different but i hope this helps in some way!

Jackie - posted on 03/31/2010




I still breast feed on demand for my 7 month old. I feed her 1 jar of baby food and some rice cereal at each family meal (Breakfast at 9, lunch at 12 and dinner at 6). If she doesn't take it it's ok but I am trying to get her into the habit of eating with the family. At this age the breast milk is still the most important part and solids are secondary. I have found that she is sleeping better now that she is getting meats with her dinner. She likes the beach nut Good Evening jars at Walmart. If she wants to nurse before a meal I do it...if not, I don't worry about it. I always nurse before bed and she will sleep from 8pm to 9am.

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my 7 month old son usually wakes up at 9/9.30 and I breastfeed him.At 12.00 he eats soup/veggies and fruit; at 3 he eats yougurt with fruit and cereals or some some rice cereal or oatmeal; at 5.30 I breastfeed him again before going to work; at 8 he eats soup/veggies and fruit; when I arrive at home at 1.30, I wake him up and breastfeed him again, so he will sleep all night

Emily - posted on 03/21/2010




It's not unusual for babies to still be waking at night to feed. It's also not unusual for them to not eat many solids. Solids should not be the main part of baby's diet right now anyway. Keep nursing on demand, as this will provide most of the calories in your baby's diet. I'd just feed solids when you have your normal meal times, so she gets used to the family structure. Solids should not replace milk at this point.

Jamie - posted on 03/21/2010




i have my daughter on a strict schedule, she has breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a "snack" right before bed. she wakes around 7, at 7:30 she has rice cereal with 1/2 far of food. lunch is at 11:30 and dinner at 4:30. she gets 1 1/2 jars food. her snack is around 7, she has rice cereal and 1/2 jar of food. she also has a 4 ounce bottle with the meals, and sometimes wants a bottle inbetween meals. I giveher finger foods too, along with a sipy cup of 1/2 juice 1/2 water. she drinks some of it, most of the time just a couple sips. when she sticks to her schedule she normally sleeps right through the night, she's usually in bed at 8.

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