could my 11 week old baby be teething???????

Gemma - posted on 11/03/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I think my 11 week old son may be teething he is really grumpy and always trying to bite anything that goes into his mouth.....he has always got his fists in his mouth trying to chew them.....does anybody have any advice?????


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Paula - posted on 11/03/2009




I have lots! LOL First of all, babies can be born with teeth, so yes, your baby can be teething. I know people suggest oral gel but i was always told, with both of my kids, not to use oral gel, it's not safe. I can make their tongue go numb and then they can choke on it...or on their own spit. Even if you don't get it on their tongue, it can manage to get there.
Teething rings are good. I've also been told to take peices of fruit and put them in the freezer. Then wrap them in a clean wash cloth and let them chew on that. Not baggies cuz they could get part of the plastic bitten off and choke on it. I have yet to try this. I didn't find out about this until after my son was past the teething phase.

I also heard from a friend who had a baby in march, that sometimes babies will exhibit symptoms of teething but it's not teething. They get fussy, sleep patterns get messed up, they chew on everything they can, drool, act like they are in pain, diahriah and so forth, yet it's just a upset tummy. She was told that if the baby has a low grade temp, then it's teething. If not, then it's gas. Give them some gas drops (I got ours from wal-mart for about $6-7). Give them a couple of drops, according to whatever the label says. Give it a little time and if that seems to help, then it's an upset stomach from gas. Her doctor told her this. I'd try this first and see if maybe that gives some answers. Hope I helped!

Nicole - posted on 11/03/2009




my 12 week old is doing the same thing...teething can start this early so it's possible but it may be awhile before we even see some teeth. I give her a teething ring cold but not frozen. she seems to like it...sometimes she hates it. Lots of people say baby orajel but i'm still skeptical of whether or not she's actually teething so I haven't tried it. The pink of her gums is turning almost a grey white from the pressure of the teeth but no swelling. I can feel her bottom teeth thru her gums. If you run your finger across his gums can you feel them? I'm not sure if using orajel now will really help as they're not breaking thru the surface yet. maybe it will but an extra nap in the day time has cut out a lot of her crankiness. right now they are growing ALOT 3 months is a big deal try a few things baths, teething rings, maybe orajel if you feel it's needed, n extra nap. be creative some babies get bored real easy I know mine does.

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