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Hi How many bottles are your babies getting? I am trying to fit it all in with the feedings.


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Grace has x4 7oz bottles a day, what with the weaning onto solids it feels like its feeding time at the zoo all day at the moment as she wont take her bottles with her breakfast, lunch or tea so have to stagger them out abit so it feels like i'm constantly feeding her.

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My son also gets 4-5 bottles a day, usually 6-8oz each bottle. He still gets a bottle about every 4 hours during the day and I've just added the solids in between those times, usually about an hour after a bottle, and only if he's awake. He's only really had solids twice in the day, around breakfast time and supper time. It does change on a day to day basis and he has missed "meal" times, as long as he still gets that bottle, he's fine.

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With my little girl, everyday can be different. It's most important at this age to be getting bottles than food, that's what our pedi said.
So she gets more solids in the morning and lunch than at dinner, that way I know she will get at least 30 ozs of formula.
I used to worry that she wasn't getting enough bottles, but when I looked at it in a 24hr period vs per day I saw that she was getting enough.
If she is fussy about the food, I just give her a bottle, and if she finishes the whole bottle I make another one right away, it's best if there is a little bit left in the bottle, that way you know they are stopping because they are full, not because the bottle is empty.

I try to offer food every 2 hrs or so throughout the day, alternating bottles and food, but offering the bottle again after solids.
If i show her the bottle or spoon and she gets excited then I know it is time to eat.
since i started doing that she won't cry to be fed, she tells me with grunts and moaning noises.

Christine - posted on 02/20/2010




My Daughter gets 4-5 bottles at 6 oz each. She also gets fed Breakfast and dinner solid foods.

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