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hi all, how many bottle or beastfeed and soilds are you kids having??

Wesley is on 3 soilds and 4 bottle but he is not finishing the bottle dont know if i should drop one of thebottles.


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Nicole - posted on 04/26/2010




My daughter eats 6 or 7 4-1/2 ounce bottles per day. She eats Cereal in the morning, 1/2 jar of fruit for lunch and 1/2 jar of veggies for dinner.

I think it depends on the baby. My baby can't eat a lot at one time. Every baby is different and they will let you know when they are full. If your son is not finishing his bottle that is okay. When he goes through another growth spurt he might want more then.

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Hey my daughter is 8 months old, she has 3 solid meals a day, grounded cereal for breaky, puree fruit and grounded muesli for lunch and mash vege for tea, i just tried spaghetti last night and she loved it. She has a bottle after every feed and bottle on demand through the night. Every bottle is 150ml and sometimes she doesn't drink it all but milk is not as important now as it was at birth, they need their food.
Just remember that every baby is different so go with it, and he or she will fall into their own pattern.

Eve - posted on 04/24/2010




I have two books on introducing solids/baby food recipes, and both say that if the baby won't take breastmilk/formula, you should DROP SOME SOLIDS.

Breastmilk/formula is complete nutrition for an infant. Solids are NOT. It is important that the breastmilk/formula remains the primary source of nutrition for your baby.

In addition to getting protein and other macronutrients that the baby may not get from solids (most fruits and veggies have no protein; grains have a little), they also need the water to stay hydrated. The more solids you feed, the more you need to make sure you are offering water throughout the day.

My 8-month-old nurses 5 times a day and has three "solid" meals. Nurses when he wakes up, has cereal and fruit for "breakfast," nurses mid-morning, has veggies for "lunch," nurses early afternoon, nurses late afternoon, has cereal and fruit/veggie for "supper," then nurses again at bedtime. He usually takes 4-6 oz. breastmilk each he nurses/has a bottle.

Andrea - posted on 04/21/2010




Hey my son has 7oz bottle of milk at breakfast and some porridge, 5 oz at dinner with some food, 5 oz about 5pm with a yogurt or something and then a 7oz bottle of milk before bed :o) So 4 bottles and 3 meals.

Tracy - posted on 04/12/2010




my son gets 3 solid meals - and about 5 bottles of 6 -8oz per day - he likes to eat. He doesn't always finish the 6 oz but then on some feedings will finish the 6 and want another 4 -6. I let him decide what he wants, if he finishes it I mix up another 6 if not it's usually only about an oz or 2. Sometimes I'll just give him an hour or so and if he fusses or in his case if he wants the bottle he will stare it down like he's trying to move it with his mind. babies only eat when they are hungry and they stop when they are full so you can't over feed a baby

Kelly - posted on 04/12/2010




My DS is 7.5 mths and he has 3 solids, 1 breastfeed and 4 bottles a day of about 200ml. He might just need less milk at each feed, but i would stick with 4 bottles until he is getting some more fluids from a sippy cup. Milk is still important until bubs are near 1 year old.

MARIE - posted on 04/12/2010




my son gets solid food 3 times a day, and i breastfeed him before every meal cos is still doesn't want to drink milk from the bottle which is hard for me when we go out, so i think your little one doesn't finish her bottles because she gets her solid 3 times, but i wouldn't drop a bottle as she's growin and will get use to it, or maybe you should reduce the amount of milk you given her....

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