can i give my 9 month old a bit of sour cream on his potatoes?

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My son refuses to eat most things, potato included. Do you think it's ok to give him a small amount of sour cream on his potato to entice him to eat it?


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sour cream is fine for babies to eat...when my oldest son was this age, he absolutely loved sour cream with mashed potatoes. try adding butter and a tiny bit of cheese. too much cheese can plug up their little systems. my youngest son (10 months) loves gravy on his potatoes. he won't eat it if it has too much pepper but otherwise loves it. i would stay away from the lunch meat. what i have found that my 10 month old absolutely loves is tiny pieces of ground beef and he can't get enough of pork roast and beef roast. i put some in the blender with some cooked carrots and blend it so that it's soft but not a liquid and still has some tecture. i put that in with some mashed potatoes and he is in heaven. i did that same thing with baked turkey when my oldest son was that age.

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Babies can eat sour cream in small quantities, but try cheese instead (less salt)

I would stay away from processed luncheon meats as they contain high quantities of salt and nitrates which break down babies digestive tract over time! Get a bunch of chicken breasts, bake in the oven with a little sunflower oil and paprika sprinkled on top, then keep in fridge or freeze some (slice before freezing!)

Babies tend to LOVE cheddar cheese so try that! Also a bit of butter and whole milk can help mashed taters taste great to babies, or try sweet potato with carrots and cheddar (my son eats it faster that I can make it!)

Good luck!


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