baby wont take daytime naps in crib?

Claudia - posted on 09/24/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




hi there,

my son is eight weeks old on saturday & luckily he does know night/day sleeps.. my problem is that he absolutely refuses to sleep in the crib anymore during daytime naps.. he will fall asleep in the stroller or car seat or on the swing, but just not the crib.. of course he fusses when we put him down to bed in the evening (but we also try to put him in bed drowsy and not completely asleep).. perhaps my fear is that its 'bad' that i allow him to sleep in these places. does anyone have any suggestions? is it still too early for me to worry about?


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My daughter had a thing from about 4 weeks that she would only sleep in the mobile swing during the day but at 9 weeks I really started to think about the future & what I would do when she got too heavy for the swing. I started putting her in the cot, pat her, pop the dummy in & speak soothly to her. Walk away, if she cried, I would let her go for about 10 minutes, it she was still crying went back in and patted her again & spoke soothly to her, but never picked her up as thats what she wanted. I noticed she realised this is the routine & she got use to it after about 2 days. You just have to be persistant but unfortunately it may take time. Good luck

Cami - posted on 10/15/2009




Me too!! Asher used to sleep in his bassinet for naps when he came home from the hospital. But now that he's outta the newborn-i-will-sleep-anywhere-anytime phase he just cannot stay nappin in there!! (yes, he is still in his bassinet... we are movin to the crib this month) He usually sleeps in his swing really well during his morning nap (i know there are mixed opinions on that, but he likes it!) and after that it's usually in his car seat (we leave him be till he wakes up as well) then it's on me lol I know i know... But I am not imagining it!! Everytime I put him down for a nap in there he wakes up within ten minutes!! But we do put him down drowsy at night usually so he can put himself to sleep.

Renee - posted on 10/14/2009




my son is the same, he sleeps for hours if you hold him! i lay him on the lounge after he has fallen asleep in my arms and he sleeps fine but if i put him to bed he wakes within 5 minutes, i think if he sleeps...leave my son also loves sleeping on his belly...he has silent reflux....which i thought was a factor to his sleeping pattern...

Emma - posted on 10/12/2009




i have the same sitch with my daughter and she has been like it since day 1 so strange its like she new from the begining that her crib was for night time and that was it as far as she is conserned she is 10 weeks old now and still no daytime nap in her crib but its ok because i let her dose on her play mat or on a blanket next to me and even in her car seat if we have been out i just leave her to sleep and it hasnt effected her night time sleep at all so i dont think its much to worry about each to ther own i say =]

Jilleena - posted on 10/12/2009




i dont let my daughter sleep in her crib for datime naps so she gets to know that her crib is for bedtime only i let her sleep on a blanket next to me on the cuch or on the floor......and if she is asleep in her carseat i let her continue to sleep til she wakes up...and i let her sleep on her tunny for naps since i can watch her to make sure she dont suffer fom sids

Sarah - posted on 09/25/2009




This is a common problem. As long as he's getting sleep it doesn't really matter where he naps. I think the common wisdom is you can't form bad habits in the first 3 months. I have a similar sleeper - she refused to sleep in the daytime unless she was held - not too practical. I caved and let her sleep on her tummy during the day after discovering she can fall asleep on her own when on her tummy.

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